QVC Designer Isaac Mizrahi, His Husband And ‘Bitchiness’

Fans of QVC designer and vendor Isaac Mizrahi who want to check out his husband and find out about his big plans for this year should read The New York Times profile of him from last week.

We used to be a fan of Mizrahi until No. 1, he blew us off at a QVC event in New York because he was just too exhausted to talk (you’re at a party dude, not mining coal in West Virginia, get real) and No. 2, we where underwhelmed by everything in his QVC fashion collection.

It seems like Mizrahi, once the darling on Seventh Avenue, but not so much anymore. A New York Magazine column said that he had “twice the bitchiness of Michael Kors with half the wit (and professional success),” The Times reported.

The story mentions, in passing, that the 51-year-old does a line for QVC. It talks about him hosting “Project Runway All Stars.”

The Times also tells us that Mizrahi licensed his name and sold his company, Xcel Brands, for a reported $31.5 million; is performing cabaret; and is writing a TV pilot.

The article also has photos of him with his hubby, Arnold Germer.

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10 Responses to “QVC Designer Isaac Mizrahi, His Husband And ‘Bitchiness’”

  1. Diana Says:

    I don’t buy his QVC or anything else anymore. His designs have become very blaw and the ‘designer quality’ isn’t any better than what I can buy from Walmart.

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    Isaac Mizrahi peddles junk and he always looks like a slob

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I watched a bit at the beginning, but his line isn’t for me. Various lines at HSN are more my cup of tea.

    Sounds like he’s quite the diva, not even taking a few minutes to chat with you. I much prefer supporting more likable designers!

  4. Joanie B. Says:

    Linda, I just read on the HSN Boards, under Hosts, Shows, Guests, etc, that Dave King announced on Sun 09-01 that it was his last show for ShopNBC/HQ. I know that he has his own business and is an actor in CA, where he makes his home. Can you find out any more for us, and what he is going to do now ?? Thanks !!

  5. homeshoppingista Says:

    I think he just got married, so maybe that plays into it.

  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    i used to date a QVC vender. i spent a lot of time at the Sheraton bar near the studio. AND HEARD ALL THE GOSSIP AND I MEAN all the gossip. seems Davey had a hard time keeping his pants on around the ladies and consequently lost his job, no matter what else you heard, this is fact. i know lots more but really shoudnt say, QVC might mail me a bomb. maybe he did the same thing at shopnbc.

  7. carolyn simpson Says:

    PS he has a weakness for blondes

  8. ann hodgkins Says:

    He should stick to scarves and accessories.His clothes look terrible.I agree he always looks sloppy.Why would I want to buy from someone who can not dress himself?

  9. Deb Says:

    If you Google Isaac Mizrahi Liz Claiborne it details the history of Liz, the hiring of IM and how his collection flopped and he wound up at QVC. His line for Target was great, his QVC clothes look like Liz Claibornes rejects from the 80’s and QVC gives him so much air time. It’s the cheapest looking line on QVC, colors awful, skimpy cut, etc

  10. cally Says:

    I have not bought any Mizrahi items since his original fashion house went under. The stuff he hawks now is awful. But all these years later, I still love my jacket from the original House of IM.

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