Guitar Player Esteban Joins QVC From HSN

Say what? Guitar player Esteban has left HSN and joined QVC.

Esteban, a mysterious musician, has been an HSN vendor for years, hawking guitars and offering instructions on how to play. As we recall, he always wore a hat and sunglasses.

We were on saw something “new” was on the network’s schedule, “Learn Guitar with Esteban,” at 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Here is what QVC said:

If you’ve always wanted to play guitar but never got around to it, don’t fret! Tune in for Learn Guitar with Esteban and let this internationally renowned guitarist show you that it’s never too late?or too early– to master the guitar. Discover techniques for learning guitar at home and at your own pace with Esteban’s all-in-one instructional kit.

You’ll find everything you’ll need to start strumming including an acoustic guitar with case, amplifier, easy-to-follow instructional DVDs and an accessory package. Pick up skills for playing a range of guitar styles from rock to folk to classical and more. Whether you’re a beginning guitarist or simply want to take your skills to a new level, don’t miss Learn Guitar with Esteban on QVC.

It seems to us that you don’t often see vendors move to QVC from HSN or ShopNBC, so this is pretty interesting.


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4 Responses to “Guitar Player Esteban Joins QVC From HSN”

  1. BLVD Says:

    IT Cosmetics, TIPS, Ken Pave, Sephora migrated H to Q. Tony Little boomeranged H-Q-H. What’s odd though are the number of HSN vendors who have sold on QVC UK (Diane Gillman, Antthony, etc).

  2. SMC83 Says:

    The Jackie Kennedy Jewelry collection also was on HSN but now on QVC.

  3. Alex Says:

    Esteban used to be on QVC originally. He left and is now coming back.

  4. Carl Waters Says:

    Esteban’s guitars are awful. You could slice meat on the sides of the frets. They are finished so poorly that they have to have the one he plays on-air fixed up by a guitar repair person or it would cut his fingers when he plays. Go to YouTube and search “Esteban World Tour” for some serious guitarist’s opinions of his crap.

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