Big Sean Tells Joan Rivers His Mom Loves Her, QVC On ‘Fashion Police’

We were in the gym Monday night doing the elliptical (trying to burn off some flab) and tuned into a special MTV Video Music Awards edition of E! Entertainment Television’s “Fashion Police.”

Big Sean's mom is a QVC and Joan Rivers' fan

Big Sean’s mom is a QVC and Joan Rivers’ fan

Eternal QVC jewelry queen Joan Rivers is a co-host of the show. Of course, she and her fellow “Joan Rangers” were dissecting the fashions that the music world’s top stars wore to the awards show in Brooklyn Sunday night.

Hip hop artist Big Sean, who we had never heard of, had attended the VMAs and flew to LA from New York City to appear on “Fashion Police.” During the show he mentioned that he was designing a fashion collection that was reasonably priced, with many items under $100.

Joan Rivers on the VMA "Fashion Police" special

Joan Rivers on the VMA “Fashion Police” special

Rivers piped up and said words to the effect of, “Oh, like QVC.”

That prompted Big Sean to say that his mother was a QVC and Rivers’ fan, and that she had told him to tell Joan that she had bought a load of earrings from the comedian’s fashion jewelry collection.

So even rappers, and there moms, know about and love QVC.

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