Did ShopNBC’s Chuck Clemency Make Black Spinel A Stone Star?

Are we crazy? Wait a minute, let’s rephrase that.

In Facebook ShopNBC/ShopHQ jewelry vendor Chuck Clemency last week took credit for bringing black spinel into the market and making it a popular gem.

Jersey boy Clemency made the comments in response to No. 1 home shopping network QVC for the first time ever offering a Today’s Special Value in that black spinel, hoop earrings. (That show was hosted by QVC pretty boy Rick Domeier, who repeatedly made reference to “the Facebook.” No, no, no “the,” Rick.)

Chuck Clemency, right, and fellow ShopNBC vendor Michael V.

Chuck Clemency, right, and fellow ShopNBC vendor Michael V.

Here is what Clemency posted:

“I’m watching the ‘Q’ and they have a ‘Today’s Special Value,’ an inside-outside Black Spinel hoop. I just heard the host say it’s the stone of the year. Wow!! They are selling 1″&11/2″ Big Daddy’s their not. I want to thank all of my friends who shop with me on Shopnbc for making this the gemstone it is today!”

The Big Daddy’s Clemency was referring to where his own huge black spinel hoops.

Now here is where us being crazy comes in. We’ve seen more black spinel in the past year on Jewelry Television than any other home shopping network, at terrific prices. We love the stone and bought several JTV necklaces in it.

We don’t remember it having much prominence on ShopNBC or with Clemency until this year, long after JTV was offering a wide variety of black spinel baubles.

What do you folks remember? Does Chuck deserves props for making black spinel a hot rock, or not?


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8 Responses to “Did ShopNBC’s Chuck Clemency Make Black Spinel A Stone Star?”

  1. SFeild Says:

    as i said, c. clemency is the jewelry slut of tv; he continually reinvents himself with mostly cheap items that he touts to all the ladies in the audience; personally, i consider his expertise shallow and gimmicky……in other words, i have nothing good to say……(i know, i know……if you dont have something nice to say…..)

    but seriously, do a poll………i would be interested in just how many buy c clemency’s act?

    put me down in the “no” column

    and its black spinel GLUT…..from all channels

    and morganite…….you watch or surf these channels and you see what is being pushed

  2. Trina Dade Says:

    I am with you Ms. Moss, I have seen some fabulous black spinel on JTV at much better prices than on any of the other shopping channels. I have heard Chuck Clemency toot his own horn about black spinel several times. Of course, Chuck Clemency is not shy about bragging on himself about most things. And I have to agree with SFeild. He does have a tendency to come across like the worst caricature of a used car salesman. And I agree with SFeild about Morganite!!! I am wholly tired of hours and hours of shows on Morganite on all the shopping channels! I rue the day they ever found that stone!!! I used to like it, but I have reached my personal saturation point. Morganite to me means change the channel.

  3. Carol Hunsinger Says:

    Jtv has had great success with Black Spinel for many years.

  4. Roz Says:

    Yes, Chuck Clemency and ShopNBC [now ShopHQ] ‘introduced’ black spinel over the last 3-4 years. As a result, there was a high demand from their customer base requesting more of the stone. Chuck specialized in bringing the larger earrings, rings and now bracelets. The same is true for the morganite stone, which was brought into the TV shopping culture in a big way by Chuck Clemency with large stones [10+ carats] and all the supporting earrings, braclets, necklaces etc. Chuck wanted to use Kunzite as the stone of 2013, but there was not an adequete supply. I think he’s trying to focus on White Zircon for the 2013 stone.

  5. James Says:

    Shop HQ, AKA SHOPNBC, did not introduce black spinel to the mass market. As other posters pointed out, JTV has been selling black spinel for several years now. JTV is by far the best value for jewelry on television! JTV at one point sold the same affinity silver, diamond and aquamarine bracelet QVC’s affinity line is selling for about 1/3 of their clearance price! Yes it may have only lasted a short time, but JTV has the best values

  6. deborah gibson Says:

    JTV has great prices, but poor quality…….. most things I order are returned to them…….. Q is great, but far behind in jewelry trends. My money is on Chuck as far as jewelry, and i know what I am talking about……….deborah

  7. Deborah Gibson Says:

    Chuck was the first to bring this into the market.. he is correct! JTV does have a lot, but it was not the first……. QVC way behind in their jewelry, but always a step ahead in clothing and fashion. HSN in the middle…… Carol B likes to think she brought blk spinel to market, but she is wrong and does not offer that much in it. Chuck is a class act and you writers should be ashamed of yourselves! I have watched him 10 yrs and he is class act!!

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