QVC Launches Second Network, QVC Plus

QVC Thursday officially announced the launch of a second network, QVC Plus.

The channel, mentioned on a second-quarter earning call earlier this month, will be a three-hour delay of QVC’s live broadcast.

“One of the secrets of QVC’s success is that we offer customers the joy of discovery,” Mary Campbell, QVC’s Senior Vice President of Multichannel Platforms. “QVC Plus provides an additional discovery experience for our customers, and more ways to view our unique, ever-changing curation of people, places and finds.”

The new channel will offer the same customer service as QVC’s primary channel, but its onscreen graphics will say that it is a prerecorded show.

Future plans for QVC Plus may include special programming shown only on the channel to further expand QVC’s offerings. QVC’s international networks in the United Kingdom and Germany have offered multiple broadcast channels for some time now, some dedicated specifically to QVC’s prestige beauty offerings.

Here is who will be getting QVC Plus immediately:

* DirecTV channels 79 and 315)

* MCTV (channel 158)

* Kuhn Communications (channel 214)

* Thames Valley (channel 94)

* Cincinnati Bell Fioptics (channel 244)

In addition, QVC has confirmed carriage deals with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

QVC PLUS will be available to Bright House Network subscribers beginning in September in the following markets: Bakersfield, Calif.(channels 250 and 1250 HD); Birmingham, Ala.L (channels 273 and 1273 HD); Detroit(channels 188 and 388 HD); Indianapolis (channels 273 and 1273 HD); Central Florida (channels 225 and 1329 HD); and Tampa (channels 162 and 1329 HD).

QVC Plus will be broadcast live on QVC’s website, and additional digital commerce functionality will be coming soon.

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7 Responses to “QVC Launches Second Network, QVC Plus”

  1. Happy Says:

    And one wonders why QVC is sinking, this is innovation? They be better rebroadcasting shows from 90’s with Kathy Levine, call it QVC Classics LOL…

  2. Wayne Says:

    QVC is becoming too big for its own sake along with becoming more Hollywood & more distant from its viewers/customers. I think Lisa Robertson is one cool, classy, beautiful woman from head to toe as well as a great host but the Q is losing some ground.

  3. Matt Says:

    So now there are 6 channels with QVC on Directv.. Overload? There are even 2 QVC Plus just three channels apart. They must pay Directv alot. What happens when people watch but item was sold out or the tsv or one time only price isn’t valid. Viewer

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Good question

  5. Susan Says:

    What’s funny is QVC offers all these different platforms, and clever show titles to present an extremely limited number of the swame boring products. Its nothing but Dyson, Clarks, Ortha, Susan Graver, Vitamix, Serta, and they must have purchased an entire factory of computers (Dell, HP, Apple”) . The programming is dismal especially on the weekends when most customers are off work and after they get through with errands may want to sit down and relax and watch TV….If they flip to QVC potential customers will see the same old stuff over and over and over again. So instead of paying all those millions to purchase the Oodles network to broadcast pre-recorded shows they should have invested money in bringing some new and unique products to their inventory to retain current customers and attract new ones! Units sold continue to go down and QVC has their head in the sand….all they seem to care about is social media and how many Facebook Friends they can chat with that are NOT resulting in sales of their merchandise!..

  6. Barbara Says:

    Not too sure about what the big deal is. All they do is rebroadcast shows from three hours earlier.


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