Kennedy Folo, Audrey Hepburn Jewelry Line Coming To QVC

We figured we’d wait awhile and let the dust settle until we did a follow-up on the New York Post’s item skewering QVC for selling “tacky” jewelry based on pieces that Jacqueline Kennedy owned.

To refresh your memory, the Post’s Page Six gossip column reported that that Kennedy daughter Caroline believed that the jewelry line was exploiting her deceased mom. The item said that the collection’s manufacturer, Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J., had been asked to say a disclaimer on-air that the line was not endorsed by the Kennedy family or the John F. Kennedy Library.

We learned plenty after writing that blog. Many thanks to those who took the time to write long posts about your experience with, and love of, the collection sold on QVC. We learned a lot from you all.

Most agreed with us that the collection was tastefully presented by its on-air rep, Phil Katz, who offers the fascinating history behind the Jackie jewelry pieces that are being replicated. Readers said that the line was actually an homage to Jackie.

Other readers pointed us to video clips that showed the line’s representative, Katz, saying the disclaimer recently on QVC. Another person posted that she remembered Katz saying that the line had been sanctioned by the Kennedy family.

Other reader noted that crosses, our favorites in the line, had been discontinued at Caroline’s request. That same reader also pointed out that Katz said at one point that his company was no longer allowed to reproduce state gifts received by Mrs. Kennedy during the her White House years.

The Post chided QVC for selling costume-jewelry duplicates of Jackie’s stuff, and readers pointed out that Jackie in fact wore fashion jewelry, including a very famous three-strand necklace of fake pearls.

One of our friends blasted Caroline for, with all her wealth, trying to crack down on this jewelry line. Caroline is, in fact, quite rich. Page Six did an item Monday that reported that Caroline, nominated as ambassador to Japan, had to filed financial documents that show she is worth from $250 million to $500 million.

Our savvy and knowledgeable readers also tipped us off that Katz earlier this month said that his company is bringing an Audrey Hepburn jewelry line to QVC soon. The jewelry will apparently be based on pieces that the actress (a Taurus like us) had in her collection. We look forward to that.


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7 Responses to “Kennedy Folo, Audrey Hepburn Jewelry Line Coming To QVC”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Many thanks for the follow up story. This really brings up interesting questions about the ins and outs of celebrity estates.

    I also look forward to the Audrey Hepburn line. I hope it will be as enchanting as she was!

  2. SFeild Says:

    money, im sure, has nothing to do with Caroline K’s objection to the QVC presentation

    if she feels she would rather not have her mother’s jewelry mass produced, profiteered or whatever reason….how about respect for the dignity and personal collection of a private person who just happens to be her mother……then i think we should respect her opinion.

    and im also sure that the stories told about the jewelry are heartwarming and many may want to be a part of the collection

    i do think we should respect caroline k’s wishes

    QVC should also

    mass producing cheapens

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    we dont have royalty in this country but we did have the kennedys. we all seem to have glossed over their many sordid disgraceful issues and i do mean ALLthe kennedys.remember, jackie became an onassis. caroline should just suck it up and let people who believe in fairytales buy their jewelry

  4. Trina Dade Says:

    This discussion just keeps bringing me back to the question of how did Camrose & Kross and QVC obtain the right to mass produce and sell the private jewelry of Jackie Kennedy? In my opinion, the only way one could legally do that in such a public way, would be through the administrator of Jackie Kennedy’s estate or through her heirs, which translates to only one source, Caroline Kennedy. She was the administrator of Jackie’s estate, and is Jackie’s closest, living heir.

    Also, if this jewelry had any significance or sentiment to Caroline, why did she sell it at Sotheby’s in the first place? And whether Caroline needed the money or not, she still gained monetarily in vast amounts. If Caroline was concerned for her Mother’s privacy in this regard, I would not think she would have lined up her Mother’s personal belongings on a very public auction block.

    Caroline also sold her Mother’s private tapes on Jackie’s opinions of issues and people in the White House while John Kennedy was in office. Caroline also wrote a book about the tapes, and did interviews in that regard. Again, not the actions of someone who is overly concerned about her Mother’s privacy. And, again, Caroline stood to gain financially.

    I, personally, am grateful for Caroline’s willingness to share her Mother’s memories and belongings. I really appreciate the historic perspective, and the glimpse into the luxurious and fascinating lifestyle.

    I find it interesting that so many characterize Jackie as “private”. This was a woman who lived, played and worked on a world stage filled with the most famous players on the political front and that of the social elite. Jackie was born into this world, and she moved about it with ease and frequency, thus, the mega amount of pictures and footage of her life. Why was she admired for her style and fashion sense? Because we, her audience, saw her often, and liked what we saw. Jackie bought all the jewelry and designer clothes because she had somewhere to go, where she would be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, nearly every night. This was not a woman who sat at home.

    Ms. Homeshoppingnista, thanks for a very interesting discussion. I love your blog and watch for your every post.

  5. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thank you, Trina Dade! I appreciate your support, and you make a lot of great points about the issue of Jackie, her privacy and Caroline.

  6. Judy Musto Says:

    As an accountant, I know enough about business to TRULY appreciate what is involved to bring any product to the market place. I’ll not sit in judgement of why the Kennedy family may or may not have decided to participate in the Jackie Kennedy line. (It all seems to to be in keeping with the Kennedy’s legacy of being close to the public.) I respect Camrose and Kross with their successful execution, and customers of QVC are well served by the standards to which QVC holds their vendors.

    Jewelery is art. If it weren’t for the efforts of these 3 parties, I would not own beautiful pieces that I have. I am on pins and needles waiting for the Audrey Hepburn line!

  7. Anne O'kane Says:

    I have many pieces of Jackie Kennedy’s replicated jewellery and they are lovely . Mr Katz always presented them in a highly respectful manner.

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