QVC Collects $5 Million In Tax Credits From Pennsylvania

QVC, based in West Chester, Pa., has received more than $5 million in tax credits from its home state of Pennsylvania, according to the PA Independent.

Part of that award was $3.7 million in tax credits in fiscal 2011-2012 for 15 different shows, the story said. Pennsylvania also awarded the home shopping network credits the prior year for post-production work under the state’s Film Production Tax Credit Program.

According to the Independent, QVC’s projects generated 227 full-time equivalent jobs and racked up $976,312 state and local taxes. QVC was also OKed for another $2.5 million in tax credits from the state for 48 productions.

Offering tax credits to TV and film producers is a controversial practice, even causing a brouhaha in our home state of New Jersey. Some critics claim the programs are a boondoggle, giving money to companies that would have shot in the states without getting any incentives,

QVC had 4,000 workers in Pennsylvania, and company spokeswoman said that the home shopping network is an economic driver in the state.  QVC has about 60 on-air guests a day, folks who stay at local hotels and eat at local restaurants,

A QVC “Electronics Today” event, a $1.1 million production, got $222,857 in tax credits. “Diamonique Jewelry,” a $1.5 million production, received a $311,409 tax credit, according to the Independent.


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4 Responses to “QVC Collects $5 Million In Tax Credits From Pennsylvania”

  1. Says:

    and they have the nerve to complain about people bringing things back!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Says:

    Kids can’t attend class because they have no money. I heard Philly schools might start a month late and PA gives these clowns tax payer money. How about all the loyal long tenured hourly employees QVC laid off over the years who now struggle to make a living. And I guess Magic Mike and his lackeys will get their inflated bonuses again this year with help form the the tax refund.. Great country…

  3. Susan Says:

    Many customers wondered why QVC was doing these odd remotes that had no product tie in and I think you explained it Linda! Thanks for all you do in posting this info, your a wealth of information!

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Susan!

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