After Warning Letter, ShopNBC Wants Us Back! Fat Chance

In the New York metro area, we call this chutzpah. We don’t know what they call it in Minnesota, where ShopNBC is based.

In June, we blogged about ShopNBC sending us a warning letter, threatening to cut off our account for returning too many items.

Yes folks, despite the claim by all the home shopping networks that they have a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee, customers get booted for allegedly returning too many items.

We have gotten the warning from both QVC and ShopNBC, with the No. 3 home shopping channel being the latest to crack the whip. Our return rate is over 50 percent there.

“Please be advised that if we are not able to meet your expectations in shopping with ShopNBC and your return rates do not reduce, we may regretfully need to take further steps including closing your account in the future,” ShopNBC said. “We will contact you in advance if that step is taken.

So we decided we won’t be ordering any merchandise, i.e. jewelry, from ShopNBC any more.

So what happened? Last Friday, ShopNBC sent us an email saying, “It’s not the same without you!”

It told us to “come on in” to enjoy six Value Pays, and sign up for the ShopNBC credit card.

Say what?

ShopNBC, and honcho Keith Stewart, you are “without” us because you threatened us. We will never return too many items again, because we will not be buying any items from you again. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

We are about to send back designer Deb Guyot’s Herkimer diamond necklace, a TS last week from HSN. It totally underwhelmed us.

We guess we’ll be getting a warning letter from HSN soon.


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11 Responses to “After Warning Letter, ShopNBC Wants Us Back! Fat Chance”

  1. April D Says:

    I no longer buy ANY today’s specials from anybody. They make too many, the quality stinks and the deals are very bad. Even wiith electronics you get a much better price and free shipping when you check the product out online. I am also very tired of paying shipping and handling for every single item. I can go to a dept. store website and get free shipping when I purchase over a certain $ amount in total. A much better deal. I used to always shop from QVC, HSN and ShopNBC. No more they nickel and dime you to death and are now not a bargain like they used to be. Their overhead used to be very low so you had great deals. No more. They have alL built themselves “kingdoms” that compete with brick and mortar on overhead now. The “value” has been long gone….especially fom QVC.

  2. SFeild Says:

    you need to expect more from the host, listen harder and not succumb to the “your friends will envy you”…

    i think thats what i liked Charla so much, she measured, she wore it, she gave us all angles; did not hold back

    listen to how they present……and how much they present and if the host focuses on how you’ll be the envy of your friends…..well, then dont buy it

    i think shopping channels could do LOTS more to show us and tell us…..after all, we cant try it on physically, just mentally…..

    personally, i could give a ” ” if my friends are envious, actually thats an annoying trait in friendship…..

    need to hold shopping channels accountable……what about the lastest on directtv……the jewelry channel with salesgirls on crack…..geezus do they think we’re that dumb

    and oh, one more thing…….when presenting a ring, STOP, PLEASE STOP taking your thumb and swirling the ring around from underneath your finger…… know what i mean….i get that it sparkles…..but please, JUST BECAUSE IT sparkles im not gonna buy it……another area where dumbing down is occurring or maybe it always has

    at any rate…..high return rate, i think, says you arent listening carefully enough

  3. carolyn simpson Says:

    i returned a pair of boots and never got credit, even after calling. i dont know whats wrong with them. they got rid of all their good hosts and the assholes are driving the ship.i rarely watch anymore, i look for things on line. i remember when they were value vision and had hosts that didnt insult my intelligence.

  4. Sandydc Says:

    Until you’ve worked retail, you don’t understand about return abusers. I have and I do. If you keep returning merchandise, you are costing the company more than they are making out of you. You say you return jewelry, which they can resell. But cosmetics, clothing, that stuff is done for good never to be sold again.

    I know it pissed you off and it would piss me off, too. But it’s simply a matter of dollars and sense.

  5. Tim S Says:

    Rename your website “Miss Moss the HSN Fan Club” It fits more.

  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    yo timmy, ms. moss just tells it like it is. she doesnt favor anyone. its equal thrashing

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Carolyn

  8. Deb Says:

    I recently ordered a top from QVC with beading at the neck. When I took it out of the bag all of the beads started flying all over. I returned it to QVC who has already “warned” me that I have put items in my cart online, purchased them and then cancelled them preventing others from those products. If I’ve cancelled it’s because they finally showed the product on tv and it doesn’t look anything like the picture. I’ve already been banned from HSN for too many returns so I guess QVC is next. I’m lucky I’m a Jersey girl with access to malls, NY and outlets because I’m not keeping an item if it’s cheesy or doesn’t fit and they count on their customers not sending the items back. Don’t go back, Ms. Moss, you have options!!!!

  9. carolyn simpson Says:

    i believe QVC has the best customer service. i have never taken serious issue with them. Easy pay is a great option for big ticket items and great handbags. im a Dooney and Bourke collector and always have one on easy pay. IM ON GOOD TERMS WITH THEM. NOW nbcIS ANOTHER ISSUE. they always make mistakes. they will go under for lack of good management and terrible decision making. they really suck.I like to watch HSN for comedy purposes,
    . catch an adrian arpel show you will roll on the floor. i dont buy anything from them anymore,

    • SFeild Says:

      exactly! entertainment, not shopping……..mostly

      and besides they TALK TOO MUCH…..i wish they’d just stop talking and feeling the need to fill the air with words CONSTANTLY…..less is more…….but they dont get it……shopping channels really have much to be desired and need overhaul… i often thought that a group of shopping channel watchers should join together and dictate to them what we want in a host…….maybe this venue could do it…….and if they want our business………free shipping going and coming……trust me amazon isnt much better in their shipping costs………horrendous;

    • Danni Says:

      HSN started its descent into hell in 2001. IMO, 2000 was HSNs last truly good year.

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