QVC ‘Super Saturday Live’ From Hamptons, With Ripa, Comes Saturday

QVC and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) are uniting once again for “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE,” which will broadcast live from the Hamptons on Saturday. We won’t be there. Jersey girls go “down the shore,” and that ain’t in Long Island.

Anyway, QVC’s designer charity sale will be selling fashion, beauty, jewelry, accessories and home items for half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price with net proceeds benefiting OCRF’s research grants and its patient support program, Woman to Woman.

This year’s broadcast will feature brands such as Philosophy, Mally Beauty, Jai by John Hardy, Laura Geller, Amrita Singh, Honora and more. “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE” will be doing celeb interviews from the red carpet.

“QVC’s role in Super Saturday LIVE exemplifies our ongoing commitment to support the success and wellness of women through the power of relationships,” QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts said in a canned statement. “This year’s broadcast incorporates some very exciting premier brands, which we hope will help to increase awareness of OCRF even more.”

QVC will once launch a dedicated Pinterest campaign, “Pin it Forward,” designed to generate awareness and funds for OCRF’s cause. The home shopping network has created a Super Saturday board. Followers are encouraged to pin with a purpose now through the event. For every pin, QVC will donate $1 to OCRF, up to $10,000.

Jersey girl Kelly Ripa (traitor, for going to the Hamptons), will once again lend her support as the host of the event, while QVC’s Lisa Robertson will take viewers inside the event.

“QVC’s efforts have played a major role in accomplishing OCRF’s overall mission of advancing the field of ovarian cancer research and creating awareness of this often difficult to detect disease,” OCRF CEO Audra Moran said. “With QVC’s help, our message extends beyond the Hamptons community and into millions of U.S. homes.”


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3 Responses to “QVC ‘Super Saturday Live’ From Hamptons, With Ripa, Comes Saturday”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I think Lisa & Kelly are two of the most beautiful women on the planet from head to toe, no doubt about it! I also think the Q is getting a little too Hollywood sometimes & they have to get back to the regular people with their products they’re selling!

  2. M E 2 Says:

    I look forward, every year that they’ve had it on the Q, to Super Saturday Live. However, with that said, every year the selection of products has gone downhill, IMO. They used to offer a lot of items for less than $20-30, AFTER the half-off thing. Not so much this year at all. :/

  3. Charlene Says:

    This was a great event for a great cause. I read that they raised $3.5 million for the cause. Everything that was interested in sold out before I could order it.

    Wayne I agree 100% with you. Instead of seeing the Hollywood wannabe designers, beauty experts, etc… I wish that they would give regular people with products more on-air time.

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