HSN Shoppers Blast Jay King Over Shoddy Sterling Cuff

Let us preface this blog by saying we are big fans of HSN rock god Jay King’s jewelry. Some of our favorite necklaces are by King. We love the enthusiasm and passion he exudes as he talks about his globe trotting hunting for his “mine finds.”

That’s why it pains us to ask what the hell happened with his HSN TS earlier this month? It was a sterling silver cuff bracelet with cabochons of either redskin turquoise, lapis, coral or variscite, a lovely shade of green (#269-813). The price tag was only $90, and you could purchases matching earrings and pendants.


When we got our cuff, we couldn’t believe our eyes. True, the stones was pretty, but the bracelet was so flimsy we felt it might break when we squeezed it to fit our wrist. We know the price of silver has soared, but this skimpy bracelet was back in the mail to HSN shortly.

The Leo Feeney pendant we bought in Cave Creek

The Leo Feeney pendant we bought in Cave Creek

But trying to be fair, we decided to see what other HSN shoppers thought about the cuff before we blogged on it. If they disagreed with us, we would not offer our negative review of this King piece.

Well, there were HSN jewelry geeks who gave the cuff five stars. But there were a boatload who had the same complaints that we did — and more! There were 146 comments last time we looked.


Many of them, and we mean many, said when their bracelets arrived with stones that had already fallen out of them, sitting in the box. Others complained that the first time they wore it, a stone fell out. Others blasted King for having the cuffs manufactured in China, with the resulting shoddy workmanship.

Many asked what happened to HSN’s quality control.

Still others said, like us, that the cuff was too flimsy and they would have gladly paid more for a sturdier piece. Others said the lapis was too dark, a deep navy blue. Others wailed that the stones on their pieces didn’t match.

We ordered the variscite cuff because we thought it would match a pendant we bought when we went to Arizona last month. The one type of turquoise we were looking for was Carico Lake, which has a gorgeous almost pistachio green color.

It is very expensive turquoise. We saw a gorgeous necklace made out of Carico in Scottsdale, and it was more than $3,000. Our pendant was much more modest, picked up in Cave Creek. It mixes the opaque Carico with gemstones, citrine and peridot.

We love turquoise and gems combined. And that is the specialty of the artist who crafted our pendant, Leo Feeney. The King variscite cuff actually matched the pendant, but again, we thought the sterling on the cuff was not wear well over time.

Here is a sampling of some of the damning reviews on HSN.com:

“This is my first time buying from mr king. i don’t like to much weight on my jewelry but not to light. But this is to light scare to bend it. i purchase 2 bracelet and 1 pair of earrings. Was so happy when i receive my bracelets and earring. But so sad when i open my package and the stone were loose inside the package. poor quality i could real see why he was saying they did not make money.”

“When I opened the box and saw this bracelet I immediately loved it and put it on. It fit perfectly, the stones were as pretty as they looked on TV and I was ready to wear it for the whole summer. However, within 5 minutes of first putting it on,I looked down and saw that one of the stones had fallen out. Fortunately I found the stone but unfortunately the bracelet is going back! I have many Jay King pieces but this does not meet their standard. Sorry.”

“Shame on the makers of this Jay KIng cuff bracelet! I received cuff with 2 stones flopping around the bag! I have many pieces of Jay King and love them all. When I called customer service I knew other people had the same problem. Then I looked at reviews, so many had the same problem. Again, SHAME on makers of this cuff. Apology should be given to us all. Need I say… it’s going back.”

“I used to not be able to resist Jay King’s items but I guess the glory days are over. I can’t believe how far the quality of his pieces have fallen. The glue was still on the stones on one of the turquoise bracelets I received. Very sad because he used to have such nice things. He now uses compressed stones or stones that are poorly set in China. Heartbreaking.”

“I ordered four of these bracelets and as soon as I am through writing this review all four are going back to the post office for their return trip. What a disappointment!”

“My bracelet had a stone fall out within 5 minutes of opening the box. The silver is really lightweight and when you squeeze it to close around your wrist, it creases — it’s that flimsy. And I have a 7 inch wrist — not small at all. Lapis was fine but it needs to stay in the ‘bezel.’ Not really a bezel — it’s just glued in and not well at that. Really disappointed since I had a necklace it would have gone well with. Going back.”

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19 Responses to “HSN Shoppers Blast Jay King Over Shoddy Sterling Cuff”

  1. pussmom212 Says:

    Didn’t know if you were aware of Kathy(formerly the queen of QVC) doing an infomercial for some life extension company. Only caught a few minutes so can’t tell you more. I thought of you almost at once,thanks so much for all your posts,Lora

  2. pussmom212 Says:

    Forgot to comment on Jay King jewelry. It’s been made in China for awhile. Being made in China is not the issue in my opinion it’s hsn not caring about quality. Sorry to say it looked very flimsy when they showed it on the air so I’m not surprised that’s what people received. Maybe they will learn their lesson,although I doubt it.

  3. mary s Says:

    at this point it has a 3.3 overall rating which is really not THAT bad. i am guessing that some people loved it and had no problems. the ratings are pretty much all over the place.

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Kathy Levine. I’ll see if I can track that down.

  5. Joanie B. Says:

    What a shame about that bracelet. It’s classic, and very attractive. Too bad the quality does not live up to the appearance.

  6. Kristine Says:

    When you receive a product that is that blatantly defective, I don’t think you should have to pay for the return shipping!!

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    I don’t think that you have to,

  8. Drmy Says:

    I have a question… Did Jay King change end caps?

  9. Our Check Is In The Mail To HSN Rock God Jay King | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] https://homeshoppingista.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/16152/ […]

  10. linda blevins Says:

    just bought a jay king ring, made in china marked 925 well it isn’t sterling, realy disappointed

  11. Gertrud Ogden Says:

    I would like to contact Jay King to ask if he knows where we could sell an inherited piece of blue tiger eye. About a foot wide and 6″ thick. It came from Africa about 1972. Beautiful.

  12. HSN Shopper Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I don’t know where to leave this comment; I thought I would put it here since it concerns Jay King.

    I was rewatching a show I had recorded that aired on Friday April 13 2018 with Jay King and Connie Craig-Carroll’s host picks. It aired from 8-9 p.m. Eastern time.

    In the show, there was a turquoise necklace, item 601-600, “3-Row Multicolor Turquoise Bead 18″ Necklace” toward the end of the hour.

    Jay specifically stated on air that the turquoise was NOT compressed.

    I will quote from him directly, his words during the show: “And they’re (the beads) are cut; this is not nugget-compressed material. This is cut from solid turquoise, which is what all the viewers were requesting. And for us, we burn through a lot of material, and there is so much waste. I hate to sound like a broken record or like I’m bitter (laughs) but I have to tell you, when you see the massive amount of turquoise that it takes to make one of these designs … these are all round beads … this is called “the color of turquoise.” You got three different mines here, so you got three totally different rough materials, different looks, but it’s all the real deal.”

    Key words from Jay King’s sales pitch: “This is not nugget-compressed material.” “This is cut from solid turquoise.” “It’s all the real deal.”

    I had never seen purple turquoise before. And that they notably did NOT comment at all on the purple turquoise — not how unusual it was, or anything about how special it was — got my attention.

    So I went to the HSN website and read about this item: “Stabilized Compressed Color-Enhanced Purple Turquoise.”

    I felt so disappointed, and scammed, really, that they did not specifically mention that the turquoise was compressed and color enhanced. Jay went out of his way to state that it was “not nugget-compressed material.”

    I did buy a couple of items in that hour but not this one. Still, it makes me not trust them if they are basically lying by omission.

    Can you say anything to them about this? I really like both Jay and Connie, but this kind of deception has to stop.

  13. HSN Shopper Says:

    As a follow-up, above, I was trying to give an abbreviated version of Jay King’s sales pitch.

    Here is a full transcript (me typing as I listen to it on my TV) of Jay and Connie’s sales pitch for this item. It was an extended sales pitch; they had plenty of opportunity to discuss the color enhanced, compressed purple turquoise if they had wanted to. Shouldn’t this be illegal to not disclose what you are selling?

    Turquoise necklace “The Colors of Turquoise” Item 601-600

    Connie Craig-Carroll: “We’re going to move next to my turquoise necklace. This I love, because you all know I love turquoise, and I love every color of turquoise, I really really do. And I collect turquoise. So if you’re like me and you’re a collector, this gives you an opportunity to wear your turquoise back with this necklace, literally every single color that you have. Whether you have more green turquoise, more blue turquoise, even if you’re lucky enough to have the purple turquoise, and in this case, you are getting three strands. Now, we used to do a single strand of the “Colors of Turquoise” for $99. In a single strand. Here we’re doing three for $119. This is going to be $149; we’re doing it for $119 today, and I love once again, these are perfectly round beads.”

    Jay King: “And they’re cut; this is not nugget-compressed material. This is cut from solid turquoise, which is what all the viewers were requesting. And for us, we burn through a lot of material, and there is so much waste. I hate to sound like a broken record or like I’m bitter (Connie and Jay both laugh) but I have to tell you, when you see the massive amount of turquoise that it takes to make one of these designs, but this is just so popular, we’ve done this before, but just like what Connie was saying, normally, what did we sell–just an 18″ nugget beaded necklace $99 to $129 for one. These are all round beads, and you’ve got, this (necklace) is called “The Color of Turquoise.” You got three different mines here, so you got three totally different rough materials, different looks, but it’s all the real deal.”

    Connie: “And it’s 18 inches, but you can drop it down to 20 3/4″ and Jay!”

    Jay: “And then Sue’s got in on, and she torsaded it, which really looks cool, too.”

    Connie: “But Jay, turquoise prices have gone up, right?”

    Jay: “They’re not–well, it’s (unintelligible) –jeez (unintelligible)…”

    Connie: (laughs) “You’re like, ‘just find it'”

    Jay: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, find it. And here’s the thing. The only reason we can do what we do — and I probably shouldn’t say this — but the reason that we can do it is we actually go to the mines. We actually go out. And I can’t tell you how much money I spend a year traveling and that we spend acquiring turquoise. We go all over the world to get it. But the thing that we have is, we have the ability to stockpile, buy and stockpile because of everybody out here in HSN.”

    (Connie announces a sell-out of another item, Jay congratulates those who got the sold-out item)

    Jay: “The thing with the turquoise, though, is, just like Connie says, it’s going up, but it’s just finding it, and finding the good quality turquoise, you just don’t see it, and when you do find it, if you don’t know the right people, if you’re not right at the mine, the prices are like ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. That’s why you just see people making cabochons. Right? They don’t make beads.”

    Connie: “But Jay, they also color match these.”

    Jay: “Yeah, well, that’s the thing.”

    Connie: “Yeah.”

    Jay: “Well, and color matching comes, when it comes out of the mine, the first thing you do, grade by size, second, grade by color. So it’s a whole process, right, and there is no turquoise mine where it comes out all the exact same. It’s gonna have different varieties and so you have to put that together. But then to be able to do this and then match them where we did a graduated color pattern. Now you have to understand, there’s three individual mines that you’re seeing here, there’s three actual individual mines here.”

    Connie: “So you’re matching, well, first off, you’re cutting the individual beads,”

    Jay: “And you’re wasting.”

    Connie: (laughs) “You’re cutting, you’re matching, you’re hand stringing, so I mean the labor-intensive process and then also too, to do — and believe me, Jay has tried to impart this wisdom on me — to do three graduated strands is a whole lot more difficult than to just do three individual strands, right?”

    Jay: “Yeah, and here’s the thing too, it’s can you imagine to take this and layer it and where it actually nestles perfectly and it graduates down your neckline perfectly. That’s a huge process in its own right is to be able to that to where when you put it on, you don’t have to sit there and mess with it forever and ever. We’ve done the hard part. We’ve layered it for ya, so it goes right down the neckline perfectly. And Sue, this is great that Sue’s doing this. So think of the versatility of this necklace. You can three strands, you can torsade it, like Sue’s done here, she can actually wear that a little higher, she can wear it lower, you can have it like Connie where she’s got it nestled on the neckline, but depending on the outfit she’s wearing or what she wants to do to accessorize with it, because it’s got a 2 3/4″ extender she can wear it a little bit higher, if she wants to bring it down, she can bring it down, so it fits perfectly with the outfit. So you’re not, you’re making one purchase, but you’re getting a lot of different looks with that one purchase.”

    Connie: “And a lot of different colors so it’s going to go back with everything you’ve collected in turquoise. We’re a moment past the clock, we’re going to be wrapping this one up shortly. They’ve just told me with everybody onboard, maybe about 100 left in this one, and when it comes back it will be at that higher price for sure.”

    Jay: “For sure.”

    Connie: “For sure. So I hope you can do this. I really do. It’s one of my favorites in host pick.”

  14. arlene hock Says:

    i won’t buy from jay king anymore. i used to love his jewelry, but it’s different now. the silver is flat — no more detail. it’s also made in china. now i buy from american west — made here in new mexico. their stuff is beautiful.

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