Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Exits ‘World Of Watches’

Charla Rines

Charla Rines

It looks like ex-ShopNBC host Charla Rines has now left a gig she had on DirecTV.

We knew that Rines was doing a show called “World of Watches,” but hadn’t know she was hosting it with another ShopNBC refugee, timepiece geek Jim Skelton.

Skelton posted this on Facebook a few days ago.

“Remember when you’re watching our show tonight (6pm EST, DirecTV Ch 227 or on our player at worldofwatches.tv) to chat with us LIVE via Twitter (@WOWTVCHAT) to say your goodbyes to Charla Rines!!! It’s her final show, and I hope you show her some love tonight…,” he wrote.

We don’t know where she is heading.

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10 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Exits ‘World Of Watches’”

  1. susie sansbury Says:

    Well I, for one, love Charla. I would love it if she’s return to ShopNBC

  2. SFeild Says:

    well, ms. disher of dirt…….what’s her next gig? start doing some “diggin”…….while i couldnt watch world of watches endlessly, i always checked in to see how she was….she should be on the air…..

  3. Brent Durr Says:

    Her “show” was a 2-3hr a night gig on Saturday and Sunday. The show always looked like it had a grainy dial-up feed and done in a small meeting room somewhere. Certainly she can do better. As for Skelton….

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    I saw her a couple months ago on a minor league shopping channel selling jewelry (or so I thought). It was like stumbling upon an old friend. She sounded and looked just great. I’d love to see her return to ShopNBC/ShopHQ! The new hosts are pleasant, but not personalties, a la Charla and Shawn Wilsie. At least the gracious and wonderful Carmella is still there, and may she be for many a moon!

  5. Watch Lords Says:

    And the world is left with jim skelton. What a joke

    • SFeild Says:

      indeed!………its too bad; world of watches could have done something, but nooooooooo…………

  6. Bob Says:

    Surprized to learn Charla has left World of Watches. Perhaps she could consider QVC or HSN. Would love to see her once again. She sure is missed……….Bob

    • StefF Says:

      i had “tasked” the pen of this so-called newsletter to get the 4-1-1- on the latest from Charla……so far….nada, zip, zilch

      charla left world of watches long time ago; i too would like to see her back in some format; i would think that if qvc had wanted her, or HSN, by now, it would have happened……

  7. scott Says:

    Charla knows GOOD jewelry and could sell it……I haven’t watched or purchased from Shop NBC or ShopHQ in years….I will say I do have a large collection of REAL jewelry and watches, thanks to the good ole days of Shop NBC!!!!!

  8. dite Says:

    It’s funny, but when Charla left ShopNBC so did all of the greater quality pieces (I bought a diamond watch from her shows once a year and now only Dmitri James’ personality – vibrant like Charla’s – can get me to by a thing from that Channel).
    ShopNBC made a huge blunder…

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