QVC May Dump Southern-Belle Chef Paula Deen, Too

We leave town for a week and go West, and all hell breaks loose.

First, we were shocked to hear that New Jersey-bred actor James Gandolfini had passed away. He made Tony Soprano real in that landmark HBO show.

Then, we were watching the Arizona Diamondbacks at their Phoenix stadium  when we checked out our iPhone and saw that Southern chef Paula Dean had been canned by Food Network when it became public that she had used racial slurs, including the “N” word, at her eatery.

On the plane East yesterday, we saw a crawl on the DirecTV service that said QVC was threatening to dump Deen, as a well. Deen does a cookware line for the home shopping network.

QVC put out a statement Monday that several news outlets published, including E! online.

“QVC shares the concerns being raised around the unfortunate Paula Deen situation,” QVC said in its official statement.

“QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior. We are closely monitoring these events and the ongoing litigation. We are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen, and in the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC.”

Many QVC viewers made their displeasure known on Facebook.

“Seriously? You are even considering not working with Paula Deen because of something she said years ago? Waiting to see how people are responding before making a decision? The companies that step up and stand by this woman will get my business. The rest of them can kiss my business goodbye!”

“I love watching and purchasing from QVC and believe me I spend a lot of money with you. Please do not drop Paula Dean from your company. Everyone has a past and has made a mistake or said something they wish they could go back and change. ‘Let those with no sin cast the first stone.’ Please do not treat her like the Food Network and Smithfield Foods have done. I would like to see you let her continue on. Please don’t be one of the companies that also disappoints America.”

“Drop Paula Deen and I will encourage everyone I know to discontinue following your company on FB and Twitter. If you drop Paula, consider me a past customer!”

“If you want to order Paula Dean products QVC has three pages of them. Whether you agree with the companies pulling her products or not they are continuing to do it one by one, Smithfield Foods dropped her today. Most companies do not want a spokes person who displays disrespect, especially verbally. No real winners in this kind of situation.”

“Don’t want nothing to do with QVC since you’re against Paula Deen”

But Deen had her detractors, though they were outnumbered by her defenders.

“To all of you QVC boycott plotters because of the Paula Deen debacle: Since when did buying pots & pans and cookbooks from a person become more important than keeping morals alive? Do you really value your ability to purchase your precious cookware & cookbooks more than valuing decency in America? It astounds me that material goods and sticking up for a racial bigot is greater than sticking up for those who were and still are offended. Please, if you want to leave QVC – GO! Enough already. I’m sure you can buy Deen’s precious ‘goods’ elsewhere. At least QVC has the guts to stand up for morals & decency.”

“PAULA DEAN has enough money and press she never has to work again. Maybe some of you people should quit buying from the Q since you stand behind her and her stinking remarks. Q has a little more class!”

This dirt about Deen came out in a deposition that Deen gave for a lawsuit filed by one of her ex-employees. She has apologized for her hideous remarks.

We obviously don’t condone her horrific racist comments. But we’ve made stupid, ignorant comments at times that we wish we could take back. Perhaps the folks at Scripps Networks, which owns Food Network, were blindsided by the controversy and shit-canned her because she didn’t let them know what was about to blow.

QVC hasn’t said it will definitely let Deen go. We think she deserves a second chance.

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12 Responses to “QVC May Dump Southern-Belle Chef Paula Deen, Too”

  1. Wayne Says:

    The only hypocrites in this so-called controversy are Food Network, the so-called mainstream media & the Q if they convict Deen without a trial as well. The holier than thou liberals in Hollywood along with the clowns on MSNBC probably say the N-word & other things all the time. I don’t care one or the other but Paula Deen gets canned & the so-called Rev. Al has a TV show.

  2. Jenny Says:

    I think she should be given another chance…,After all we all have made mistakes and said the wrong thing, what ever happened to the adage that stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me….Or even monkey see monkey do

  3. Peaches Says:

    I can tell you if QVC drops her I am done with them! They don’t mind having pot head Montel on hawking his crap. Paula is a known Obama supporter so not sure where the racist thing fits in. Guess the libbies like her money just not her?

  4. Taylor Says:

    Wayne, why do you need to make this about politics? Smithfield is about as conservative as you can get and they dropped her. Furthermore, Al Sharpton actually came to Paula’s defense, so that statement made absolutely no sense either.

  5. Susan Says:

    I think there is a double standard. 50Cent gets a pass, despite obscene lyrics and assualt charges and the KDash clan is downright disgusting so if this is about morals and standards they need to get rid of these vendors too….And HSN is owned by the same company as QVC yet supports Queen Latifah even though she did a rap song about killing whites, and made a racist remark on David Lettermen about white women.

  6. April Bennet Says:

    I am sorry but if QVC does not drop her I will drop them. The woman has never had any class. Her promotion of a diet that causes type 2 diabetes while signing up to promote a drug that cures it was the ultimate in hypocrisy.

  7. Rachelle Says:

    Someone posted on Venables page (FB) that QVC & HSN are now one in the same. I know it was talked about but didn’t think it went through.Anyway of finding out for sure?

  8. homeshoppingista Says:

    I will check out the post Rachelle but they are not one and the same. I think QC owns some HSN stock, but that’s it.

  9. Mooncat Says:

    It was not so much what Paula Deen admitted to saying in her deposition – that could have passed off with a simple, short apology. But the “plantation wedding” thing said more about her true feelings, and her botched, edited and insincere “apologies” and no-show on the Today Show, plus her actual appearance, were what sealed her fate. Most of her sponsors waited days to give her a chance to turn things around even a little. She just kept digging her own hole deeper, and they eventually decided enough was enough. The decisions were not based on a single use of an offensive word.

    • Rachelle Says:

      Well, from what I read: This woman who is suing her, has already been found to have lied about a few important facts. I for one am glad to see that Paula is getting angry now and starting to fight for herself. As for this plantation wedding, I could careless about who did what way back then, however its a fact that people of color did serve at many parties. Would be hard too find a dozen Opie Taylor type redheads to do the serving. People have country weddings, I have been to 2 so far and people who catered were indeed dressed in that style.So what is the big deal, the N word or the wedding? It shouldn’t be anyones business what this woman did 20-30 years ago. Why is it that this woman waited so long to speak up? I have to be honest with you, at first I did think it was a woman of color that took offense. Why have none of the other workers there come forth with complaints? A few years back, everyone was after her because she didn’t tell anyone about her illness and how terrible it was that she hid it from everyone. Again, its no ones business. The woman cooked, people ate, she didn’t twist anyone’s arm. I think the race card here has been played for too long and its really getting old. For the record, us whities, crackers and whatever else some calls us today, we are now the minorities…So, maybe I should start playing the card.

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