HSN Vendor Amanda Borghese Makes Page One of New York Times

It looks like all is not well with a member of the HSN family, namely Amanda Borghese, who has a beauty and jewelry line she sells on the home shopping network.

The New York Times Sunday had a Page One story, “Borghese v. Borghese: Battle for a Royal Name,” about a lawsuit set to go to trial this summer over the use of that moniker. As the newspaper pointed out, the Borghese name in Italy is synonymous with royalty, a family that has included kings and a pope.


The suit was filed by Borghese Inc., a cosmetics brand launched in the 1950s by Princess Marcella Borghese and Revlon. That company is now operated by GOP fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher. It is suing members of the Borghese family, The Times reported, including Marcella’s son Francesco and his wife Amanda, the HSN vendor.

The story points out that Amanda’s HSN line doesn’t use the Borghese name. It is sold under that the brand Perlier. Nonetheless, Borghese Inc. contends that the family shouldn’t be allowed to make any reference to its illustrious history while promoting its products.

The Times reported that Perlier debuted on QVC, and then moved on to HSN.

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8 Responses to “HSN Vendor Amanda Borghese Makes Page One of New York Times”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Fascinating! I’m rooting for Princess Amanda and family. I’ve always enjoyed her on HSN, and her non-aggressive sales manner, not to mention her Princess Amanda jewelry collection. I’ll be following this with great interest!

    • Amy Says:

      I didn’t realize this was happening! I just stumbled across this, I know it’s an older post. I, too like the Borgheses. Their skin care is wonderful. And the lawsuit seems frivolous and unfair.
      I have not been able to watch HSN for about 4 years; I can’t afford the extra $$$ the cable co. wants to add it. But I look at the hosts’ Facebook, and sometimes watch online. IMO, Perlier is one of the few good products HSN has left. Amanda’s jewelry line was discontinued awhile back; now I know why. How unfair to sue a family for using their own name! And they have every right to say who they are when presenting their products.
      I don’t know the outcome of this; I will try to google it. I wish the famiglia Borghese the very best.
      Take them and Andrew Kessman off HSN, and there aren’t many good things left.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Isn’t Borgehese sold on Shop NBC?

  3. Amy Says:

    P.S. sorry about the type o in my post, that’s Andrew Lessman, not Kessman. Caught it too late!

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