ShopNBC Live At The Scene At the JCK Show in Vegas

Kudos to ShopNBC for being the first home shopping network to broadcast live from the JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.

We came in from a busy day of running around Friday to see Paul Deasy doing his thang on the show, with other vendors following up.

It’s great to see ShopNBC, or should we say ShopHQ, out of its Minnesota studios and doing a remote.


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4 Responses to “ShopNBC Live At The Scene At the JCK Show in Vegas”

  1. Paul Daily Says:

    Hi Linda, love your columms….Just an observation….a very large part of the jewelry show in vegas are pieces that were confiscated by the police from criminals and I don’t hear that mentioned here or by Colleen from HSN, who made it a point to say she was going there.  This may not be PC to mention, but it is borderline unsavory. Question for you  -  Is David Venable QVC married?

    Continue the good work. Paul


  2. claire Says:

    Not that there is anything wrong with it but David Venable is gay

  3. homeshoppingista Says:

    He could be married even if he is gay.

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