ShopNBC Getting New Moniker: ShopHQ

ShopNBC is taking the “NBC” out of its name, in part to avoid paying $4 million a year in license fees to the Peacock Network to use the name.

ShopNBC, once known as ValueVision, will be called ShopHQ — “Your Headquarters for All Things Shop.”

ShopNBC broke the news Wednesday, the same day it released its first-quarter earnings.

“The visual experience of the new brand begins today on TV, online, mobile and social platforms, with a gradual transition to the new brand and Internet URL to be completed over the balance of the fiscal year, supported by a targeted, customer marketing campaign,” ShopNBC said in its press release.

The new website is

ShopNBC had actually announced its planned name change three years ago, but at that time did not have the new moniker yet.

The No. 3 home shopping network said it conducted research and vetting on the new name in partnership with Landor Associates, a global strategic branding and design firm.

The Landor team worked with ShopNBC to develop and validate a name and positioning that would resonate with viewers, so the release said.

“The new brand leverages the business’ core identity of ‘Shop’ and layers on simplicity, comfort and strength,” ShopNBC said in corporate speak. “It also clearly states the aspiration of making ShopHQ a shopping destination. Starting today, customers will begin to see the new name and logo alongside the current logo, with a gradual transition to the new brand. A variety of on-air marketing promotions are planned over the remainder of the year, to educate viewers and make them comfortable with the transition.”

ShopNBC CEO Keith got more than his two cents in.

“Over the past few years, under a new management team, we have substantially expanded our product assortment, enhanced the customer experience and have grown our customer base to 1.2 million customers,” he said in a canned statement. “Our customers are purchasing more frequently, are enjoying a steadily improving shopping experience and are more engaged than ever. The progress we have made makes this the right time to take control of and invest in our own brand.”

Yada, yada, yada.

“The ShopHQ brand clearly communicates to current and potential customers that we aim to be their place for shopping, wherever they are and whenever they need us — on TV or online and across a broad array of merchandise categories,” Stewart said.

“Our research showed the brand has familiarity, and provides a clear, focused and empowering foundation for our Company and its future. This is an important step in the long-term building of our business, our customer base, and vendor relationships that allows us to control the brand equity we are building. While we value the relationship with our friends at NBCUniversal, it was the right time for our company to branch out and establish our own brand.”

In a separate press release on the company’s earnings, ShopNBC Chief Operating Officer Carol Steinberg explained the dollars-and- cents reasons for the change: The money ShopNBC has to pay NBCU to use “NBC” as part of its name. NBCU is part of Comcast, a major ShopNBC shareholder.

“We believe our business has evolved to the point where developing our own brand is the logical next step for the company,” Steinberg said. “Taking ownership of our brand empowers us to shape our future, to build brand equity that we control, and to eliminate $4 million in annual license fees. We have developed a comprehensive plan with the transition to ShopHQ occurring over the course of this fiscal year, including a range of initiatives aimed at ensuring a smooth customer experience.”

ShopNBC has been operating under the ShopNBC name since June 2001m, and its current license agreement expires Jan. 31 next year.

Stewart also sent an email to ShopNBC customers like us explaining the name change.

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7 Responses to “ShopNBC Getting New Moniker: ShopHQ”

  1. Susan Chesney Says:

    It will take more than a change of name for ShopNBC to undo all the damage it has done to itself in the last 5-7 years. It fired long time beloved and professional hosts, cheapened its product mix, and, from my experience, began to treat customers as enemies. From being the Neiman Marcus of home shopping, it has become the K-Mmart of that industry. There is nothing wrong with K-Mart, but the customer base were not K-Mart shoppers. I stopped shopping with ShopNBC and switched most of my shopping to QVC which, simultaneously, was adding more and more high end products and vendors to its mix. ShopNBC can move the furniture around all it wants, but it has lost the interest of the high end shopper it so successfully served until its “new” management took over around 2008. I doubt that this new “re-branding” will have any effect at all. Both QVC and HSN have demonstrated tremendous creativity, vision and agility during this recession and are more exciting shopping venues now than they were before 2008. ShopNBC will have an impossible job trying to compete given its customer service difficulties and the complete lack of merchandising creativity.

  2. claire Says:

    Susan this is where you are wrong. Many of these execs are well qualified execs who helped build QVC. They know what works and what doesn’t in this retail format. They are handicapped by the hand that was dealt to them and the limited resources they have to had to work with. But my money is on them because of their experience and not making the many mistakes that the execs at QVC continue to make, the biggest one is chasing out the folks who built the company and knew what worked and what didn’t.

  3. Amy Says:

    Here we go again, after firing the Best Hosts on TV and cheaping their jewelry line here comes a,”New Face”!!! Well, if the New Face isn’t better than the old one count me out!!! If this company would get back to what made them in the first place, the they would still be on top. I miss so many of the TV Hosts and the great jewely vinders it’s just not worth watching. I have ordered some of their, so call Jewelry to return it because it’s junk!!! I guess it’s not what the people feel is right and works, it’s up too some over-paid Execs.

  4. Wayne Says:

    ShopHQ makes a lot more sense commercially than the other one even though it will never be above the Q in ratings. I think they changed their logo because they didn’t want to be confused with the whackos on MSNBC.

  5. John Says:

    NBCU has been messing up Value Vision for a long time. It was time for a change and I believe Keith Stewart is going to be the one in the end laughing all the way to the Bank. Awesome changes coming and believe me I will be supporting every single person at ShopHQ!


    I’m not impressed by them. They fired all the good original show hosts. The replacements can’t compare. Very bad decision.

  7. Carole Ciri Salemi Says:

    ShopHQ has lost all their high end jewelry vendors. Now all they show are cheap silver pieces with small stones that come loose and they sell them at very high prices. The only thing they have going for them is their extended pay policy. Although this type of selling helps one buy more their poor quality of product doesn’t entice.

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