N.J.-Based Bergio Jewelry Coming To ShopNBC Next Month

Apparently ShopNBC has lured another jewelry vendor into its web of horror.

Bergio International Inc. of Fairfield, N.J., (just down the road from us, folks) company announced Monday that it was “expanding the brand” to the home shopping network.


Bergio International Inc. said the deal starts May 7, even though the company reached “a contractual agreement” with the shopping network back in October. If you can figure out the explanation of lag time based on this Bergio honcho’s comments, then we bet you figured out all the twists and turns in “Homeland” before they happened.


“The execution of this launch took longer than originally anticipated due to the modification of certain designs to best fit the ShopNBC customer demographic,” Bergio CEO Berge Abajian said in a statement. “This launch will further the brand to different avenues which we did not have prior access to.”

Does that mean that Bergio had to make its jewelry more upscale, or less, for ShopNBC’s demos? We fear the answer is less.

But that wasn’t all from Abajian.

“I encourage all shareholders to support us by watching and referring others to the broadcast on May 7, where I will personally be featured on the program as the designer,” he said. “By doing so, we hope to sell out quickly and have a successful launch. Please refer to the program guide on http://www.shopnbc.com to find out when it will be aired, which is usually posted a week prior to the broadcast.”

And then there was another mysterious comment.

“We also have other opportunities currently in the works, which will be revealed once the final details have been ironed out,” Abajian said.

Berge and a very unfriendly looking Russian shop owner

Berge and a very unfriendly looking Russian shop owner

Here’s a link to the scoop on Abajian.


Here’s the dish on him:

Berge came to the United States with his family in the mid 1970s. He pursued his education, graduating from an American university and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He learned the family jewelry business first hand in America, but opportunity and travel beckoned. His adventurous spirit and his desire to design with colored stones eventually led him to Brazil. It was there that he first encountered the exotic yellow and pink diamonds that would ultimately become his specialty and presence in future Bergio collections.

Armed with knowledge gained in the family business and ventures abroad, Berge established his own company, Bergio, in 1995. The market debut of Bergio Fine and subsequent Bergio Bridal and Bergio Couture collections instantly caught the attention of trade, media and consumers alike.

His leadership and vision over the past 15 years has built Bergio into an international presence and cemented its position as a leader in design and craftsmanship. Berge sets great value on developing and nurturing honest partnerships with retailers and customers. “I am in the business of jewelry, not the jewelry business,” explains Berge, “as such, my retailers and customers are an important facet of the process, from design to delivery.”

Here is Bergio’s boilerplate:

Bergio International Inc. a leading jeweler creating a diversified jewelry designer and manufacturer through acquisitions and consolidation in the estimated $160 billion a year highly fragmented independently owned jewelry industry.

Bergio currently sells its jewelry to approximately 50 jewelry retailers across the United States. Bergio has manufacturing control over its line through its manufacturing facility in New Jersey, as well as subcontracts with facilities in the United States and Italy.


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5 Responses to “N.J.-Based Bergio Jewelry Coming To ShopNBC Next Month”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Why is ShopNBC a web of horror? I love them for their Value Pay and good deals…not on jewelry though. JTV or Liquidation Channel for that. Speaking of…have you seen RocksTV? I just found it. The format is just like the old GemsTV. I wonder if they are out of England or something because all of the hosts I have seen have English accents.

  2. Cindy Says:

    http://www.rockstv.com, Channel 87 on Dish Network. Broadcasting from England (hence the accents). I’m not affiliated to them, just a shopper who has spent $$ on all the shopping channels. Rocks beats JTV for diamonds and 10k,14k, 18k and silver.

    • Lisa Says:

      Cool, I will have to investigate further. I, too, have spent $$ on all the channels so when I see something good I will give them a try.

  3. Debbie Says:

    QVC is having major issues on it’s community pages. check out some of the threads. Qsters are very up in arms that their private info and accounts have been hacked, It took QVC too long to catch on and fix it. Check out the “Q did What forum” and the threads.

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