A Peek At QVC Host Shawn Killinger’s Wedding Album

It’s official: QVC host Shawn Killinger is a newlywed.

Go to Shawn’s Facebook page to see an array of photos of her wedding to Joe.

But here are a couple of them:

Shawn Killinger and new spouse

Shawn Killinger and new spouse

As Shawn wrote, into the sunset

As Shawn wrote, into the sunset


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28 Responses to “A Peek At QVC Host Shawn Killinger’s Wedding Album”

  1. Gina Says:

    Aw! Just perfect!

  2. joy Says:

    Joy says: You were the most beautiful bride Shawn,(your gown is just you) and your new husband looks so handsome. A perfect couple.

  3. Maria Familia Says:

    Bless you guys, and lots of happiness!!!!:):)

  4. Debbie Byes Says:

    Was I there, no, but my heart was. Love your energy and love that you love Isaac! Beautiful couple and wishing you the best!

  5. elaine mccurdy Says:

    much happiness and success to the both of you

  6. doris Says:

    Wow, you didn’t invite Isaac mizrahi?

  7. carolyn simpson Says:

    shawn killinger should work on sesame street. she is an idiot. she makes the dumbest comments in her hissing silly voice. she is awkward, contrived and painful to watch. i have to change channels when she is on.

  8. Kay Says:

    I think it is so sad to demean another human being. To each its own and this was her special day.You must be very miserable. No one twists your arm to watch her. Get a life

    • Barbara Says:

      Every single time a person changes the channel, that is a potential sale GONE. Your reasoning is way off, dear. Way off.

  9. Shirley Brunson Says:

    Not one of my favorite hosts, but I wish he well

  10. veronica Says:

    I like Shawn very much, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t find it necessary to cut her to shreds on the internet. Why would you bother to come to this site and spew like that?

  11. carla coleman Says:

    Does anyone remember when Shawn was on air and actually said the word MULATTO? Who still uses that word? She is one of the worst host on QVC. God bless her husband because I don’t know how he can stand to be around her longer than 5 minutes.

  12. Shay Ann Says:

    You’re were the most stunning bride Shawn. He’s a lucky man. My family and friends love watching you on Q so continue to be the fun adorable beautiful lady you are. Congrats!

  13. Diane Diggs Says:

    Some females are just miserable(jealous)!! You are a beautiful person. May you and Joe have a great marriage!!!!

  14. Carolie Otto Says:

    Loved your wedding photos. Because I’m a fan, requesting you change your hair back. I always thought your hair was terrific. Now, not so much.

  15. Michelle de vore Says:

    I just love Shawn !!!!

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