Jewelry Television Donates $80,000 To American Heart Association

Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews

They’re doing some good down in Knoxville, Tenn.

In February Jewelry Television raised $80,000 for the American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women” movement. JTV designated February “Love Your Heart” month and launched a comprehensive multimedia campaign aimed at raising awareness and educating viewers about the risks of heart disease.

“We were pleased with the outstanding number of donations from JTV customers and employees contributed to the Go Red For Women movement,” JTV CEO Tim Matthews said in a canned statement. “Our shopping network reaches 80 million U.S. households, so if this campaign helps save even one life, we will have used our platform for reaching women and their families effectively.”

Through this initiative, JTV said that developed a relationship with the American Heart Association, and that it plans to support the Go Red movement on an ongoing basis.

JTV’s customer base is 90 percent female (no surprise there), and heart disease is the number No. 1 killer of women 20 years and older in the United States, so women are a central focus for both Go Red For Women and JTV.

“We’re thankful for Jewelry Television’s support of Go Red For Women and we appreciate their participation in the collective fight against women’s No. 1 killer,” Ron Haddock, chairman of the American Heart Association, said in his canned statement. “The funds raised through their campaign directly impact the lives of mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who are affected by heart disease each and every day.”

JTV’s marketing maven got her two cents in, too.

“We are very thankful for the support of our loyal customers and employees,” said JTV vice president of marketing Jill Johnson. “The American Heart Association is the perfect fit for us. We’re already discussing how we can do more to advance the mission of the Go Red For Women movement in 2014 and beyond.”


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One Response to “Jewelry Television Donates $80,000 To American Heart Association”

  1. nancy wagner Says:

    jtv is the worst shopping channel on the internet . with people fake hosts. who call the owner of jtv behind his back an idiot , idiots trained to swindle and lie. and to rip of costumers .with fake plastic , the peddle for real stones, fake metal . fake diamonds , steel highly polished to look like diamonds , jennifer miller with that lie abouty 40 layers of gold over sterling . rebeca more an idiot with mental problems claimed the same thing . dawn tesh idiot number one , called the owner a missfit . get rid of those fake hosts . overwheight fat old man . woman with problems , like sharon scott . not knowing if she coming or going ,. sheree henry claimed to be a relative of joan of ark . nothing but idiots loosing more money for jtv get rid of everyone of them . through lying .swindling . misleading .misrepresenting scamming and ripping the costumers of . jtv is loosing hundreds of costumers and thausands of dollars .. jtv should be thrown of the air ,

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