Celeb Interior Designer India Hicks Debuts On HSN Monday

Ex-model and celeb interior designer India Hicks is launching a home goods line on HSN next week, the network said Tuesday.

India Hicks Island Living will include bedding, quilts, throws and home decor accents, all representative of what HSN called Hicks’ “coastal style.”

HSN had a small lunch Tuesday at the Lamb Club in Manhattan to celebrate Hicks’ coming premiere. Actress Brooke Shields, HSN exec Gigi Ganatra-Duff and Architectural Digest Editor In Chief Margaret Russell were in the house for the festivities. We weren’t.

India Hicks, Brooke Shields and Gigi Ganatra-Duff

India Hicks, Brooke Shields and Architectural Digest Editor In Chief Margaret Russell

Hicks, by the way, is “born from British and design royalty,” according to HSN. She is a cousin to Prince Charles, was bridesmaid at his wedding to Princess Diana and is the daughter of famed decorator David Hicks.

Right now, Hicks lives with her family on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, which a locale that influences her design aesthetic.

“This collection celebrates the triumph of natural design that envelops my island life,” Hicks said in a canned statement.

“How could I compete with nature? Over the past 12 months I’ve collected swatches of fabric, small snippets of rope, bleached sand dollars, photographed the colors of our turquoise ocean, sketched palm fronds and dreamt of sleeping on perfect cotton sheets in pastel island colors in order to bring to life my bedding collection ā€” which works as well on a tropical island as it does in a city bedroom.”

The collection is divided into four groups: Harbour Island, Paradise Toile, Tropical Garden, and Trade Winds, each based off of a different coastal genre.

Here’s the rundown on them:

Harbour Island – “Transfixed by the sights found at the bottom of the sea bed, India designed the patterns of Harbour Island with formations of shells, composition of coral, and markings in the sand.”

Paradise Toile – “Inspired by the exotic gems that one may find in the clearing of a palm forest, Paradise Toile consists of a natural color palette and forest designs.”

Tropical Garden – “In cool shades of sage, light pink and beige, the Tropical Garden collection references the jungle that sits outside of India’s home.”

Trade Winds ā€” “Trade winds have been used by captains of sailing ships to cross the world’s oceans for centuries. The hemp borders on this collection are inspired by these tall sailing ships plying the Caribbean, using hemp for rope fenders and coffee sacks.”

“India Hicks is a fantastic designer and her island vision and coveted designs will be a tremendous addition to our home decor portfolio,” said Anne Martin-Vachon, HSN’s Chief Merchandising Officer.

“She offers worldly, sophisticated style through the lens of impeccable British design, which is effortlessly chic with a dash of rebellion. Whether someone wants to add a splash of tropical flare to their existing esthetic or completely redesign an entire room, this collection has something for everyone.”

And somebody at HSN weaseled a nice trip as part of this dead. The home shopping went on on location to Harbour Island “to capture the incredible sights, sounds and landscapes of this awe-inspiring locale.”

For behind-the-scenes photos from the three-day shoot, go to http://pinterest.com/chrisem/island-living-with-india-hicks.


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2 Responses to “Celeb Interior Designer India Hicks Debuts On HSN Monday”

  1. James Says:

    That is nit Gigi ganatra-duff. That’s architectural digest editor in chief Margaret Russell!!

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