We Crown JTV The King Of Black Spinel, Chrome Diopside

We are actually going to tip our hat to Jewelry Television tonight. Hell has officially frozen over.

Both ShopNBC and QVC have been hot and heavy touting what they are calling the new “in” gemstones, black spinel and chrome diopside. But JTV has led the way with those gemstones, beating the pants off its two larger home shopping rivals.

Jersey dude Chuck Clemency for ShopNBC’s Gem Day had a ring with a huge chrome diopside center stone as the net’s Today’s Top Value. And he and other vendors had a number of chrome diopside pieces, as well.

Chuck Clemency and Paul Deasy share late-night pizza on ShopNBC Gem Day

Chuck Clemency and Paul Deasy share late-night pizza on ShopNBC Gem Day

Meanwhile over at QVC, jewelry diva Judith Ripka has some pretty pieces with black spinel pave, including a huge ring and a round locket.

But the fact of the matter is, JTV has been offering a huge array of both Siberia-origin chrome diopside and black spinel for a long, long time now.

We’re not chrome diopside fans. While the color is pretty, the stone is extremely soft, too soft for us.

But we love black and hence we love black spinel. And JTV has some amazing black spinel pieces with huge honking stones for really great prices. ShopNBC, HSN and QVC have nothing to match it.

Just sayin’.

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2 Responses to “We Crown JTV The King Of Black Spinel, Chrome Diopside”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    QVC used to brag about being the leader in jewelry but they are lagging far behind and their jewelry sales are down to prove it. They mostly show Vicenza Gold, Bronzo, or drusy….definitely NOT favorites of a lot of jewelry customers…..JTV shows a nice VARIETY especially when it comes to gemstones. QVC is definitely a late comer and seems to concentrate on designers using zirconia or simulated gems yet charging exhorbitant prices!

  2. April in Colorado Says:

    Actually Liquidation Channel has had both much longer than JTV and their quality is much better. JTV jewelry’s quality is really bad. I occasionally buy jewelry form LC now that Gems TV is off air and even though their presentations are very loud.. their quality is quite good and so are their prices. The fact they do not have fancy sets, models and promos cut their overhead. Kind of like the other home shopping channels were in the old days. Before their prices rose to pretty much equal retail. Their overhead is huge now. Remember when they used to say they had low overhead. Not anymore. E
    Especially QVC. I never buy jewelry fom them anymore.

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