JTV Alum Katie Rooke Also Joins Liquidation Channel’s Roster

The Liquidation Channel is becoming the new home of displaced home shopping network hosts.

A couple of kind readers tipped us off that Katie Rooke, a former host on GemsTV and Jewelry Television, has now joined the Liquidation Channel.

Katie Rooke

Katie Rooke

Shawn Wilsie, refugee from ShopNBC, is at the the Liquidation Channel as well.

Rooke was a host at GemsTV, whose assets were essentially purchased by JTV. Rooke then started working at JTV in June 2010, and left about a year ago.

Somewhere in between there, she worked for Tiffany & Co. We believe she had worked with her husband Craig at GemsTV, and that they originally both came over to JTV.


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3 Responses to “JTV Alum Katie Rooke Also Joins Liquidation Channel’s Roster”

  1. Lora Says:

    Thought you’d like to know that I tried to find out where in NYC I could view liquidation channel,hence went to their website said it was on my twc here in nyc but no # shown so I called them directly. What a runaround,then they had the audacity to ask me to register AND for a credit card,but couldn’t find a station to watch them on. Did not inspire trust or my desire to shop with them.thought you’d like to know. Really enjoy your posts keep them coming,thank you.

    • kelly higgins Says:

      I shop @ LC and have gotten some beautiful jewelry. .I don’t know how they do it @ the prices they sell however, I truly like them which is why I replied to you! If you don’t like anything send it back..I’ll add they have bali jewelry that cost a arm in a leg with most other net works for penny’s on the dollar ! I wanted this bone carved princess necklace by bali its cost $260.00 and up LC $40 to $100 what a huge price difference and I figured somethings wrong with jewelry I ordered not a thing had it looked over! Since I do not buy from anyone else unless I truly want it and LC doesn’t have! I hope this helps you!

  2. Jared Says:

    Very astute, and a super- sales person, very charming Lady ,that Mrs. Rooke, Her, Craig and Brooke were my favorites on JTV. Katie is on LC, Wendsday to Saturday, exact time, not sure. Pure Class. You can learn a lot from this lady. Cheerio, Jared.

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