Bill Brand Gets Promoted As Even Bigger HSN Bigwig

We want to wish a belated congratulations to our buddy Bill Brand. He just got a promotion at HSN that makes him an even bigger kahuna than he was before.

This week HSN announced that Brand, formerly Executive Vice President of Programming, Marketing and Business Development at HSN, was promoted to Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for HSN Inc., the parent company that includes the Cornerstone unit.

Hope you got a big fat pay raise, Bill!

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, actor James Franco and Bill Brand

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, actor James Franco and Bill Brand

In addition, Andy Sheldon, formerly Executive Vice President of TV, Live Events and Creative at HSN, was named Chief Creative Officer for HSN Inc., and General Manager of HSN Productions.

“Bill and Andy have the vision and expertise to help us continue to redefine the shopping experience and drive growth across all our businesses,” HSN CEO Mindy Grossman said in a canned statement.

“HSNi is bringing an integrated approach to everything we do — maximizing the power of our individual brands and our distinctive content and leveraging our customer segments, enabling us to shape the future landscape of experiential retail,” Grossman said. “Both Bill and Andy have been an integral part of the transformation of HSN over the past six years and we will now leverage their talent and expertise across our portfolio.”

We have to stay Brand has done a bang-up job at HSN since he joined in 2006, transforming it into “a lifestyle network,” according to HSN’s press release.

Here is his brag list, according to HSN.

“He created the network’s entertainment integration strategy that has generated unique marketing opportunities with major film studios including Disney, Universal and Paramount Pictures,” HSN said. “He has identified large scale partnerships with world-class brands that have been a key contributor to our customer file growth and has developed and oversees HSN Cares, the network’s corporate giving program designed to raise awareness and funds for organizations that support women and families on a national and global basis.”

In his new gig, Brand will set overall marketing standards and direction for HSN and the Cornerstone portfolio of seven lifestyle brands. He is supposed “to drive growth of the 59 million strong combined customer data base, and continue to forge strategic relationships with iconic brands such as the Coca-Cola Co., Disney, Toyota and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

He will also oversee communications and corporate social responsibility initiatives for HSN Inc. In this capacity, he is now a corporate officer.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to extend our partnerships and collaborate across the HSNi brand portfolio,” Brand said in his canned statemnt. “This move will allow us to fully leverage the power of our direct-to-consumer reach, our creative content, our growing digital platforms, and our ability to create immersive, engaging customer experiences across all of HSNi.”

How about a fresh quote, Bill?

We don’t Sheldon from nowhere, but he joined HSN in 2007.

“Over the course of the last six years, he has worked to define the HSN brand and its personality and tone across all of the company’s consumer touch points,” HSN said in its press release. “His unique approach to the development and distribution of creative content has enabled HSN to lead in an era where immersive experiences drive engagement and technology is leveraged in new ways to reach consumers.

As Chief Creative Officer and GM of HSN Productions, Sheldon is charged with building HSN Inc.’s live music and entertainment business. In addition to managing the development and execution of live productions, he also will provide creative vision and strategy on HSNi-wide events and experiences.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to grow all aspects of our entertainment business, building on our recent successes with performers such as Rod Stewart and Lionel Richie,” Sheldon said. “To that end, we aim to develop new avenues that not only drive revenue but also increase our customer reach and awareness.”

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