ShopNBC Host Kendy Kloepfer Is Queen of Annoying

Long story short, we just realized that we have ShopNBC on our Comcast channel lineup. We are off Fridays, and spent much of that day last week and Saturday checking out ShopNBC’s Tucson jewelry event.

We were pretty impressed with ShopNBC’s offerings and picked up two dainty items in our new favorite gemstone, black spinel.

Kendy Kloepfer

Kendy Kloepfer

We tuned in for the Saturday night finale of Tucson with host Kendy Kloepfer and Jersey jewelry maven Chuck Clemency, and by the end of the show we wished we could have blasted Kloepfer out of our TV set.

First of all, we are huge advocates of celebrating your birthday and proudly proclaiming your birthday. That said, we wanted to muzzle Kendy. She would not stop telling Chuck, and viewers, that her birthday was Sunday (or was it today, Monday? Guess we blanked it out).

If we had a drink every time she mentioned that her 50th birthday was almost here, we’d have been dirty drunk.

Next, maybe facing a midlife crisis, Kendy told Chuck about a man who got very friendly with her at her son’s hockey game. She all but said that he hit on her. And she repeated that comment again and again, adding that her husband was getting jealous and agitated and was ready to take on the randy spectator.

Give us a break, Kendy. Next time your husband should give you a dressing down for flirting with strangers right in front of his eyeballs.

It was a thoroughly annoying ShopNBC segment, and we put the TV on mute a couple of times to make it tolerable. Kendy said she was going to Costa Rica, and with any luck she’ll stay.

By the way, Jewelry Television is the king of black spinel. ShopNBC has some selection, and QVC has a bit. But JTV’s assortment and prices for black spinel are unsurpassed.


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39 Responses to “ShopNBC Host Kendy Kloepfer Is Queen of Annoying”

  1. Lauryn Says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with you! I enjoy watching Chuck on Shop NBC, but refuse to watch any shows with Kendy or Lynn Schocker. They are beyond annoying! If it’s a show I want to watch, I’ll just fast forward through it. I cannot deal with those two! Heather and Sarah are so much more enjoyable to watch.

  2. Mary B. in Colorado Says:

    Kendy was even more embarrassing 2 weeks ago while selling Invicta watches in Miami. She kept trying to engage with the young and attractive male Invicta rep and insisting he would have to present with a Speedo on. The next day she actually bought several in for him. It was awful to watch. She was like a junior high school girl.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Why does this not surprise me?

    • Kevin Says:

      If I were him I would of walked off the set. Now imagine if he walked out on set with several Victoria Secret thongs he’d be pulled faster than you can blink. I’m starting to believe she Kendy is having an affair with the director? She’s on 24/7. Or at least it seems that way.

  3. Blair Says:

    Kendy is going to dislocate her jaw someday with a few of her facial expressions. BTW, is she pregnant or delivered a baby recently?

    Lynn, is very hard to watch…

  4. SFeild Says:

    kendi is awful; always has been; im sure always will be; uppity, fast-talking, in control, outta control……really…….they kept her and let Charla go? actually there arent any hosts of this shopping channel that are tolerable, except maybe Daniel Green….i know its their job, and i mean this for all the channels……..THEY TALK TOO MUCH.

  5. SFeild Says:

    i dont believe Kendi is of child-bearing age anymore…..she just turned 50, which is why this whole thing started

  6. Wanda Says:

    I could not agree more about Kendy. She is horrible. The most annoying thing to me is that loud gushing. I might be in another room or doing something and I hear that loud gushing and I can’t help but think that something bad happened. But, oh, its only silly Kendy gushing about how the price dropped by a $1 or something. I know I should just change the channed and for the most part I do but I wanted to watch the Tuscon Event. I like the three amigos!

  7. homeshoppingista Says:

    I like 2 of the 3 amigos. Michael V. drove me nuts last night. Can’t he please stop shouting?

  8. fay Says:

    I like pretty much all the hosts at shop NBC and I wrote a complaint about Kendy being real pushy and loud and making viewers feel bad about not buying her deals . She has been shouting less I noticed but she is on some high caffeine stuff that makes her crazy and creates anxiety in the viewer and in order to relieve the anxious feeling one has to unfortunately change the channel and miss the items on sale. She has gotten less loud though as it might be hard to believe. I hate for her to lose her job but just chill lady and take less caffeine and let us to enjoy the show more. The more relaxed you are , the more pleasant your show and more people will watch. Just saying.

  9. Roger smith Says:

    All you women are jealous

    • Ymac Says:

      Just saw this, na I don’t think their joking… She really is annoying .
      The show has gone to hell in a handbag.. Not sure why that can’t refresh the hosts to a bit younger.. I’ve been watching for 20 plus years and I love to see the professionals. Kandy and Lynn should be transferred to another area of the business, the amount of cosmetic surgery Kandy has had makes her look like the late Joan Rivers, whom I loved but had also over extened her time on Qvc..

  10. Mooncat Says:

    Kendy looks, as the saying goes, “rode hard and put away wet” (referring to equines). No matter what she does with herself, she looks old and haggard. I find it hard to believe she’s just 50. I have more than 10 years on her and my complexion/wrinkle staus is better than hers. If I planned to continue in the public eye as I presume she does, I would have some major work done and/or have a “no HD” clause in my contract.

  11. zd2013 Says:

    I don’t know how these shopping channel hosts live with themselves with the bs they say about products. Many of it being outright lies. All of them do it, some are worse than others.

    This lady claims she has a 15 year old at home, yet she looks like she is over 60?

  12. Silkman Says:

    I really like the watch shows but Kendy is intolerable and despite selling watches for years she seems to know very little. She detracts from the presentation of the great watches with her cheesy and annoying banter

  13. cris Says:

    this chick is beyond annoying.

    • StefF Says:

      she is, just about as assuredly as she presents herself as the “know-all, be-all”…BUT/AND check out Wendy Russo, who, for the second time, i caught her condescending attitude towards a vendor; im tellin ya……Shop HQ has the dregs…….but then, dont get me started on Chuck Clemency!!!!!!!! that channel has got to go, do a makeover, or something!!!

  14. Diva Says:

    SO glad others agree with me!! What I find so annoying about Kendi is her constant bragging. Especially when she brags about buying her teenage daughter expensive jewelry, handbags, etc. AND the audacity to suggest that we, as shoppers, should pony up that same kinda coin, to purchase gifts for young kids. Okay. I get it. You have *plenty* of money. Good for you. Now shut up and describe the products. (For the record, I actually like Wendi, she’s my fav.). And I also agree, Kendi DOES look older than 50. Much, much older.

    • StefF Says:

      just wonder if Shop HQ ever checks out this site!

      they all, every last one of them, are PHONY! and they have second rate merchandise

      my least favorite is Chuck Clemency………..gawd……….talk about hype about terrible jewelry…..puhleeze

  15. Cindy Says:

    Nope, not jealous of Kendy. She drives me nuts too. How phoney!

  16. Marylou Bermingham Says:

    I agree with all you people Kendy is annoying and what is with her hair, it looks like straw and at her age should have some style. She talks like she is still in her twenties which I doubt. Today she looked pregnant can that be?

  17. dcash Says:

    Boy oh Boy!! After reading all of these reviews, am not sure I could do much better. Yes, she looks OLDER! AND HER HAIR STYLE IS THAT OF A 20YEAR OLD. Shop HQ could care less.What bothers me is her attitude. Almost as if she thinks she’s all that plus a bag of shit! Oops! I meant chips.HEHE!! And yes, she’ll stand sideways as if to give a slimmer profile,but that still doesn’t hide the fact she has a gut!! Notice how the cameras seldom ever do a facial closeup?? Don’t want to see that SAWLIP SHE HAS GOIN ON.. GUESS SHE DOESN’T USE THEIR WRINKLE CREAM THEY HAWK ON THEIR CHANNEL!!!

  18. LEOTA YOUNG Says:

    Strange there are no black hosts on Shop HQ!!

  19. Emma Says:

    Just saw a show with Kendy K hosting. God!! She wore a red bulky sweater and her belly looked huge! Is she pregnant? If not, why won’t she wear some compression underwear to hide it?! ….. and YES. she is extremely annoying

  20. Kevin Says:

    I’m a big watch fan and usually only watch Evine Live formally (Shop Hq) and its seems like every time there’s a watch show on regardless of brand she’s on I meant WTF? Take those So called Invicta Marine Pavilon shows. Why is she the only female host who gets to get a free vacation yes its considered a vacation when you leave your home state. Once in a great while you see Alison Wagner but its always Annoying I laugh at everything Kendy Kolpherrrr. I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to her. And I agree about what someone said about her constant bragging please give us a break. I wonder if she has her own doctor on standby to inject her with botox so her face won’t melt? Seriously she looks like a walking melting snowman.

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  22. Kevin Says:

    I totally agree that Kendy is truly annoying beyond description. Her bragging is obnoxious but the thing that bothers me more than anything is her incessant “soccer mom-isms” for lack of a better description. She cannot seem to get thru a watch show without an annoying reference to her daughters swim meets, her sons lacrosse or hockey games etc. Trust me Kendy, no one cares!! Love your family but don’t bore your audience with constant references to your soccer mom, suburbia lifestyle. Its old and so are you! Just as annoying are her references to watches being life proof by pointing out they can go from the boardroom for meetings with her CEO (c’mon really?) to the hockey rink to the back yard with the dogs….. lol. No other host blabbers on like this. God please make this woman just go away!

  23. Kevin Says:

    @Kevin lol I totally agree with the bragging about her kids. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her not brag about them.

    • randolph decaro Says:

      I cant stand her either but if she reads what u think of her what if she’s so crushed she kills herself? How would u feel then, huh?

      • Kevin C Says:

        Huh Ok? Why would she be here anyways? I’m sure she makes enough money to have someone read these comments. And why are you mad at me? I’m not the only one here who thinks she brags.

  24. Rita Moore Says:

    I stopped watching Evine years ago. Back in the day when it was Value Vision, it was fun to watch. The Ramseys and McCoys would co-host and Pamela McCoy would gush (one would think she was in a state of sexual ecstasy.) My mom and I would laugh hysterically. My mom is gone now, and so are those shows. But the fun memories still remain. If you think Kendy is annoying, try and catch Wendy Williams on JTV, now that woman is annoying!

    • Randolph decaro Says:

      Come to think of it, I’d probably be OK with Kandy offing herself…how come she always says foreverrrrrrr instead of kendy retarded or something?

  25. Imma Says:

    Kandy Kloepher is the most annoying host on EvineLive! OMG!!! Why would not anyone speak to her about changing her look already? I did as well wondered for a while if she was pregnant but after a while it was clear that she’s just has a gut. As for her talking non-stop and often off the subject…. I wonder if she is on some sort of meds that make her hyperactive? ….but then again…. she might just be plain annoying.

  26. Janice Cowher Russo Says:

    Hello EvineLive. Time to retire Kendy and Lynne. And that horrid “valley girl sounding” Kristine Kvanli. I won’t buy from them. Love Wendy, Allison, Heather, Connie, and Melissa. I seem to buy most of everything they sell….

  27. marcie parrigan Says:

    I know they are trying to sell,but the over use of the word “like’ makes me crazy !! Like ,you are not 12,so like,form a proper sentence.Dealing with adults,selling to adults,TALK like an adult.

  28. tim underwood Says:

    kendy makes me sick. all of her stupid stories are to much.i bet she hounds the people at evine for free stuff all the time. I like evine and invicta but this ole hack needs to go. I bet she would sell a turd in a payless shoe box if evine would fly her to florida. I hope she sees this. just saying

  29. Kevin C Says:

    @time underwood lol I agree I even said last yr on yr
    she’s always getting to host these Invicta shows in Miami.
    There are other hosts who have been with the company just
    as long or longer but yet she’s the only female host who gets
    to travel the most hmmmm? I wonder why? The other host
    probably throw parties the moment she leaves. But I feel bad
    for the poor sap who has to sit near her on the plane that has
    to hear her bragging about her kids non stop 24/7 on how her
    daughter is a swimmer, her son plays lacrosse, runs track etc. Then there’s her constant bragging things most can’t afford.
    And whats up with her think 60mm+watches look good on a dainty
    5” wrist? Sure that size would look good on a 6’7 350lb linebacker
    but not a petite 5’2 110lb woman but leave it to her to think a woman like that could pull it off most men can’t. No offense if
    you wear 60mm+ watches lol.

  30. LifeCoach Says:

    My advice for Kendy is to stop selling and provide the audience with the information that will best allow them to make an educated decision to buy. Additionally, refrain from telling the audience how much “you” like the item being aired. With the frequency you state this, loses credibility. Next, refrain from using the phrase, “Let me be honest with you”….. subliminally this gives inference that everything else you have been saying is untrue.Should you wish to emphasize a specific point, replace let me be honest with you with candidly speaking or quite frankly. I truly believe Kendy acts the way she does from her lack of professional coaching and mentoring in her position. With work, her rough edges could easily be smoothed out for the betterment of all concerned.

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