QVC Rips It With LA Red Carpet Party For Oscars

Props to QVC for all the press it got out of its red carpet Oscar weekend party in Beverly Hills.

We saw a bit of it live, when Joan Rivers was on. But E! Entertainment News Sunday aired clips of some of the top-name talent that showed up for the shindig.

Jennifer Hudson was there, as were a number of other high-profile QVC vendors, including Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughy’s bride) and Heidi Klum. And there were a mob of other A-list actresses, as well.

Best of all when E! aired its footage, it ran an onscreen bug that said that the clip was taken at QVC’s event.

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One Response to “QVC Rips It With LA Red Carpet Party For Oscars”

  1. Wayne Says:

    The Q is the best shopping channel, way above all the others & Lisa, Jacque, Courtney, Shawn, Amy, Sandra are smokin hot. I think QVC is becoming too Hollywood just a little bit & it has to get back to the people.

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