HSN Rolls Out Digital-Design Overhaul, Including Revamped Website

HSN has relaunched its website and digital channels, which the network said is part of is part of a comprehensive, multi-platform digital redesign that has been in development for more than a year.

“It enhances the customer experience, not just on the Top 10-most trafficked e-commerce site HSN.com, but across all mobile devices, including tablets, Android and Windows 8, the home shopping network said Tuesday.

“Through our redesign, HSN will further integrate content, community and commerce to create a unique shopping experience that you won’t find anywhere else,” Jill Braff, HSN’s executive vice president of digital commerce, said in a canned statement. “HSN now has the framework necessary to continuously deepen and extend its unique storytelling capabilities.”


The redesign aims to integrate HSN’s social communities prominently through all of its platforms via the social media curator Mass Relevance. This dynamic new social element allows customers to share their product finds, thoughts and reviews with their friends and influence shopping in real time.

For example, “The 20” is a feature enabled by integrating social media tools into the new HSN.com. The feature lists 20 curated products on the site, from which customers and fans can vote for their favorite item. At midnight, HSN will tally the votes and those who voted for the winning product will be entitled a discount on their purchase of that product.

“HSN has set a new standard for social shopping with its new website,” said Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance. “By using the Mass Relevance platform, HSN.com can power a real-time social integration that includes photo walls, streams, polls, Q&A and more. Now, shoppers can participate with social content at every step of the purchase path, building engagement and driving a deeper connection with the HSN brand.”

HSN’s platforms now have a new look and feel designed to enhance the online experience and deliver greater shopping ease with a simplified user interface and user-friendly ‘shop by category’ options.

Site navigation is supposed to be more intuitive to allow customers to quickly find their favorite brands, personalities and information on exciting events. Favorites can be found across all digital channels from website to tablet to smart phone.

If you understand the next paragraph from HSN, you’re smarter than us.

“HSN’s redesign includes significant technological improvements to the company’s content and software architecture as well. As a result, content will no longer be limited to the structure of the page. Content will actually determine page structure instead. The new HSN.com has incorporated caching and performance optimization into its database, core services, page structures and other components that doubles the speed of the site for visitors and makes it twice as efficient.”

And here’s another puffy quote from Braff.

“Mobile continues to be our fastest growing platform so we know that is where our customers are engaging with us,” she said. “Now even faster and more efficient, we have built the kind of personalized experience our customers crave. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, we are committed to providing the same content rich experience on her terms, whenever and wherever she chooses.”

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4 Responses to “HSN Rolls Out Digital-Design Overhaul, Including Revamped Website”

  1. R. H. Says:

    HSN needs a ‘print’ option on the program guide page.

  2. Ricar277 Says:

    I have to say i love this blog. My friends and partner think im crazy cuz i enjoy watching shopping channels. Its really great to read stories and content that is important to tv shopping fans like me. Thank u

  3. Lauryn Says:

    I hate the new HSN website! I can’t buy online on my ipad anymore. It keeps asking me to log in over and over again. I can use my phone though. I just don’t see the new website being better in any way.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    The new site is a disaster for many of us. (Please have a look at the blog comments!) HSN completely revamped the Wish List, which previously functioned so beautifully and now is nearly useless. Text cannot be entered in the “Search” box. Product videos don’t load. Many great former features are gone. The new bells and whistles are only distracting.

    The paragraph you noted indeed sounds like double talk, or gibberish. As a long time HSN shopper, it is all very disappointing and frustrating.

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