Echo Of The Dreamer Is Apparently Exiting QVC

If looks like Margaret Thurman, who does the high-end dreamy Echo of the Dreamer jewelry line, is ending her stint on QVC.

We had purchased a few pieces of Echo before Thurman began doing a lower-priced collection for QVC. And we picked up one of her large pendants and and two rings when we actually went to West Chester for a Sterling Designer event. In fact, we met Thurman there.

Echo of the Dreamer for QVC

Echo of the Dreamer for QVC

But the party is apparently over. We got an email from Thurman Thursday saying that her “final show” on QVC is this Sunday.

Here is what says about the line:

Celebrate nature and the joys of life with Margaret Thurman’s Echo of the Dreamer jewelry collection. Inspired by her artistic journey, passion for exquisite stones, and the cultures of the world, these unique creations are adorned with stunning gems set in sterling silver or bronze.

So long Margaret. We loved your work for QVC.

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3 Responses to “Echo Of The Dreamer Is Apparently Exiting QVC”

  1. Helene Says:

    I own some pieces from her Mars and Valentine line. Very well made.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Yes, that line is gorgeous.

  3. Cat Says:

    I’m not surprised she is leaving. Her pieces are not cookie-cutter designs, like most of the Q’s. Hope she continues with HSN. I can remember a time when HSN was kind of cheap with their presentations. Now, I would take them anyday over the Q. The hosts on HSN are much better. There is one on the Q, Shawn Killenger(sp), half the time she looks like she is dressed for the beach, such a slob. This morning she was selling breath freshner and actually came out and said, she worked with a vendor yesterday that had terrible breath,,,and they could have used this product! yet they keep this big mouth… Makes you wonder just how hard up they are for hosts….

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