Ex-ShopNBC Host Pamela McCoy Is Coming To JTV With A Diamond Line

The cat’s finally out of the bag: Veteran ShopNBC host Pamela McCoy is coming to what some people refer to as the Hillbilly Channel, Jewelry Television.

McCoy, who spent many years as a ShopNBC host with her husband Wes, announced the news on Facebook.

“It is official!” she posted. “I can now announce my new destination.Some of you have already guessed it. I will be launching Pamela McCoy Diamonds at JTV! My first show is on Jan. 31st from 10 to 12 eastern. I am sooooo excited!!”

Pamela McCoy has landed on JTV

Pamela McCoy has landed on JTV

“I have been working on this line for almost a year,” McCoy wrote. “Every single piece of jewelry is a new design that will be launching for the first time. I chose JTV for this collection because they are the jewelry experts in the television industry. I will be posting a link to their website as well as photos of the new jewelry soon. I would love to get your feedback and support as soon as you see the collection. Thanks again for being such great friends and following me to my new home!”

The McCoys’ tenure as hosts on ShopNBC ended a while back, but Pam then did a clothing line for the network.

We think you’ll find this Pamela McCoy quite different that the one you saw on ShopNBC. She has long hair, and looks a lot younger. She bristled, and denied it, when we suggested that she had some work done. You can take a look and decide.

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4 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Pamela McCoy Is Coming To JTV With A Diamond Line”

  1. Maria Says:

    Pamela had the clothing line at ShopNBC at the same time she and Wes were hosts there. When they were let go, her clothing line continued.


    Jtv made a huge mistake hiring P. McCoy. She’s not a good fit for the honest sincere and real people at JTV. GREAT NETWORK. GREAT PEOPLE.

  3. lost in nj Says:

    she needs to ease up on the botox, shes definitely got the trout lips thing going on

  4. Carol Smith Says:

    I bet when she was selling jewelry on Shop NBC she thought they were the experts . . . boy talk about biting the hand that fed you for many years . . .

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