ShopNBC Host Shawn Diddy Is The Latest Exit From Network

Once again, one of our Facebook friends tipped us off to home shopping news: Shawn Diddy has exited ShopNBC, which seems to be the revolving door of show hosts.

ShopNBC put it out on Facebook Thursday that Diddy was gone. It was short and sweet.

“Shawn Diddy is no longer with ShopNBC,” the No. 3 home shopping network posted. “We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.”

Shawn Diddy

Shawn Diddy

In fact, back on Nov. 28 Diddy said she was going.

“Yes- it’s official,” she posted on Facebook. “I’m leaving ShopNBC as a host on December 24, 2012 to follow my actor/entertainer heart. Please watch Facebook and for updates. In the meantime, I’ll see you on ShopNBC :-).”

But in light of ShopNBC’s history of parting ways with popular hosts, the reaction to Diddy’s departure wasn’t good. Here are some of the posts on the network’s Facebook page:

“Don’t you think that it kind of a stinkin way to announce???”

“This channel only wants vacuous Stepford wife types. I stopped watching. I can’t stand any of the hosts remaining.”

“Is she related to PDiddy?”

“You guys fire someone every other week”

“Maybe she quit.”

“Her pic is even gone from the website too!!!!

“He’s Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, AKA Puff Daddy. Probably not related”

“I’ve known it since she announced it here on Facebook she’s going to do much better things very soon!”

“Doesn’t sound amicable, that’s for sure.”

“She left on her own terms folks!”

“She may have left on her own terms but it appears NBC has an axe to grind just by the way they are presenting this. No class at all.”

“What a scumbag was of saying that… billion dollar company they need to hire a better public relation’s person. best of luck Shawn…”

“The Shop is cold blooded like Gangsters….”


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4 Responses to “ShopNBC Host Shawn Diddy Is The Latest Exit From Network”



  2. Lauryn Says:

    I really liked Shawn. I hope they get rid of Lynn or Kendi next…they are SO annoying!

  3. shawn diddy (@shawndiddy) Says:

    Hi All! Linda, you have been so great about following TV shopping all of these years, so I thought your blog would be the “right” place to comment. I left ShopNBC by choice in 2012 because I am a widow and my daughter was entering a stage of life where it was very tough to balance the hours the network had for me in a city where I knew very few people. She was 12. We moved to Los Angeles where I have friends and family. (and frankly, I don’t like COLD weather :-)) My daughter is also an actress so L.A. was the right choice for her as she is now in high school and looking toward college and career choices. I want to thank you and ALL of the TV Shopping fans for your support over the years – from 2000 when I was on QVC to 2003 when I joined Shop at Home full time and 2004 when my daughter lost her dad and 2006 when we got to shoot “From Emeril’s Kitchen”. I had a great time at JTV after Shop At Home closed and I have dear friends from my days at ShopNBC. I am now joining a new team in California. The news is SO new that the website isn’t even up – it will be You will see some other familiar faces there too. I am excited for the opportunity to work in a field I love and balance being a mom to my daughter. All my best to you and your readers. Here is to a wonderful 2015!

  4. shawn diddy (@shawndiddy) Says:

    …..oh, and about my name – I married Eric Diddy on July 4, 1998 and my name became Shawn Diddy before the rapper decided to CHANGE his name to my name . So that being said, since I built a bit of a career using that name, I’ll just keep it- troublesome as it is sometimes. — I hope you smiled just a little over that one. Cheers!
    “She Diddy”, and May Diddy’s mom

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