Why, Why, Why?: Dennis Basso Perfume, HSN Billboards And Coke On HSN

There are many things that perplex us in life, and we are going to talk about three that got to us today.

First of all, in one of the five newspapers who scan each day, we saw an ad for Dennis Basso perfume. This old queen from New Jersey has QVC’s Friday Today’s Special Value, a reversible faux fur coat. We looked online, and QVC is also hawking his perfume today.

We guess if Snooki can do a perfume, most anyone can, including booming Basso. But why? He’s a furrier and upscale coat designer who slums on QVC. Why do we need perfume from him?

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso

Next, this afternoon we were driving on Route 3 in East Rutherford, N.J., near the Meadowlands Sports Complex,, where the Giants play, and we swear we so a digital billboard for HSN. Maybe we misread it. We do need new contact lens, after all. A highway billboard? Were we hallucinating?

Third, we got a press release about HSN’s partnership with the Coca-Cola Co. “to create a robust and entertaining multi-year merchandise, marketing and digital experience that sparks further collaboration with both brands in 2013.”

The marriage will “intertwine” the Coca-Cola brand into HSN’s programming events throughout the year including seasonal celebrations.

“The partnership will include the most extensive online store of Coca-Cola merchandise in the world, HSN merchandise added to the My Coke Rewards store for Coke fans, as well as engaging programming and unique multiplatform content throughout the year,” the release said.

Wow, Coke items. Whoop-de-do!

We’d be embarrassed to be walking around with stuff that had the Coke logo emblazoned on it.

There is one saving grace for this partnership. A HSN Cares campaign with Diet Coke in support of The Heart Truth will be launched in February.

“We are very excited about this robust partnership between HSN and The Coca-Cola Company in 2013. True collaborative partnerships inspire our organization, our partners and most importantly our customers,” said Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development. “HSN is dedicated to offering our customers fun, engaging retail opportunities and we look forward to introducing the HSN experience to a new audience and evoking that iconic moment of happiness that embodies the Coca-Cola brand.”

Bill, say what?

Supposedly “perfect for anyone on your holiday gift list” (not anyone on our’s), the HSN assortment of Coca-Cola-branded merchandise will include “popular” Coca-Cola items “as well as never before seen, exclusive products that will excite everyone from the casual enthusiast to the avid collector.”

Sorry, we can’t see anyone getting really excited about this stuff.

The extraordinary collection spans a variety of styles from modern to nostalgic and feature items across all categories including kitchen appliances, home decor, toys, sporting goods, and fashion. When the store is complete on HSN.com, it will be the largest online Coca-Cola store in the world.

HSN Cares, the philanthropic arm of HSN, will be partnering with Diet Coke on the The Heart Truth campaign, a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Dedicating the entire month of February to heart health awareness, HSN will create exclusive merchandise where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to programs supporting women’s heart health. HSN will also support the cause with a 24-hour dress event featuring specially designed red dresses by HSN’s designers and be a part of the annual Red DressSM event during New York Fashion Week.

“Partnering with HSN gives us the opportunity to leverage their innovative digital platforms and engaged customer base to introduce the world of Coca-Cola to a whole new audience,” said Stuart Kronauge, vice president of Coca-Cola Trademark Brands at Coca-Cola Co. “Fans of our brand will be able to experience it like never before, and we look forward to working with HSN to elevate our brand in new and exciting ways.”

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10 Responses to “Why, Why, Why?: Dennis Basso Perfume, HSN Billboards And Coke On HSN”

  1. SFeild Says:

    the constant attempt by Coke to make Diet Coke legitimate. It isnt!

    and all you suckers out there who support the Diet Coke HSN project……..well dont…….okay!

    take a stand…..Diet Coke sucks and its bad for you. Maybe Diet Coke is what makes us sick……fake sugar, fake flavor…..bad, bad, bad……sorry HSN, try being sponsored by something that is good for you and good for the whole damned world……diet coke IS NOT

  2. Mary Says:

    I must say that I do not agree that Dennis Basso slums on QVC. He has more than just coats on QVC. He has clothing as well as bedding items. There are a select few that could afford to shop Madison Ave. NYC. I shop on QVC and I buy the upscale brands
    because the price is right for my budget. I would never cosider QVC a Slum.

  3. Jerry Kapner Says:

    Less cranky, I think, and more uninformed about the power and scope of the licensing arrangement between Coke and HSN. Having toiled in the both the licensing and retail industries for many years, I can say with great confidence that when you can marry an iconic brand (and its associated images) with not only appropriate product but also a dedicated retail presence, you have the making of a huge hit. Kudos go out to Bill and his team at HSN, as well as the ancillary rights folks at Coca-Cola.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Jerry, in retrospect I guess you are right. It certainly stands to benefit HSN to be tied to Coke, but pragmatically speaking, I still don’t see a big demand for Coke-branded products.

  4. carolyn simpson Says:

    dennis basso is not slumming on qvc. shame on you. his products are wonderful and affordable and he is a delight. shopping on qvc is a god send. i get great merchandise and the best customer service in the industry.

    • SFeild Says:

      havent you all noticed that this reporter is always snide? ALWAYS; she doesnt report, she snipes……and good for those who tell her that her “beholdings” suck big time;

  5. Helene Says:

    I have a problem with Dennis Basso. He sells dead animal skins in his Madison Avenue store.

  6. homeshoppingista Says:

    I’ve got a news flash for SF — I’m a blogger, Einstein, and bloggers are supposed to be opinionated — and that often translates to snarky.

    • SFeild Says:

      you’ve begun to believe your own act…….which you need to anyway, but you arent informative, just an over-the-fence backyard variety of cheap talk

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