QVC Is Keeping What Amounts To A Bethehem Tree Recall Under Wraps

Why is QVC conducting what is essentially a secret recall of certain types of Bethlehem Christmas trees that it sold last year?

On its website, you will find an extensive list of products that QVC has sold and have been recalled. But the 6.5′ and 7.5′ Bethlehem Lights Scottsdale (H191953 and H191954) trees are not on there.

We have been stalling doing another blog on this issue, since it’s a bit complicated. But here is the bottom line as we understand it, and we are sure plenty of people will correct us if we’re wrong.

Weeks ago, before Thanksgiving, we blogged about QVC customers who had purchased the Scottsdale trees getting robocalls from the home shopping network saying that the artificial trees posed a potential hazard, in that there were reports of melted switches and two customer reports of fires.

The tree buyers were told not to light up the trees, but rather to await instructions about how to rectify the situation. QVC copped to the fact that it was working with its supplier to find a remedy for the problem.

Since these trees cost around $500, you can imagine why QVC customers were riled up that they couldn’t use their trees.

From what we gather from subsequent postings on our blog, and there were more than 50, here is what happened.

Customers got a packet telling them that if the foot pedal on their tree was oval, their tree was OK. But if it was round, you had to mail it in to and QVC would send you a replacement. Refunds were also involved here, and folks were beefing that their accounts weren’t being credited, and why was QVC so “hush, hush” about this virtual recall.

Here is one post on this:

“Well, I finally found out by calling corporate, if your foot petal is oval your tree is fine, if it is round you will be sending back per their instructions for a new one or a full refund. Don’t know why they just could not email this information rather than wait for the letter and instructions. Why does it take 3 pages to describe what one needs to do.

Why could they have not told us the faulty foot petal was round and not oval? Why the hush hush and make everyone stressed. So now we have to wait for days for this packet to come, and if ours is round we must take it apart as per their instructions or it will not be honored. So bogus, why not just let us get our refund and get on with our holiday decorating.”

And here is a sampling of other QVC customers who were not happy campers:

“They will give you the option of a replacement pedal (which will be shipped out next day air) or a refund within 10 business days. It really annoys me that QVC had no information last night but then this morning I got a 2 minute, in-depth description of the problem.

I agree that they should have told us sooner. The QVC rep who left me the message said she has the same tree but luckily for her, she has the oval pedal. Good luck to everyone…I think everyone should call and demand to speak to a supervisor to file a complaint. We paid too much money for this item to have to wait for instructions to come in the mail. Happy Holidays!”

“Well everyone…I want you to know that QVC sent UPS to pick up my BL Never Fail Lights 6.5 ft tree and issued a full refund to my account…I was thankful I kept the box and it was no problem with them taking care of me. I hope they do the same to all of you…yes you can send the plug back (round ones)…but I chose for them to take the whole tree back, since I didn’t want anyone else to try to get it out of the trash and to be in danger. I hope that you all have success as I did and hoping the replacement tree I ordered will be here soon. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all!!!”

“QVC is providing a new stand for those with the recalled cord (round). They are saving on shipping by requesting just the cord to be returned. This is their way of verifying they are replacing an existing recalled cord since it’s only for consumers with these switches. It states that they are sending the replacement stand via overnight 2-day delivery so they are rushing delivery after they receive the consumers’ cord return, they say 10 day process to account for mailing back to them and internal time.”

“I did not receive a call or email. They said the didn’t have my email address nor could not reach me by phone, I got a letter in the mail. I cut my cord and sent it back in on 11-20 and called to see if they recieved it, as I did not get a notification, like we receive when we send back returns. I was told that there was no way they could track the return packet, so I sit and wait to see if I get a new plug or refund. Today is 12-1 and as of yet I have not gotten word on either.

Christmas is coming and I too have grandkids that would like to help decorate the tree. I am truly upset with this situation as I set our tree every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. I hate to go out and buy a new tree, only to finally get my stand replaced and than be out another $400 plus dollars.Thanks QVC and Bethlehem Lights for waiting until last minute to send out this info!”

“Yes I am having same problem. My account says refund has been issued today. Got an email she said it was refunded today but it could take 3 to 10 days to see it. This is crap. They certainly can pull it out of your account immediately. Not even sure if she is telling truth because I have been shuffled around different reps and different answers this past month.”

“I think we should flood their Facebook wall with complaints and see if we get some answers. Why could they not have sent email with picture of cord instead of a packet is coming.”

Nice going, QVC.

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One Response to “QVC Is Keeping What Amounts To A Bethehem Tree Recall Under Wraps”

  1. Cathy Moore Says:

    We got a replacement stand and then a couple of days later got another call telling us that the trees were still defective and could not be fixed. QVC is refunding us and giving us 100 dollars for the inconvenience. The problem is that most of our local retailers are through selling trees and now we arel left without one.

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