On Black Friday, Will QVC Be Selling Bethelem Lights Christmas Trees?

The brick-and-mortar stores are going nuts for Black Friday, and QVC is doing the same for that day and Cyber Monday, or as it is calling it, “Mobile Monday.”

The No. 1 home shopping network, crowing that its U.S. mobile orders increased by 142 percent in the third quarter, is predicting “that Cyber Monday will look more like Mobile Monday as more consumers than ever before turn to mobile and tablet devices for holiday purchases.”

QVC U.S. honcho Claire Watts

QVC, crowing again, says it is the second-largest multi-category retailer in the Internet Retailer Mobile 400, and that it thinks mobile commerce will hit a milestone on Cyber Monday.

Here’s the scoop, according to QVC: “Unlike traditional retailers, QVC personalities will unveil fresh inspired gift ideas everyday on QVC.com, on QVC and through social channels, offering customers more holiday joy every time they log on and tune in this holiday season.”

QVC.com will be bringing us “Gift Tab,” where QVC shoppers can click to discover gift ideas inspired by real people (is Rick Domeier “real people”?), including QVC hosts, guests and the QVC customer community.

QVC.com will also feature the most pinned items from the QVC Pinterest boards.

The home shopping network will also be revealing weekly chapters of its “Inspired Gifting story, providing inspiration from perfect entertaining ideas to family gifts to stocking stuffers and a new way for Facebook fans to engage and share gift ideas.”


“As more consumers take advantage of the convenience of shopping online and on mobile this holiday season, we’re engaging our customers through new social experiences, across all our platforms, to inspire and to offer an alternative to the holiday chaos,” QVC CEO U.S. Claire Watts said in a canned statement.

“QVC has the second largest mobile retail business in the U.S., and our strategy to create digital shopping experiences with strong integration across TV, PC, tablet and mobile platforms is not only a success with our customers, but is significantly outpacing the industry,” she said.

Suring Thanksgiving week and beyond, QVC will hawking these items:

* Bose Wave Music System III with additional remote control

* HP 15″ and 17″ Laptops with Win8, Next Gen AMD A6 APU, 8GBRAM 1TB HD

* Keurig Platinum Plus Brewer w/64 KCups, Filter& My K-Cup

QVC’s “Better than Black Friday” will air 48 hours of nonstop shopping with deals in every show beginning Thanksgiving.

The Black Friday Today’s Special Value® will be available Thursday at midnight.

Mobile Monday will include a Today’s Special Value and special pricing on more than 5,000 items on QVC.com and on the QVC app, including gifts under $50.

QVC is also offering “Easy Pay” on every Today’s Special Value now through Christmas Eve, allowing customers to receive items right away with extended payments.

Somebody hide my credit cards, please!

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4 Responses to “On Black Friday, Will QVC Be Selling Bethelem Lights Christmas Trees?”

  1. M E @ Says:

    Personally I have found their last few Black Fridays to be an epic fail. It was NO different than any other day on the “Q”. There should be all easy-pay offers and some free s/h offers as well. Otherwise, I can do better elsewhere.

  2. Take Note Q Customer Says:

    Personally I have been a huge shopper of qvc ever since the early ninety’s but recently customers have been having their accounts closed by qvc corporate offices because qvc states their customers do to many returns. Each person who falls into this category gets the famous letter scolding the customers and telling them your banned from shopping with qvc.com and qvctv as well. Not only that anyone who has accounts with the same address get closed too. The sad part is there is no remorse and they do it right before the holiday’s. Qvc doesn’t honor their return policy I believe every show host says if you don’t like or something doesn’t fit you can return it HASSLE FREE. Beware q customers your returns are monitored and you send back a few to many you get cut off from qvc you can’t even shop with your own c/c. What company does that to it’s loyal customers. Read up on it just Google “Qvc Accounts Suspended ” Your retail sales for 2012 might not be as high as you hope Qvc! Especially if you continue on the downward spiral of closing your loyal customers accounts.

  3. Disappointed Says:

    So far, every item I’ve priced checked, QVC has been the highest or nearly the highest priced. Example: Samsung Sound Bar 280W Home Audio System with Wireless Subwoofer (Model HW-E450C)

    BJs Wholesale Club $179.99

    QVC $229.99

    Also note I purchased Dell Streak tablet last season. Before I even received it I found Dell had discontinued the item in favor of new technology to be released later in the year. returned the Dell Streak and purchased Toshiba 16GB Thrive tablet $470 only to find after 6 months toshiba discontinued the Thrive and no longer supports the software updates/bugs/fixes.

    QVC seems to purchase close out items from mfrs which really impacts high end electronics. the current iPad is a prime example. The model selling on QVC is the old model – Apple has already released new models…

    Do your homework! Price check! Make sure to research electronics to learn more about how long mfr will support w/upgrade software fixes!

  4. JUNE BUG Says:

    QVC is showing the same ole stuff that they have each and every weekend throughout this year there is nothing joyful or inspired about their “gifts”……this channel has become repetitive and boring……

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