QVC, Give Your Customers A Refund For Their Potentially Hazardous Christmas Trees

We got an official response this week from QVC about the warning calls and emails that the home shopping network has sent out regarding safety problems with one of its Bethlehem Christmas trees.

It is basically a repeat of the message that QVC has sent to its customers, which we already posted.

Here it is:

There have been customer reports of electrical failures associated with certain models of the 6.5′ and 7.5′ Bethlehem Lights Scottsdale Tree with Never Fail Lights (H191953 and H191954), including customer reports of melted switches and two customer reports of fire.

Because the safety of our customers is our primary concern, we’ve instructed customers not to use this item, even if it’s been used without incident, and to await further instructions from QVC within 10 days. We have informed our supplier of the issue, and we will be reaching out to our customers shortly with further instructions.

We have had about 20 posts from QVC customers who bought the tree and got the warning. They are not happy campers, and we don’t blame them.

They contend that QVC should just give them a refund for the tree, which cost in the neighborhood of $500. And they don’t want to have to ship the trees back to QVC, which we can’t blame them for.

QVC says it is working with the trees’ manufacturer to find a solution to the safety issue. Not good enough.

We agree with the folks who have posted comments here: QVC should just bite the bullet and refund money to its customers for trees that may pose a safety hazard.

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8 Responses to “QVC, Give Your Customers A Refund For Their Potentially Hazardous Christmas Trees”

  1. TS Says:

    I just called customer service and was told they’d be in touch with us by 11/15 with a solution. They said they want to work with us to resolve the issue, but what that means is beyond me. I’m not sure what kind of a solution they’re thinking of, but I seriously doubt there is a ‘fix’ for faulty wiring, or whatever the cause behind this is. I can’t speak for everyone who bought one of these calamities, but I am no engineer- the idea of me rewiring something to prevent fire hazard is ridiculous- I’d probably make the problem worse and blow up my whole neighborhood. Furthermore, there are no comparable Bethlehem Lights trees available on right now, so I doubt a new tree is going to happen. The most logical solution seems to be a refund. It would be too expensive for the Q to ship all these faulty trees back, but if they need verification that we have taken the tree out of commission, maybe they can have us cut the push pedal power button off and send that back. It would certainly cost less. That said, I went to Target today and they have price cuts on a few nice trees, but I’m sure by the time the Q gets its act together those prices will have gone back up. In my case, I bought mine with my Q card, which I closed last spring, so I’m worried I’ll be getting a merchandise credit I don’t want or need. I’d rather just have my money back, get a smaller, less expensive tree, and keep the difference.

  2. JillE Says:

    Here’s the email I just received from QVC:

    Thank you for emailing QVC.

    I understand your frustration. Not all customers contacted will be
    impacted by this issue. Please bear with us while we finalize our
    investigation. We appreciate your patience.

    We look forward to serving you in the future!

    Guess I have to wait some more.

    • MMC Says:

      I got this one as well JillE and also another one that said something about the shape of your button “circle no good” oval “good” so what does that mean for those of us with the “Circle” ones? the 15th might be reasonable to them, but I am still w/o a tree this year, cuz I can’t afford another one locally or on QVC…there is nothing there I want…just very upset!!!

  3. Susan Says:

    Guess its more Quick, Vague & Conciel!
    Is it me or is the Q falling apart! HSN sales are increasing, vendors leaving Q for HSN & SHOPNBC, so what is QVC Incs problem??

    Also Heard QVC filed charges in “THEIR” Court in Chester County PA against several people for harrassing & STALKING, do I have to SAY??????


    GUESS WHOM is going thru for a second time??
    Except this time its for posts made on Lisa Robertson Facebook?
    Does anyone at Q know there is a “BLOCK” FEATURE on Facebook??
    “Q Execs” went after him because He & Lisa almost Eloped in April this year?? Something STINKS here?? This is his SECOND time Charged by Q?? But after they almost ELOPED?? What is Lsa Robertson Hiding about this PETER FERREIRA that Q is so afraid of ONE U.S. VETERAN??
    BTW PETE is a good friend who is being BULLIED By QVC..

    Oh the others are an un-named male from Reading,PA., Pete said Lisa lived there when Lisa first started @ Q, for sending Lisa requests for DATES to her Email?
    Another 3 men who posted, WAIT FOR IT< on Lisa Robertsons Facebook attempting to woo her with post of Love & Affection??
    and there are several more "Investigations" QVC has Demanded the Townships of West Goshen, Westown complete and press more charges against more FANS of the Innocent Lisa Robertson?????

    Someone please tell them all to get over themselves @ QVC!!
    She is a SALESPERSON!! Not the Queen of SHEBA!!

    QVC is also keeping "ALL" the Judicial Cases out of the media!!

  4. Mikee Says:

    I received an email from Bethlehem lights today, instructing me that my tree 6.5 clear light Never Fail Lights Christmas Tree with the round foot pedal needs to be sent back to QVC. I called QVC and spoke with a very nice Customer Service lady named Tonya and she has scheduled a pickup for tomorrow morning and a put it in for a refund to my QCard. I decided I try by ordering the Mr. Christmas 6.5 tree…crossing my fingers and saying loads of prayers this one will be ok.

  5. JillE. Says:

    I have tried to remain calm regarding this Christmas tree issue, but I just opened an email from QVC stating that the product recall packet has been mailed to me via USPS, two weeks after the initial phone call saying that the issue would be resolved within 7-10 days. At the very least why didn’t QVC send these packets via overnight mail? I don’t think that is too much to ask, especially this close to the time when many people are either putting their Christmas trees up or will do so within the next week. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years at QVC and this whole thing has me rethinking where I will be spending my dollars in the future. Poor, poor, poor customer service QVC.

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