QVC’s Warning About Possible Safety Hazard For Bethlehem Christmas Trees

So far our blog about QVC doing robocalls — to customers who purchased Bethlehem Lights Christmas trees last year — has gotten a dozen comments from other women who said they also got this warning.

Customers were advised not to hook up their artificial trees, because they posed a potential fire hazard. Well, the folks that got the automated call also got this email.

Dear Valued Customer:

We’re writing to you today as a follow up to our recent efforts to contact you with an important message about the 6.5′ and 7.5′ Bethlehem Lights Scottsdale Never Fail Instant Power Tree, QVC item H191953 or H191954.

QVC has received customer reports of electrical failures associated with those tree stands that have a certain type of foot pedal switch, including customer reports of melted switches and two customer reports of fire.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS ITEM, even if it’s been used without incident, and await further instructions from QVC within ten days. Not all customers contacted will be affected by this issue, so we appreciate your patience while we finalize our investigation.

If you need us in the meantime, we’re here at 800.367.9444 from 7am – 1am Eastern Time, seven days a week.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


The QVC Customer Care Team

Fans of our blog are concerned. They say they can’t afford to buy but a replacement Christmas tree at $400 to $5,100 a pop. They want refunds from QVC, but can’t imagine having to pack up their huge trees to return them.

We emailed QVC about all this during the weekend, and are stilling waiting for a response.

Here some of the comments we got:

“Christmas season is fast approaching and I don’t want to be left without a tree. I am also stressed out about having to ship. QVC best give us our full refund.As I was about to dismantle 7.5 tree last year, I noticed one section of lights out on lower section. I moved branches a bit and it lit back up. Not a good sign. Also got light repair kit from BL mid January of last year. Haven’t had chance to use it. Anxiously waiting for instructions.”

“There were many complaints about this tree last year, mine stopped working in one of the sections at the end of the holidays last year and now this is just the icing on the cake! Hopefully no one was hurt badly by the fires that the tree caused, and we will be refunded soon.”

“Got the same call on Thursday last week. I do not want to have to pack this tree up. It is too heavy. Plus, what am I supposed to do for a tree? I was going to start decorating Thanksgiving week. Am very frustrated and pissed off. They could have notified us earlier than this!”

“My mother-in-law got the call as well. We weren’t sure what to think given the poor quality of the call and the fact that it wasn’t listed on the QVC website or any consumer protection agencies, so we called QVC directly and they verified that it was true. The cords are overheating and melting, ruining carpet, and sometimes starting fires. They said that they wanted to get the info out quickly and jumped right in with the phone calls to protect any early decorators, and would hopefully have more information soon. She said that we would be able to send it back for a full refund.”

“We also got the call, and a follow up email. I, too, hope that a refund is in the works. I certainly can’t afford to put out another $400+ on a tree that could possibly cause a fire. Very stressed.”

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8 Responses to “QVC’s Warning About Possible Safety Hazard For Bethlehem Christmas Trees”

  1. MCH Says:

    QVC has a record of all of their customers who bought these trees, give them a refund back!
    QVC n its supplier are risking potential lawsuits from folks who get burnt up from these faulty-made trees!

  2. Dawn Says:

    I also got the same phone call and email. I cannot see myself packing up that tree and sending it back. I will have to get someone to help me if that is the case. Why cant’ they just send us another tree or a refund without sending the trees back????? I would like to know soon, since I start decorating just before Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Carol Bradley Says:

    I decorate before Thanksgiving. Last year I noticed a strand of lights didn’t light. Now this news of potential fire. This tree is too heavy to return. What good is a tree that you can’t have lit. I am a valued customer so I hope QVC stands up to its reputation and refunds my payment.

  4. Mikee Says:

    I just wish they would decided what they are going to do…I need a tree!!!

  5. Mary McCool Says:

    I also received a call from QVC today regarding safety issues with the tree I purchased from them last year. Do not want to package my tree up either as it is very heavy. Do hope this is resolved in a timely manner

  6. Disappointed Says:

    I have H191953 BL never fail ready shape Scottsdale tree. The tree is gorgeous, but I experienced intermittent light issues during last christmas season. I took the tree off timer and lit only when home. On my tree the bottom section outlet is crooked in the center tube. Overall there seems to be a wiring issue. I spoke with Customer Service Supervisor who indicated the culprit is the round shaped pedal (some are oval and are okay). Like others, this notification so late in the season just when we are all thinking about putting up trees is disappointing. The recall instruction packet was sent to those of us impacted. I guess we are to return the pedal. Supervisor indicated the options are refund, new pedal or replacement of another tree. Quality trees are expensive this time of year so I ordered the BL never fail easy shape 6.5′ Kensington on QVC this weekend $173 on 6-easy pmts $28 and free shipping- has oval foot pedal. Depending on the replacement tree offered by BL/QVC, I may keep the Kensington, but I wanted to hedge my bets. In spite of the problem, BL makes quality trees – I would recommend others to do the same.


    I am a QVC customer who purchased the 7.5 foot Scottsdale tree last year. It is a beautiful tree, but the foot switch stopped working last year and we had to just manually plug it in. I first was contacted by QVC around the first of November, and as of today, November 26, I STILL have not received my instruction packet in the mail as to how to get a replacement stand. I have called QVC twice regarding this issue, and each time have been told they will “expedite” the packet to me. Then, apparently I am supposed to cut the cord from the tree stand, mail it back to QVC, and I will be sent a new tree stand, however, even though they know from their records that I am one of the customers affected by this, they refuse to send me a new stand until I have sent the cord back to them according to their instructions. Pretty hard to do since I am still not in receipt of their instruction packet! When I pointed out that I normally put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and that all this mailing back and forth could potentially take another 2-3 weeks, and that I might not have the new stand before mid-December or even later, all they could say was “Sorry”, when in fact, from the way they talked to me over the phone, it was obvious that they could care less. In addition, I purchased this tree during a “Christmas in July” show, where it was on special at a greatly reduced price. The tree is worth about $550-600, I paid about $350 for it, so obviously I do not want a refund, as I could not replace the tree for what I paid for it. I just want a new tree stand, and from the looks of it, I may or may not get one before Christmas! I am extremely upset about this issue, and that they waited until November to even try to resolve the issue! I am thinking about just buying a real tree this year, so that I can hurry up and decorate for the holidays, and hopefully I will eventually get the packet, send the cord back, and perhaps the issue will be resolved by NEXT Christmas, but I’m not going to hold my breath! Ridiculous! Terrible customer service!!! I am a VERY unhappy customer!

  8. richard plantier Says:

    it has been 19 days since i sent the pedal from item #191953 back to you people as far no responce.our tree has been up since before thanksgiving and we cannot use it.please give us some kind of an answer on what is going to be done about this. thank you, richard plantier

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