QVC Customer Says She Got Safety Warning Call About Bethlehem Christmas Tree

Is there a problem with one of the artificial Christmas trees that QVC sold last year? There is, according to a customer of the No. 1 home shopping network.

A woman from the Left Coast told us that this weekend she got a robocall from QVC about a Bethlehem Lights Scottsdale Neverfail Christmas tree that she purchased last September last year. It was a 7.5-foot tree, item No. H191956, for $458.

The message warned that there was an apparent safety issue with that particular type of tree, in terms of a potential fire hazard or the tree melting. The customer was advised not to use the tree, even if it hadn’t caused any problems in the past.

The message also told the woman that she would be receiving further instructions within the next 10 days.

“It was all very ‘Mission Impossible,'” the customer told us. “I paid nearly $500 for that tree, so I’m crossing my fingers they’ll figure out a way to fix this, because I certainly can’t afford to go spending that again on another tree this year. It’s so heavy I can’t even lift it, and the idea of shipping it back is stressing me out.”

We checked the recall list on, and the tree isn’t listed there. We also checked the recall section of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, and the tree wasn’t on there, either.

We’ve emailed QVC’s media relations department to see what’s going on.

We don’t want to alarm anyone about their artificial trees ordered from QVC. Maybe someone was pulling a Halloween prank with that robocall. But we would like to get to the bottom of this.

Has anyone else gotten this call?

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56 Responses to “QVC Customer Says She Got Safety Warning Call About Bethlehem Christmas Tree”

  1. Shopper Says:

    I received the same call. I ordered the 7.5′ and the 9.0′ trees offered last year. If I can’t use the trees, i certainly hope my money is returned. I spent a large amount of money to purchase these trees due to the convenience.

  2. T Rowsey Says:

    I got the call as well. The call came from 800-367-9444.

  3. JillE Says:

    I got the same call Friday evening.

  4. Tj Says:

    Southern California got the call as well…

  5. Julie Peckham Says:

    Yep. I got the call as well. Christmas season is fast approaching and I don’t want to be left without a tree. I am also stressed out about having to ship. QVC best give us our full refund. As I was about to dismantle 7.5 tree last year, I noticed one section of lights out on lower section. I moved branches a bit and it lit back up. Not a good sign. Also got light repair kit from BL mid January of last year. Haven’t had chance to use it. Anxiously waiting for instructions.

    • Mikee Says:

      I totally agree Julie, I got the 6.5 one and am ready to put it up. Hope BL does something soon-cuz I want to get my tree up…the rest of my house is already decorated…I’m very sad…that BL is treating its customers with such disrespect that they arent up front with what we need to do…I for one don’t have that kind of money to get another tree and I thought this would be my last one I needed to purchase.

  6. Joy2day Says:

    I got the call too. It’s no prank. There were many complaints about this tree last year, mine stopped working in one of the sections at the end of the holidays last year and now this is just the icing on the cake! Hopefully no one was hurt badly by the fires that the tree caused, and we will be refunded soon.

  7. C Mo Says:

    My mother-in-law got the call as well. We weren’t sure what to think given the poor quality of the call and the fact that it wasn’t listed on the QVC website or any consumer protection agencies, so we called QVC directly and they verified that it was true. The cords are overheating and melting, ruining carpet, and sometimes starting fires. They said that they wanted to get the info out quickly and jumped right in with the phone calls to protect any early decorators, and would hopefully have more information soon. She said that we would be able to send it back for a full refund.

  8. Sara Says:

    I got the message as well, bought our tree as a QVC TSV in July of 2011.

    Dismayed that I can’t find any additional information on the subject!

  9. ag Says:

    Got the same call on Thursday last week. I do not want to have to pack this tree up. It is too heavy. Plus, what am I supposed to do for a tree? I was going to start decorating Thanksgiving week. Am very frustrated and pissed off. They could have notified us earler than this!

  10. Lori Says:

    Yes, I received the call and as someone who works with consumers in helping to educate and advocate for themselves in matters where they are not treated fairly, I am hoping that QVC will do the right thing and fully reimburse those who purchased the trees.

  11. JW Says:

    I got the call, plus a follow up email today. Like others, I’m quite dismayed.

  12. LM Says:

    We also got the call, and a follow up email. I, too, hope that a refund is in the works. I certainly can’t afford to put out another $400+ on a tree that could possibly cause a fire. Very stressed.

  13. C Ruel Says:

    I think QVC should just refund all of us who purchased the tree and unless they supply boxes to return the tree in.. that should be the end of it. It’s heavy and I doubt many have kept to boxes or want to lug it to the post office. I actually purchased a tree bag from QVC just for storing this tree before tossing the boxes.

  14. Dawn Says:

    I got the call, too…and the email.. I wish they would hurry up and decide what to do. I cannot see myself packing up that tree and sending it back! It’s too heavy, etc… I want to start decorating!

  15. Lynda Says:

    i got the phone call on 11/2 and an email with the same info on 11/6…fortunately, i kept the box to store the tree in, so i will be able to return it if i need to do that to get my refund…. i could never, in good conscience, put it out in the trash as someone might pick it up and use it, and suffer an injury or worse…keep in mind, ups can pick packages up at your house, so hopefully that can be done to prevent everyone from lugging it to a mail center..if qvc directs you to send it back, ask them to send you a return label which you can put on the box, and also ask them to make arrangements for ups to make the pick up…they did that for me a couple of years ago when i had to return a farily heavy item

  16. richard Says:

    Got ermails and calls from QVC. Called tonight and the customer rep tells me it is waiting on the factory who made the tree to resolve the problem. Sounds like QVC is waiting on the factory to correct the issue and will contact me in 10 to15 days!!!! Why could’nt they notify people after the reports came in after Christmas 2011 instead of now just before this Christmas. Poor, poor customer service on QVC’s part. i have been a long time customer.

  17. Michelle Says:

    I just recieved a letter no call.. so I called CS they said still waiting to hear from the legal department.. what will be done .. I agree with everyone.. they better credit us towards another tree thats for sure or we’ll have a big law suit.. goin I dont care if it’s a xmas tree or not.. we only use 1x a year..

  18. esther cush Says:

    I also was contacte by phone and email. I am so disappointed that QVC waited until November to let this information out. Why? I purchased this tree in July 2011 as a TSV, so why do they tell us now. The rep says Monday or Tuesday we will know what to do. Just refund our money and be done with it, no one deserves this, we paid big money for this tree ONCE, never again!!

    • Mikee Says:

      I so agree with you esther-if BL & QVC says we have to send them back, they better have UPS come pick it up too..since there is no way I am gonna be able to do that on my own!!! Come on QVC/BL give us an idea what to do we need our Christmas trees!!!

  19. Chris Says:

    I got my letter last week dated the 5th, I called CS today they said we should know by tomorr or Wed 13th or 14th. Lets all hope it’s a credit toward a new tree for god’s sake we usually put up our tree Black Friday..

  20. Sandy Says:

    I got call on 5 th and follow up email days later bought this last yr in July for my daughter and 2 yrs ago bought a diff one for me I have a lot of money in there trees I’m very upset about this! I spend a lot of money with qvc over $1,000 just in the trees they should of refunded our money the day they new I have a 4 yr old granddaughter she wants her tree up this weekend or at least b4 turkey day I called CS 2day at qvc they said they no nothing yet well I’m getting very very upset there is no reason for this to take this long!!!

  21. Michelle Says:

    Ok got a call today, they will send a package and instructions on how to send back just the pedal part of the tree. We are getting a full refund toward the tree. yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! she said another 5-10dys to recieve i guess.

    • JW Says:

      Hope I get the same call. And soon! Like everyone else, I’m getting stressed about what I’m going to do for a tree this year.

  22. Helen Hibbs Says:

    It is too late to find a 3 section tree that this five foot senior citizen can manage. Like Charlie Brown trusting Lucy to hold the football, I keep hoping against hope that QVC really is trustworthy and my Christmas won’t be spoiled. Being polite is not a substitute for competence.

  23. esther cush Says:

    i also got the call last night, just info on a packet coming. CS could not tell me a thing, they said no furthr info. Well, I finally found out by calling corporate, if your foot petal is oval your tree is fine, if it is round you will be sending back per their instructions for a new one or a full refund. Don’t know why they just could not email this information rather than wait for the letter and instructions. Why does it take 3 pages to describe what one needs to do. Why could they have not told us the faulty foot petal was round and not oval? Why the hush hush and make everyone stressed. So now we have to wait for days for this packet to come, and if ours is round we must take it apart as per their instructions or it will not be honored. So bogus, why not just let us get our refund and get on with our holiday decorationg.

  24. Colleen Says:

    HI! I just got a lengthly message from QVC as I refused to believe that they had no answers when I spoke with them last night. The problem seems to be with the round pedal. If your tree has the oval pedal, there is no problem. Unfortunately if you have the round pedal they are melting and causing the trees to catch fire. From the message left for me this morning by the Customer Care Dept, you will have to “cut off” the pedal and mail it back to QVC before they will do anything. They will give you the option of a replacment pedal (which will be shipped out next day air) or a refund within 10 business days. It really annoys me that QVC had no information last night but then this morning I got a 2 minute, in-depth description of the problem. I agree that they should have told us sooner. The QVC rep who left me the message said she has the same tree but luckily for her, she has the oval pedal. Good luck to everyone…I think everyone should call and demand to speak to a supervisor to file a complaint. We paid too much money for this item to have to wait for instructions to come in the mail. Happy Holidays!

  25. Michelle Says:

    To Esther,
    I so agree as we usually put up our tree Black Friday now I checked today ours is a round pedal so it’s goin back, so wait for this envelope then mail back .. my husband said we’ll just get a small real tree this year and next year see what’s available as not much to choose from now on Q. 😦 We will opt for refund dont want to chance with another pedal.

  26. Michelle Says:

    To Colleen,
    I agree with you also, I know we paid alot for this tree 😦 I noticed Q is very descrite when problems arise “hush , hush” I really liked this tree too. Were gonna opt for refund, dont want to chance for another pedal.

  27. Mary Says:

    I have been a QVC customer for many years, but this whole fiasco has really left me irate. They way QVC has handled this whole things is horrible. Our tree has the round pedal so I assume we will be sending it back. Do I want another tree from QVC? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! There is no way they can get all this taken care of in time for folks to have a tree this year if it’s left up to them. Deeply disappointed in QVC. And I don’t think my feelings can be repaired.

  28. Glenda Bolzle Says:

    Same issue here-I even shot them an email and did get a reply about the 10 day wait. It sounds as if we are all long time customers of QVC or we would not have purchased the expensive tree. I am a long time customer of Bethlehem lights also. If the pedal has been fixed on new trees send me a new one pronto. We always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving as do lots of people. This having to wait seems unneccessary as we just don’t know what to do. Life is stressful enough-we should not have to deal with this so close to a stressful holiday season. A bad experience, unless resolved quickly and to our satisfaction , makes me reconsider shopping with QVC again. Just disappointed I guess!

  29. Joy2day Says:

    So, I finally received my mailer and I checked my tree. Turns out, I have the oval foot pedal, which is not recalled! Grrrrrrrr. Then, this morning I decide to pull the whole tree downstairs to start setting it up, Now I find that NONE of the sections, A, B, or C are lighting up! I AM SO TIRED OF THIS CRAP COMING FROM CHINA!!!! So I’ve paid $350 for a tree that barely made it through 1 Christmas season. At this point, I’ll just take the lights off of this tree and put my own on it. I will never trust QVC or Bethlehem Lights with this type of item again.

  30. Mary Says:

    Joy2day: I haven’t received my pkg yet. It was mailed yesterday according to the web site. So is it totally dependant on the type foot pedal you have? We have a round pedal.

    • Joy2day Says:

      Mary, yes it is the round foot pedal that is being recalled. According to the info in the packet, the oval foot pedal is safe.

      They give instructions on how to remove the foot pedal to send it back. Funny thing is, QVC isn’t even doing free shipping for this. The label on the return envelope tells you that $6.95 will be deducted from your refund!

      I hope you get your packet soon.

  31. Mikee Says:

    well everyone…I want you to know that QVC sent UPS to pick up my BL Never Fail Lights 6.5 ft tree and issued a full refund to my account…I was thankful I kept the box and it was no problem with them taking care of me. I hope they do the same to all of you…yes you can send the plug back (round ones)…but I chose for them to take the whole tree back, since I didn’t want anyone else to try to get it out of the trash and to be in danger. I hope that you all have success as I did and hoping the replacement tree I ordered will be here soon. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  32. graceful momma Says:

    I opted to lop off the cord to my stand and sent it back since I haven’t had any problem with my tree. oranyitem I’vepurchased through QVC. I also noticed the note on the return label about a deduction from refund but QVC assured that this disclaimer is standard for returns HOWEVER because it’s a safety issue, does NOT apply in this case. It is disappointing to have this happen so close to Christmas and yes I wuld have setup normally this weekend but I am hopeful my replacement stand will arrive delaying setup by a week ~ not the end of my world and certainly not THE focal point for the season. For anyone looking for a UPS calltag just call the 800-367-9444 to request it. Stay safe!

  33. Judy Panu Says:

    I got my email 2-1/2 week before i got any empty envelope stating if you have this switch cut your cord and mail it back to qvc. Limited qty (so therer is a chance I won’t get one )It will take at least 12 days
    for them to process which would put it maybe 2 weeks before xmas and then you have the shipping time back to me. Will I get just a cord or a new stand with a good cord and switch ??? qvc did not know the answer to that. So you have approx 1 week before xmas that I MIGHT get a new switch, cord, or stand. Then I would have to hire an electrican to install the new cord into my OLD stand..I am a 78 yr old widow. How could I install a new cord into my old stand

    • graceful momma Says:

      Judy Panu ~ QVC is providing a new stand for those with the recalled cord (round). They are saving on shipping by requesting just the cord to be returned. This is their way of verifying they are replacing an existing recalled cord since it’s only for consumers with these switches. It states that they are sending the replacement stand via overnight 2-day delivery so they are rushing delivery after they receive the consumers’ cord return, they say 10 day process to account for mailing back to them and internal time. My guess is that it will be much quicker but it’s best that they overestimate. I expect to receive my replacement stand in another week since I mailed the cord back last Monday. I’d much rather go without my ‘decoration’ than be burnt out of my home and seek replacement housing. Think positive. So, no electrician needed. It’s BL’s responsibility to replace at NO COST to us, the consumers.

      • Judy Says:

        The lady I talked to at qvc was not very knowledgeable then. She did not state stand, cord or switch. I just got back from the local post office mailing my cut cord & switch back. (since I just got the recall envelope wednesday 11-21-2012. I currently hope you are correct on the time it will take to replace the old stand with the new stand. I wouldn’t be a Happy Person to spend Xmas without a xmas tree. Neither would my grandchildren.. Thanks for the information. I hope you are right. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY

      • graceful momma Says:

        Thank you! Did you call the 800-367-9444?? I am sure QVC has not shared the recall details with all service reps. When I called I asked for a supervisor as I didn’t expect the 1st rep would have been privy to the entire recall plan, I’ve worked for many businesses. They all function on ‘a need to know basis’ and feel they are burdening reps with knowledge of recalls, it’s far more ‘standard’ then one would think. Although I believe we agree they need to know that it’s a stand consumers are receiving! Based on experience, I would expect you to see your new stand to arrive around Dec. 6th ~ since it will be sent via 2-day delivery. I will post when I’ve received mine so that others can keep informed, remain hopeful. I certainly wish things were different and that I could be getting my tree all set while my schedule is less hectic, things become far more harried the closer we get to Christmas. I remain confident that we will certainly have a tree weeks before πŸ™‚ Keep smiling! Have a blessed Christmas.

      • graceful momma Says:

        UPDATE: Received notification that my replacement stand had shipped on Friday Nov 30th ~ right on schedule as I had estimated. I checked the tracking # and it is marked UPS blue (2-day air) with a slotted delivery of Tuesday Dec 4th!! That’s going to give me 3 weeks before Christmas to enjoy! Snowing here in Massachusetts, would love to be decorating right now but I’ll take Tuesday πŸ™‚

    • graceful momma Says:

      Received my replacement stand yesterday as promised was sent 2day UPS. This gives me 3 weeks to enjoy my tree. I think QVC has done fine with the situation and has taken necessary safety steps. I’d much rather be without a tree than without my home or my life.

  34. JoAnne Says:

    I did not receive a call or email. They said the didn’t have my email address nor could not reach me by phone, I got a letter in the mail. I cut my cord and sent it back in on 11-20 and called to see if they recieved it, as I did not get a notifcation, like we recieve when we send back returns. I was told that there was no way they could track the return packet, so I sit and wait to see if I get a new plug or refund. Today is 12-1 and as of yet I have not gotten word on either. Christmas is coming and I too have grandkids that would like to help decorate the tree. I am truly upset with this situation as I set our tree every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. I hate to go out and buy a new tree, only to finally get my stand replaced and than be out another $400 plus dollars.Thanks QVC and Bethlehem Lights for waiting until last minute to send out this info!

  35. Colleen Says:

    Has anyone seen a refund yet? I sent my plug back almost three weeks ago and still nothing. Each time I call QVC I am being told it is being investigated even though the status on my account says full refund has been issued. This whole thing is absolutely crazy!

  36. graceful momma Says:

    Received my replacement stand yesterday as promised was sent 2day UPS. This gives me 3 weeks to enjoy my tree. I think QVC has done fine with the situation and has taken necessary safety steps. I’d much rather be without a tree than without my home or my life.

  37. Cathy Says:

    I’ve experienced the exact same thing, Colleen. Just got off the phone with QVC yet again. Sent the plug back on November 23rd. Status on my account says processed and full refund. QVC representative said to allow 3-10 days from date they received the plug, for refund to be issued. Trying to stay positive, but am becoming very frustrated! Really disappointed in the way QVC has dealt with this. It’s going on 6 weeks since first notification. Not acceptable.

    • Colleen Says:

      I actually mailed mine back on November 18th Cathy and they had it the day after Thanksgiving. I totally understand that they are overwhelmed (and prrobably are dealing with the bulk of the angry people) but you never get the same answer and you constantly get shuffled around to different customer service reps. I was notified about mine on October 26th but was not given any info other than there may be a problem. I agree it is frustrating and does not look good for QVC as they immediately ask if you are calling about “the recalled tree” when you inquire about your recalled item being refunded. Hopefully this will be resovled for both of us (and everyone else affected by this recall) sooner than later. Happy Holidays and good luck!

  38. Cindy wilson Says:

    Yes I am having same problem. My account says refund has been issued today. Got an email she said it was refunded today but it could take 3 to 10 days to see it. This is crap. They certaintly can pull it out of your account immediately. Not even sure if she is telling truth because I have been shuffled around different reps and different answers this past month. I think we should flood their facebook wall with complaints and see if we get some answers. Why could they not have sent email with picture of cord instead of a packet is coming.

  39. Judith Says:

    I sent mine back and asked for the refund. This is the second fire hazard product recalled that I have purchased from QVC. I am getting the runaround on the refund. I have no tree, no money. I have been told again and again that the money was refunded. It hasn’t been. They had to know last Christmas that this was a problem and I think they didn’t tell anyone to hold onto our money.Where is the Quality, Value and Customer Service. I finally got American Express to dispute it with QVC. At least American Express has some integrigty.

  40. JW Says:

    I sent mine back and asked for the refund. Last week, I got an email stating that a new base is being sent to me! I don’t want a new base!! I’ve already purchased a new tree (not from QVC) because Christmas is only about 2 weeks away! I called customer service and they cancelled the shipment of the new base. I’m beginning to think that I’ll never see my $$ refunded. I’ve been shopping from QVC for 15 years, and this has been handled so poorly that I’m not sure I’ll be a QVC customer for much longer. At least, not for high ticket items.

  41. JW Says:

    Finally got my refund check. Happy it came. Mightily annoyed it took so long.

    • Judy Says:

      I received the replacement stand on tuesday 12/11 and on saturday 12/15 I got the recorded message..DO NOT PLUG IN OR USE THE REPLACEMENT STAND IT CAN START A FIRE. they will send out within the next 10 to 14 days a pack to cut the cord & send it back. I will received a full refund on my tree including sales tax & shipping. The . refund should be within 10 days after they receive the cut cord. they also sent a check for $100.00 for all the inconvenience
      this caused which I think was not enough for spoiling my christmas because I couldn’t light up this tree.The tree is beautiful and I would really like to have kept it if they could or would have finally sent a CORRECT & SAFE stand for this tree. Now I have to go out and buy another tree and wonder how I can get it home (large box) won’t work in my car. Anyway very unhappy with QVC. Lets hope the refund comes soon.Very unhappy with the way this was all handled.

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