Raspy Rocker Rod Stewart, With Juicy Book, Back On HSN Live Tonight

Raspy rocker Rod Stewart — he of the “haystack hair,” as The Daily News put it — will be performing live on HSN tonight to pitch his new Christmas CD.

We suspect he will also manage to plug his new book, named simply “Rod: The Autobiography.” The Big Apple tabloid the Daily News’s music writer, Jim Farber, did a lively review of the book this week.


It appears that Stewart, who was very charming and engaging during his last appearance on HSN, is also charming, funny and self-deprecating in his book. There’s also some good dish.

Stewart writes about being chased by female raspy singer Janis Joplin, who he claims he was “terrified of.” He discusses his philandering.

He says he turned down a chance to have his manhood added to the collection of Plaster Caster’s molds of rock star penises. Stewart got a gander at how large Jimi Hendrix’s “cast” was, and didn’t think he stacked up.

And perhaps most incredibly, Stewart addresses the almost mythic story about him: That “about a quart of a certain bodily fluid … somehow found it’s way into his stomach,” as Farber out it.

According to Stewart, that was a groundless rumor started by a PR guy that he fired.

Sound like good reading.


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