QVC And Susan Graver, Give Customer A Refund On Her Crappy Full Metal Jacket

A while back we were contacted by Carol Connell, who had a beef with QVC’s in-house fashion designer Susan Graver.

“Quite awhile ago I bought a pewter color metallic jacket from Susan Graver,” Connell wrote. “Even though I knew it would be too small. I loved the jacket and finally lost enough weight to wear it. The first and only time I wore it I was mortified because when I stood up it had shedded metallic all over the seat and left shed marks on the jacket. I think I should be compensated for this.”

Susan Graver

Well, we were remiss in that we never tried to contact QVC about this, which apparently got Connell a little peeved at us. She posted this about a week ago.

“QVC referred me to Susan Graver.” Connell wrote. “Can’t reach her. Obviously you can’t help me either so I will chalk it up to a bad experience and probably won’t order from her anymore. I can’t remember who referred me to you or how I got you.”

Well, we don’t know who referred us to you either, Carol.

But if QVC and Graver are really customer-friendly, why aren’t they helping out Carol? They’d gain a lot of good will by just refunding her the cost of that crappy metallic jacket.


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143 Responses to “QVC And Susan Graver, Give Customer A Refund On Her Crappy Full Metal Jacket”

  1. Donna Says:

    Better yet, why aren’t YOU helping Carol? I think YOUR site would get a great deal o “pay it forward” will if YOU’D contact QVC directly instead of just mentioning it that last paragraph.

  2. Kristine Says:

    What is the owner of this blog supposed to do? She doesn’t work for QVC, or better yet, Susan Graver!! If the 2 of them won’t do anything for the person that actually bought the jacket, I don’t think they’re going to care about someone who runs a blog, no offense!! 😉

  3. Sunny Says:

    don’t understand her following at all (Graver’s), she has such unattractive prints most of the time…and can’t stand her swinging her legs and her hair extensions….oh, guess nothing about her appeals to me and won’t watch anymore when she is on…she, and a few others lately, need to find their OFF BUTTON, and push it

  4. Carol connell Says:

    Thanks ladies for your support. Never did hear from Susan Graver.

  5. S.m. King Says:

    Had 3 of her faux leather to shed on me, will not buy s. Graver again. She needs to let the host talk.

  6. Betty R. Says:

    She NEVER shuts up. Every other word is fantastic,amazing or phenominal. Her pants look awful on her. Let someone else talk and quit interupting. She’s not for me.

    • arlene Says:


    • Jtrumbull Says:

      Please tell susàn graver to SHUT up !!!!! She is totally obnoxious and ridiculous!!!!!! Let the Host speak- that is what the host is there for.

    • Sara Liburd Says:

      I feel exactly the same way-she needs to SHUT UP for sure-I always get the sense that the QVC host that has to work with her have to brace them selves-SG is soooo annoying-why dont the QVC execs say something to her-its irritating to watch-i turn the volume down-the models must wish they had earplugs in

    • LadeeGee1958 Says:

      Oh good God YES! She yammers on and on about her crappy clothes. Lady, shut up! Geez!!!

  7. edmillls1 Says:

    this is shirlee from s c i know how she must feel i dont know who was in charge when i had a susan gravers jacket on wait list for a month then they sent it guess what it was : a pair of pants
    some one has my jacket, i sent the pants back i have no news i have always been so pleased with with qvc, i am waiting to hear from some one.

  8. beverly martinez Says:

    Ihave a jacket from susan its 3 years old and it is falling apart i called qvc about it they told me thay cant do a thing about it so i though i wood write to her i like your stuff buut it falls apart 3 years i wont buy no more please call me or send me a letter at 4 bradford st rochester ny 14621 ple ase please let me hear back from u thanks

  9. Judith H. Atherton Says:

    Wow! Nasty personal comments. I have numerous items from Susan Graver & they are nice, hold up well, no complaints. I have returned a few items with no problems. I am watching her rite now & ordered a dress.

  10. Valerie Butler Says:

    I have bought from Susan from the very beginning…..jackets,skirts,
    pants and blouses. I still have a tank top that I wear from SG Sports.. I have passed down clothes to friends and they are still
    wearing them. Keep up the good work Susan! Can’t please

  11. Joanne Feist Says:

    I have always been pleased with Susan’s clothing and never had any trouble with anything I purchased from her line.

  12. Blumie Says:

    Susan always says her things last for years not true. Her shirts are pilling. And the threads are coming. Apart. And her tops stain very easy. Mst of her customers must be old because. Her close are ugly
    Once in a while she will have a really nice dress or top. Or dress or skirt don’t like her big flowers. On her shirts
    If you want young. Stylish people to buy from you you got to have more hip clothes

  13. Lynne Esposito Says:

    Cant figure out what the fascination with Susan Graver is. Her clothes are so matronly and the prints are nothing short of hideous. I have never seen her in “classic, young, sophisticated” look, i.e. Jennifer Aniston style. I could never buy anything from someone who wears shiny high heals with “MC Hammer ” style 80’s pants. Its still fun to watch her though and go on how here styles are so “phenomenal” lol

  14. shirley Says:

    Got a plum jacket wore it very little and its coming apart in back worn over week end and my friend notice it call qvc told me to contact susan but having hard time can someone help me????

  15. Betty f arp Says:

    Love her clothes but its winter. Need long sleeves and warmer materials instead of liquid knit .

  16. M Says:

    I have numerous Susan G. Pieces. Some made well and some not. Her clothes are all starting to look the same to me. She needs a more youthful look. Getting boring. I

  17. Gail Says:

    I like her “essentials” line..good for work. Other than that, I don’t buy from this line. The prints are unsophisticated and downright gaudy…

  18. Maryann estep Says:

    Susan’s clothes are definitely matronly. Prints are Ugly and old. How she is the no. 1 designer beats me.estcoinc@aol.comm

  19. Clare Says:

    I ordered and received the strectch crepe mandarin collar shirt jacket and a peach polka dot shirt with ruched sleeves. I was a little disappointed as this is the first time I received anything from Susan Graver that looked like it had been slept in. Both items were horribly wrinkled. Don’t know if it is the material or, if the packaging was done incorrectly.

  20. Linda Says:

    I have a closet full of Susan’s clothes and am very pleased with my purchases. I do wish however that someone could nicely tell Susan to quit talking over the host(s). You can ALWAYS hear her in the background talking, commenting, etch when the host is trying to give availability, sizes. etc, info the viewer needs to know, but most of the time you canot hear them because Susan does not keep quite. It is very annoying and she seems to be getting worse. I see other comments here about the same thing, but does not appear to be doing any good. Susn is still interrupting and talking over the host(s). Please Susan take heed and be polite.

    • Castilda Says:

      Who is telling you that you have to watch her? Who besides Susan Graver would Susan Graver talk about on the Susan Graver Show? Big egos seem to mean big sales–or she wouldn’t be doing this.

    • Sara Liburd Says:

      Agree-Sg’s constant talking and interrupting is getting much worse

  21. Teresa Bunch Says:

    The only purchase I have of hers was a pair of slacks.definitely not liquid knit, they were horrible & never again! Fool me once but, well you know. Qvc is great, but the return fees negates the cents. SG is over boring, rude & obnoxious. Her following must be older & probably Quacker customers. I never watch her anymore. Can’t tolerate her whirling, twirling around & overall rudeness to the host. She is as bad as Diane Gillan.

    • arlene Says:

      I agree with you 100% I can not stand to watch her. I also loathe watching diane gilman she is thecsame as susan she makes mecnervous just watching her jumpingvaround and rattling on she does’ nt come up for air.

    • Martha Donaldson Says:

      Teresa, as an “older” shopper I would like to say that I definitely do not watch or buy Graver. Older people rarely like to follow obnoxious overly verbal other people.

  22. Judy Says:

    I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand to see her on TV….she talks and talks over the host and constantly says “WOW” and then the way she runs her hands up and down her body and tries to preen with the real models is a turn off…whenever I see she’s on I change the channel…and I’d never order any of her clothes!

  23. Pam Cosmos Says:

    I have ordered many pieces from the Susan Graver line. They have always been great. I have a problem watching her because she never stops talking. The hosts never get a word in. She needs to step back and let the host take over. She is overbearing. Please tell her to keep her talking to a minimal.

  24. Bernadette Nietman Says:

    Purchased a yellow top with different sized gold sequins. The sequins fell off all over my couch, car and everywhere. Very disappointed

  25. Red B Says:

    IMO!!! There is something deeper than the viewers can see going on with SG … Maybe!! pressure of the business, her personal life, she seems to be spinning out of control, like she is on some kind of medication (uppers) it was annoying at first, now it is Sad!! to watch… her (I can’t) she seems to be a lovely person, I wish her the best, and if its help she needs I hope her and her family seek it.
    (I am not a professional, but I do know depression is hard to handle alone) many blessings *SG*

  26. sheri luhring Says:

    I have been buying front QVC & Susan Graver for at least 5 yrs now!!! Enjoy her products, never any issues returning items. It must be within 30 days unless otherwise stated. I feel this is plenty of time to know if you like your item!!!!!

  27. Christine Moore Says:

    I often put the mute on during her shows. That way I don’t have to listen to her say “figure flattering” ten times during a program. Other bloggers are right; she never shuts up. Why don’t they tell her to quit talking over the hosts? I love how the hosts talk over HER. Someone must have told THEM!!!

    • Jean Says:

      One time she actually said that some well known European designers copy her. I almost choked on my coffee. Talk about either being delusional and/or downright lying! Her clothes don’t look all that high-end to me and my husband saw one of her gaudy prints and said ” you’re not going to order that are you? “. And yes, she still is overtalking the host, muttering in the background, and twirling. Question: why have models when you have Susan up on stage with them showing her clothes?

  28. Mary Says:

    Why oh why can’t she stop taking over the hosts???

  29. arlene Says:

    Can someone tell me does susan see these comments ? I would hope so I dont want to join face book just to leave these comments on her facebook.

  30. homeshoppingista Says:

    I doubt she sees them

  31. Mary Says:

    I ordered a Susan Graver liquid knit cowl neck top with beautiful soft sequins on the cowl collar. I ordered it in plenty of time to be worn on January 10th for a very special event I was invited to in NYC. I never received the top and as forced to buy a totally different top (which I was not crazy about, but had to settle). I think that QVC has lowered their standards and what’s this thing about “AS IS”? Is QVC becoming a flea market????? Also, every time lately I want to purchase a Susan Graver anything, it is always not available in my size or color and to be put in waitlist. I probably will not order as much in the future as I had been on QVC and Susan Graver.

    • Autumn M.Randall Says:

      Mary,I saw a video that Susan Graver was celebrating her 25 years on the Q.Have you seen that video?I was surprised!

    • dsk756 Says:

      Mary, I actually have purchased some “as is” items and have never been disappointed. I’m willing to take the risk because these things are not damaged or seconds. Some are returns and some have been samples worn by the models. Also the prices are very good, much lower than the original prices. It’s a good way to get what you like with paying so much for it.

  32. Carolyn Says:

    I want to pull my hair out when she’s on. The ‘it’s amazing’ and ‘gorgeous’ over and over makes my head spin! I bet the hosts can’t stand it when they see it’s their turn to be with her. Why can’t she SHUT UP and let the hosts talk!! And why won’t QVC talk to her about this??

  33. arlene Says:

    I watched susan graver on feb 2 2015 I was hoping she had toned it down a bit but no such luck. I suffer from anxiety and I had to turn her off as my anxiety level rose. How does one leave a comment that she can read? There are so many people that have negative things to say about her. She needs to be on some meds.

    • Martha Donaldson Says:

      The first time I saw Susan Graver on QVC (quite recently) I became so concerned about her bizarre behavior that I seriously considered contacting QVC to tell them they should check on her!!! She acted like she was ON drugs! I think this was also the day she said she was the first designer to use dots on the fabric. Can you believe that?? I’m sick of her (won’t watch) and Lori Goldstein (sp?) with her bizarre rag-type get-ups on EVERY time she appears on QVC. I just don’t watch much QVC anymore. Gone sour.

      • pam Says:

        I cannot stand Susan Graver- she think she is so special she always talks over the host and dance around she thinks she’s hot. I turn QVC off when she on. Please let the host do there job and not talk when they give information. Also do not like your clothes. Clam Down! !!!!!!

  34. Iris J. Garcia Says:

    Why doesn’t SG have any flex pays on her merchandise, that rarely
    happens. It stops me from buy her clothes a lot!!
    Also its true she needs to shut up more and let the hosts do their

  35. Crremaly Says:

    Whole hardly agree… Susan Graver needs to let the hosts talk,and quit talking over everybody. Also her clothes are getting quite pricey.

  36. M. Davis Says:

    I purchased (2) pair of Susan Graver pants/slacks cost of over $100.00 and guess what after wearing them inside twice and washing once in cold water /air dry once they are covered with balls.
    No refund that’s the last I want to hear the word of Susan Low Graver .
    They know the fabric is cheap quality and worthless to begin with then make products and sell them as if they have some special quality merchandise.NOT

    • Sharon Says:

      So sorry about your pants. I bought pants from her once. She kept saying the elastic would stay in place. NO!! I washed and elastic twisted. I sent back and demanded shipping charged refunded. I didn’t get, but that was the last purchase for me. Try Chicos. They are great.

  37. Martha Donaldson Says:

    I see nothing has changed at QVC regarding Susan Graver! Her clothing style rarely changes, she rarely shuts her mouth and I am, like others here, repelled by her dancing, fidgeting and running her hands all over her body. However, she must be making millions for her employer!

    • Sharon Says:

      Of course, they are raking it in. Why else would they put up with her. She says the same things repeatedly about every piece she hocks. “We are building wardrobes” fits the woman’s body. Drives me insane. I now turn her off.


    Have some Susan Graver fashions and enjoy them. However I have to agree with many of the comments about Susan. She does prance around and over talk the hostesses. I’m 84 years and I have to agree that some of the fashions are very matronly even for me. Also the prints are very gaudy. Relax a little Susan.i

  39. Evelyn Pietrobono Says:

    Can’t stand to watch her. Incessant talking twirling shaking clothes up and down saying the same phrases over and over again. Her fashions are ugly. Where r they made? When she and the host talk over each other it just blows my mind. Time to hit the off button!!!

    • Sharon Says:

      I agree!! Susan isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Model, hostess, dancer or designer. Her clothes might suit older ladies, but though who want to dress modern yet age appropriately will avoid her liquid knit and those horrible big florals. I’m sorry, but Susan needs help.

  40. Nance Brown Says:

    Sick of everyone shooting down Susan, time to relax and pick on the male version of Susan Isaac. I like both people and their clothing BUT can’t hear who is saying what, confused

    • Sharon Says:

      Isaac doesn’t bother me nearly as much as. Susan. Issac’s host Shawn can get on my nerves, but no one like Susan. Once again, I worry she is overwhelmed and might collapse.

  41. Denise Says:

    I agree with those who say that Susan needs to shut up and let the host talk, let the models do their job, and stop saying she doesn’t need to sell clothes. Then why is she there? I don’t believe it’s all about “connecting” with women. I think she’s phoney and annoying. I do watch her shows on QVC because I like some of her things, but I mute the sound. Listening to her use the same catch phrases over and over again just to make you buy her clothing, is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    • Says:

      I think everyone should leave susan
      graver alone
      I love her blazers tops and pants we are blessed to have her on qvc thanks susan we love you. Jeanne

      • Sharon Says:

        Maybe you love Susan, but please don’ts speak for me. I don’t need her pants or those ugly tops as much as I need to not see her lose it on live TV. Honestly, I am worried she is going to breakdown with all her flitting around and she can’t concentrate on what she is doing. She jumps from one thing to another. Most of the hostess have a hard time keeping her in line.

  42. Sharon Says:

    I agree completely. S G drives me super super crazy. I turn her off and will not buy any of her anti amazing snd fantastic stuff. Did she secretly want to be a model? She is not only a blabber mouth, but she strutts like a fake model. Poor woman is way over the top.

    • Sharon Says:

      I agree completely. S G drives me super super crazy. I turn her off and will not buy any of her amazing and fantastic stuff. Did she secretly want to be a model? She is not only a blabber mouth, but she strutts like a fake model. Poor woman is way over the top. I agree that Susan hsd been spinning out of control since her mother-in-law passed. I hope she gets help because she is losing so many customers with her silliness. Susan, one word: xanax!!

  43. dst001 Says:

    Glad I came by this website. I will NOT purchase anything from Susan Grayer. The reviews regarding SG merchandise, QVC’s shipping practices, and unreasonable return policies are not satisfactory. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. Thanks for the reviews.

  44. Mary Ellen Schroeder Says:

    Susan Please Please Please bring back your Butter Knit T tops i I LOVE THEN A LOT and i need a new white and black . Please contact me on my Email .

    Thank You so Much love those tops .

    • Autumn M.Randall Says:

      Hello,Mary Ellen Schroeder,my name is Autumn M.Randall,and i the huge fan of Susan Graver,i got a black and white top,it fits me good and she is my favorite designer,tell Susan i say hello.

  45. Irene riddle Says:

    I get tired of all the hosts loving everything and supposedly buying everything ! I know it’s their job to sell but I’m not buying it!ii

    • Sharon Says:

      Yes the host love everything, but how often do you see them wearing the stuff? Only during the presentations. Lisa Robertson and Shawn Killinger never work with SG. I know LR is gone but never saw her with SG.

  46. dsk756 Says:

    Susan is still the same. One day a few weeks ago they had her and the host sitting on chairs with the clothes between them. I thought it was a great idea to have her be seated, but eventually she got up and started re-styling the models. I’ve never thought about her having emotional problems, but maybe some of you are right. She needs an intervention.

  47. Karen Says:

    Wow! Lot’s of hateful people here. I have Susan’s clothes, and love them, everything I have of her’s are well made and fit so good. I get lot’s of compliments on what I wear. I think there are just some people who have to pick on someone to feel better about themselves, like the bullies on the playground. I for one love your cloths and Jewelry.

  48. dsk756 Says:

    where does she get negative reviews removed from, this blog?

  49. dsk756 Says:

    and it doesn’t surprise me at all, Sharon. to me she seems like she’ll stop at nothing to make herself look adored and admired. and she’s her own publicity agent. we never hear about her husband, her own mother or her son. we’re just bombarded with comments about how close she was to her deceased mother in law, and her daughter the designer. it gets very uncomfortable watching the desperation she projects on TV.

    • Sharon Says:

      Oh Karen, Karen, Karen because you love SG clothes doesn’t make us hateful. We simply hate her old lady styles and we feel “taken” because she has not stood behind all her products. Please don’t judge us because we have judged a product that many have lost money on. That not hateful, but good and smart consumership.

  50. Sharon Says:

    Obviously your taste is different than many of us. If you like SG, they are for you. My mother of 81, won’t wear them. Go figure. No accounting for taste. We are all different.

    • Martha Says:

      It’s not the fashion that I object to so much, except that they all look alike, it’s her bizarre and obnoxious behavior on air that I find disturbing.

  51. dsk756 Says:

    I agree Martha. That’s exactly why I can’t watch her.

  52. Autumn M.Randall Says:

    Dear Susan Graver,I really LOVE you so much and I cannot turn you off,but i just want to stay with you forever,and your my best woman ever in my life.So,please contact me and send me a picture of the liquid knit!

    • Sharon Says:

      That just sounds kinda weird. Are you saying that Susan Graver is your best friend? Do you actually know her? Am I missing something?

  53. Autumn M.Randall Says:

    I like the pants that Susan Graver had on,everyday i watch Susan Graver,the i get happy and exciting,Susan is doing a great job,i love her.So,just keep calm and let the host talk.Once again love you.

  54. Martha Says:

    Susan said on air yesterday that she now designs (works) exclusively for QVC so maybe complaints about her should be addressed to QVC. Susan also tried to list all the famous stores her clothes had been shown and the QVC host rightfully cut her off.

  55. Joanna Says:

    Someone needs to shut Susan Graver up! I have to turn the channel when she is on..she also makes me crazy with the constant grabbing the fabrics and adjusting the models!

    • Marty Says:

      I cannot watch her either with the constant babbling and touching the models and herself and bobbing around. QVC really needs to get that girl on some sedatives, but she probably makes a lot of money for them now that she ‘designs exclusively for QVC’ which makes me believe she’s just their employee and they could control her if they wanted.

  56. dsk756 Says:

    Joanna, I totally agree. However it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. For a while she made comments like she needed to stop talking so much, and I thought maybe QVC told her to calm down, but she is still the same. I don’t watch her anymore. It’s a shame because she is losing business with her crazy, abnormal behavior.

  57. Evelyn Pietrobono Says:

    I also cannot watch when she is on. Last nite she was on with Alberti. Poor guy looked baffled. She talked a mile a minute and he never got a chance to say anything. I think she is on something as she never stops talking never stops running around the models always adjusting their outfits. Uses same phrases over and over again.
    Kind of scary to watch her. Think she is going to go up in smoke one of these days. I think she needs some kind of help. Always hit the off button. Sorry.

    • Rachel Says:

      Wow! After watching Susan Graver on QVC earlier today, I actually googled ” Is Susan Graver on drugs?” I wanted to see if anyone felt the same way that I did, and that’s how I found this forum, LOL!!! She was doing “Today’s Special Value” and the host mentioned that Susan had been awake since midnight the night before and didn’t know how Susan was doing it with so little sleep! Susan wasn’t missing a beat! She was extremely happy, energetic, animated, bubbly and talking nonstop as usual! And yes… she was interrupting the host as usual also!!! At one point, she actually apologized to the host, (and made excuses) for loudly whispering to the model while the host was talking! Even though she apologized, it was less than two minutes later and she started talking at the same time the host was talking and you couldn’t hear anything either one of them were saying! Her behavior is bizarre!! My husband walked in the room and and asked how I could stand to watch that annoying woman! I told him that she acts like she’s on speed or something. He agreed!

  58. Sharon Says:

    Will not subject myself to her anymore ever again. I’m finished

  59. Priscilla Scagnelli Says:

    Thank you ladies. I thought I was the only one who thought that Susan Graver is the most annoying, rude to the hosts, touchy, etc. I just watched Leah with Miss Rudeness on QVC Plus. Leah is the sweetest host and I can’t understand how she doesn’t give her a pinch or even a look to shut up. Sandra Bennett looks a little scared of her on Sunday nights. First of all her clothes are very matronly and I’m sick of hearing about her liquid knits and keeps talking about her mother in law and daughter Jackie who is a designer. Susan you must mind your manners and let all the wonderful hosts do their job. Stop interrupting them every time they say the colors. And leave the beautiful models alone. They were dressed up and you have to change them up around. I do own some of your cardigans. I ordered one in Red about 5 months ago and wore it with a white shirt under it and guess what? When I got home and changed my new white top was ruined by the red dye. I wrote a review about what happened and QVC never got in touch with me or offered to pay for my new top. I just received a teal cardigan and I am going to wash it first. After tonight’s show that’s it, I’m done with her. I will never buy another thing from her again. Oh one last thing I think her jewelry looks like cheap $5.00 store brand stuff. She is too pushy and someone should really speak to her. REALLY!!!!! To all the hosts that have to put up with her I really feel for you and you all do a fantastic job. And so do the beautiful models.

  60. dsk756 Says:

    Yes Priscilla, the hosts deserve so much commendation for their professional demeanor and friendliness in spite of SG’s extremely rude and desperate behavior.

  61. Michelle Says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that there are other people out there that call “BULL SH*T” on Susan Graver! While she occasionally has something on that I’d at least be caught dead in, the majority of her clothes are of very poor quality…especially the pants. This has always been odd to me because she goes on and on about how “she got her start in the pant industry.” Ever notice how she always wears sky- high heels with her hideous pants on set? It’s because the fit is off and she can hide some of the flaws on air with her cheap looking heels!

    Oh and PLEASE stop with the “super super” and “lenth” because it’s absolutely killing me. There is a “G” in the word “LENGTH”, Susan. Geesh.

  62. Wanda Says:

    I know that Susan Graver is passionate about her designs, but she needs to be courteous enough to allow the host(s) to make their presentation to us, the customer, first. Then when the host finiishes; then Susan can say what she needs to say etc… When two people talk at the same time, it’s impossible to hear what the other is saying.

  63. Wanda Says:

    Slow down Ms. Graver!!! Please give the host(s) the common courtesy they deserve and allow them to talk. When you over-talk the host(s), we cannot hear what’s being said.

  64. Margaret Says:

    I just want to say to Susan Graver to Shut Up!!! She talks to much and interrupts the ladies trying to sell her products. She is anoying

  65. Ellie Abrams Says:

    Did it ever occur to anyone that Susan suffers from ADHD? give her a break – she might need meds

  66. Linda Piernas Says:

    I bought a coat from QVC by Susan Graver. Wore it 3 times. Folded it over an put n Lin back seat for traveling an I have done this before, this time the coat cracked all over. It’s not wearable. I am very dissatisfied an have no way to get some recourse from Susan but I do not plan to buy any more of her products. How does someone get some kind 9f contact with Susan graver.

  67. Linda Piernas Says:

    Bought a coat from Susan graver and the coat cracked all up!!!!! It’s not wearable an I can’t get in touch with her!!!! Want a new coat or money back#!!!!!!!!

  68. Lori Says:

    I kinduv notice a bit of a manic type behavior when she is on. I also noticed her looking very slim. Im wondering if she may be ill..and overcompensating

  69. Paige Waldo DiCristofano Says:

    She is so damn annoying, and her clothes are hideous.

    • dsk757 Says:

      I agree. I have recently attempted to watch her show again and I had to turn it off. She seems to be getting worse. Always talking, and when the host is talking she just speaks in a lower tone of voice. Very rude and disrespectful. Its as if the host doesn’t say enough and she has to constantly fill in. I also agree that her clothes are getting really matronly looking. They’re not for me.

    • Linda Piernas Says:

      I also bought a pewter coat with fur collar from Susan graver. Wore it 4 times, folded it in half an place in back of car. Got to my destination and the coat cracked here, there and everywhere! Under the arm, on the dhoulder, you name it. Very dissatisfied with this purchase. And whenever I see susan graver on the show, I change the channel!! Qvc and Susan graver should give a refund!!!

  70. Linda Piernas Says:

    Hi I bought a susan graver pewter color coat with fur collar an wore 4 times an now the coat is cracking all up all over the coat. I have contacted qvc and recieved no response. Since they sponsor susan graver they are as liable as she is. This is a grand mess. This is terrible and until o get some resolved I will continue my quest to complain about this matter. Poor quality and customer care!!!

    • dsk757 Says:

      That sounds terrible, Linda. Susan Graver brags so much about the quality of her clothing and how well made everything is. It’s all part of that phoney act she puts on while she’s preening in front of the cameras, and looking ridiculous. I hope you get your issue resolved.

  71. Sharon Says:

    Will never buy from her again. She drives me nuts

    • Linda Coffee Says:

      Thank you so much because I am really mad about the coat cracking up like this. This is crazy. Take a look at this mess, and this just some of the cracking. On Dec 26, 2016 11:36 PM, “Homeshoppingista’s Blog By Linda Moss” wrote:

      > Sharon commented: “Will never buy from her again. She drives me nuts” >

  72. Linda Piernas Says:

    Thank you, I have never had any product to dissolve 8n such a matter. I was and am shocked beyond belief. Who would sell such a product and not back it up with some kind of customer resolve. It’s a hideous mess. Once one area started cracking it happen in numerous other areas of the coat. It’s now a totally cracked up piece of junk! One with Susan graver name on it via qvc. I have brought cheaper quality stuff that have withstood years. Because I take care of my clothing, but this coat far beyond that because there was not adequate testing on the product, a quality susan promotes so much. I would like what I am entitled to, a refund and they can trash the coat themselves. Shame on them.

  73. Vickie Says:

    I feel the same way about susan graver…what a classic pain in the ass. Annoying as hell and never shuts up…no filter on this woman and yet QVC still promotes her brand. I purchased a blouse from her line and when I received it, it look like a costume top for star trek. Unless you’re into that kind of thing (which i am not). Needless to say that I return it. I would be very reticent to ever purchase sg ever again for fear of what I might receive. It’s not worth being charged for even the shipping. I wish that QVC worked with a designer who manufacturers their line here in the U.S.A. American made…what a concept. I am tired of buying cheap Chinese merchandise.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      lol on the Star Trek comment

      • dsk757 Says:

        I agree with Vicki about the SG line of clothing. The newer designs are awful. The thing that makes me laugh is how she compares her clothes to Eileen Fisher, LuLu Lemon, etc. That’s such a joke! How insulting to these high end designers. I guess they can’t do anything about her mentioning their names by way of comparison. And this junk that she’s producing now is way too expensive for the cheap way it looks and how cheaply it’s made.

      • LadeeGee1958 Says:

        OMG…I thought it was just me!!! Susan Graver aka “Motormouth” I think either she’s got ADHD, is bipolar with extreme mania, or is just a flat out nutjob 😠 SHE TALKS TOO DAM MUCH! One of my pet peeves is a person who overtalks someone else…that is so rude and ignorant. As far as her clothes, the only print I might consider buying from her is animal print..the rest of those prints are simply awful, cheap looking and yet she says it’s part of the “trends in fashion” bla bla bla bla…puh-leeze!

        I also am not fond of Shawn Killinger…she’s another one who is overly high strung and overtalks guests on her show. If I do choose to buy something from QVC I’ll just go to the QVC app on my phone, but it is far and few in between, because some of the clothes are just plain ugly and well, dowdy. I bought a pair of tall boots by Marc Fisher, that were supposed to have a wide shaft and in a wide width. Epic fail! There was no suppleness in the leather, which, don’t get me wrong, I get that leather shoes/boots tend to be stiff upon first wear, but this boot had NO give whatsoever. Needless to say, I sent them back. Sorry this is so long, but I just needed to vent 😤 Happy New Year everybody.

      • Martha Donaldson Says:

        Ever since that fiddle playing beauty queen left QVC I avoid Shawny Sue (as she calls herself – how juvenile). She seems to be the anointed replacement. Her costumes and silly behavior are a huge turnoff. But S Graver does give the appearance of having some disorder, QVC is simply changing in a wrong direction – As Seen On TV type of products or uber extreme clown outfits and that sooooo expensive.

  74. Tania Wright Says:

    All the hosts are gettting boring they say the samething about every product how great they are. SG is funny to watch as it is soooooooostupid and silly. Some the hosts try dress like young adults and it makes them look silly. The other annoying designer that talks too much is Dennis Brasso. He constantly is touching the models and his voice is so annoying. You know what they say about short men!!!!

    • Martha Donaldson Says:

      I have to agree with this. I find myself watching less and less because they’re getting a too trendy and downright silly. I’m not a fan of the new ‘cross selling’ of the items and all these ‘assistants’ they trot out on set. Some of the models need to go, too. I’ve guess I’ve seen too many changes lately that there is no QVC left in there.

  75. Robbie Fisher Says:

    Omg..I purchased two jackets..I worn one to a upscaled party. ..on my birthday as I was leaving the party I noticed the host was leaving a trail of torn fabric from my coat so embarrassed I grab my coat..and walked to the car as fast as I could. It was so cold..but the embarrassment keep we warm.

  76. Itscherry Says:

    Sounds like she had the jacket for some time…. If she kept it and waited till she lost weight to wear it. Refunds are generally 30 Days. Clothing anymore isn’t made to last…

    • Linda Coffee Says:

      Something needs to be done about bad products from Susan Graver On Jan 29, 2017 8:54 PM, “Homeshoppingista’s Blog By Linda Moss” wrote:

      > Itscherry commented: “Sounds like she had the jacket for some time…. If > she kept it and waited till she lost weight to wear it. Refunds are > generally 30 Days. Clothing anymore isn’t made to last…” >

  77. Arneice Adams Says:

    I know just how Carol Connell feel because I too purchased a jacket from Susan Graver and I called and spoke with a QVC rep. and she told me there was nothing they could do because I had the jacket too long, even though I wore it twice. You can look at the jacket and see that it was hardly worn. I will definitely tell everyone about Susan Graver products and not to purchase ANYTHING she makes!

    • Linda Piernas Says:

      I did the same thing contacted QVC about a susan graver pewter coat with detachable fur collar that i wore twice but it has become cracked all over . It was golded in half an on the back seat of the car. It was cracked on shoulders an several other places
      I was so disappointed because I really liked the coat and couldn’t by any means get any resolve from none of them. So I strictly watch GSM cause I don’t want to see that Susan for those few dollars i paidgraver or hear her mouth an I will never order from SVC again!! So disappointed.

  78. Theresa Force Says:

    I bought a fake leather jacket on qvc Susan Graver leather jackets and it is falling apart on me I am very upset I paid a lot of money for this jacket what can I get done about it I can send you pictures of this jacket I am very saddened

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      send photos to, when did you buy it?

    • Martha Donaldson Says:

      What you can do is boycott Susan Graver products on QVC and never ever buy her brand again. Once you’re past the return period with QVC you’re pretty much on your own. Sorry you lost your money on this one.

      • dsk756 Says:

        I agree, Martha. I stopped buying anything Susan Graver, and I stopped watching her shows on QVC. Her incessant talking over the hosts, redressing the models, and desperation is way too much for me. I like a calm atmosphere when I’m shopping at home, not the frenzied hard sell SG projects. Denim & Co is a great alternative, price wise and style wise.

      • Martha Donaldson Says:

        I agree! However, I do love Denim & Co. and Quacker Factory. You simply cannot find clothes like them in stores! Most of my casual wear is from these two lines. The rest is too young, trendy and expensive for my taste, lifestyle and pocketbook!.

  79. Jeanne Wills Says:

    No comment on Susan’s fashions yet….but lori goldstein, that’s another thing. With logo fasions, it’s like the Great Depression has returned. Her clothes are all different lengrhs, sagging pockets, the usual cheap lace at the bottom of the garment -well, to my a long story short, if ladies would shop st Good Will, the’d find the same look and a lot less expensive. What a shame that people are getting so sloppy in their attire.

    • Martha Donaldson Says:

      Very funny – at my house we say Logo looks like clothes from the rag bag. I know they must be popular with the twenty-somethings, but to us they look like trash. Definitely not for me. Love Denim & Co.

      • LadeeGee1958 Says:

        OMG I thought it was just me who thinks Lori Goldstein’s apparel looks awful! LOL

        Her stuff looks like stir fried s***, dowdy, old fashioned and just plain hideous. I wouldn’t be caught dead or alive in that crap!

      • Sharon Says:

        All tose layers are just a way to sell more stuff

      • dsk756 Says:

        I’ve often thought that the LOGO line makes women look like they’re wearing every piece of clothing they own. Too many layers, and way too pricey!

  80. Sharon Says:

    Logo is not worth the money to me. Nor my fashion style. Bought a pair of black pull on pants at least 5 years ago and have won them several times. They still look great and I love them.

  81. Sharon Says:

    Susan Graver is the silliest person on TV. With her super super supers, follow the lines of your body, and the literary about things that are not literal, I just can’t watch her. She says the same thing about everything. Oh you have to have this, it is the best top, and liquid knit literally glides on the body. Washing and dryer. She appears to be having a nervous breakdown at times, or she is on some sort of speed. We don’t need to know that she wears xxs anymore, she repeats all this stuff over and over.and it is nuts

    • dsk756 Says:

      SG appears desperate the way she tries to sell her clothing line. She does repeat herself and her clothes are very frumpy. I also cannot watch her. Her voice drives me crazy.

  82. Linda Piernas Says:


  83. Mary Moran Says:

    I turn the channel when Susan Graver comes on. She more than any other guest talks constantly and over the show hosts. I have purchased a few items from her and found I could go to the big chain retailer that begins with a W for the same quality for a 1/4 of the price.

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