Joy Mangano Wanna-Be Lori Greiner Talks About ‘Shark Tank’

Last week we caught QVC invention guru Lori Greiner on “Shark Tank” for the first time over at our mom’s house, and we were rather shocked at what a hard-ass she is on the show.

Surrounded by testosterone-laden business men, Greiner had dropped the sweetpea persona she has on QVC. Her hair was harshly slicked back and was giving the boys, including Mark Cuban, as good as they were giving.

We once met Cuban when we were covering the cable industry, and he looked hot in a tight T-shirt and jeans. That was years ago, and we will never forgot it. He was very nice to us, but on “Shark Tank” he was very dismissive of Greiner and her interest in supporting a father and son trying to get traction for a vitamin supplement that you spray into your mouth.

Then lo and behold, The New York Times did a Q-and-A with Greiner about her stint on “Shark Tank.” The headline was “The Queen of QVC Talks About The Risks of Dealing with Sharks.” Note to The Times: No one calls Greiner the Queen of QVC.

As any home shopping aficionado knows, Greiner is QVC’s counterpart to HSN’s Joy Mangano. Both are female inventors, but quite frankly, we don’t think Greiner will ever outdo Mangano’s Huggable Hangers.

In the interview, Greiner claimed that her Reader Rest, a magnetic glasses holder, has been the most successful product in “Shark Tank’s” history. It has sold 3 million units.

Nothing particularly illuminating in the story otherwise.


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5 Responses to “Joy Mangano Wanna-Be Lori Greiner Talks About ‘Shark Tank’”

  1. Reenee Says:

    I shop QVC and anything I have ordered from the Lori Greiner line was junk! Seriously, cheaply made. I feel Joy Mangano’s line is a tiny step above in quality, but then I only own her Huggables and little steamer. Joy is doing very well, lol. She lives 3 miles from me on Long Island and I saw šŸ˜‰

  2. Zari Says:

    I seem to remember that Joy Mangano started on QVC back in the mid ’90s. Then she was gone and L. Greiner appeared. Q seems to do this thing of getting rid of good vendors and replacing them with 2nd-rate. Is that really good for the Q’s bottom line…?

  3. Lynne Esposito Says:

    Thought they were the same person!

  4. Allison J Prout Hollen Says:

    I seriously doubt that people are so narrow minded as to think that there can’t be more than brilliant and savvy (not to mention beautiful) woman. There are more out there and they need not be ‘labeled’ as “wanna-bes”.

  5. Allison J Prout Hollen Says:

    . . . and trying to pit women against one another is just schoolyard crap!

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