QVC Does Damage Control On ‘Today Show’ With Fainting Guest Defending Dan Hughes

QVC did some damage control Thursday over the fainting-guest incident, which went viral this week.

Cassie Shane appeared on “The Today Show” to defend the honor of QVC host Dan Hughes. On Sunday, in a very disturbing scene to watch, Shane was pitching a children’s tablet on QVC when she suddenly clutched her chest and fell toward Hughes.

The camera went to a close up of Hughes, who kept selling the product. No one ever explained what happened to Shane.

Shane told Lauer that she has three young kids, shoe was up the night before one of them, and she hadn’t eaten before the show. She said fainted, which is something you never heard from QVC on Sunday. What the audience didn’t see was that two medics were helping Shane off-camera, she said.

“I feel really good,” she said on the morning news show. “I went to see the doctor and I’m OK.”

She defended Hughes, claiming she was the one who told him to keep selling. She added that he was one of her good friends.

“He did the best he could,” Shane said. “I think people think he was stepping over my body.”

That’s not the point. QVC should have done viewers the courtesy of explaining what happened to Shane, rather than pretending nothing happened. Shane said she hadn’t watched the clip herself because her husband, her family, told her not to.

“My mother and sister saw it, and they were crying,” she said.

QVC viewers were also upset, and the home shopping network should have given them an explanation of what happened.


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7 Responses to “QVC Does Damage Control On ‘Today Show’ With Fainting Guest Defending Dan Hughes”

  1. Linda Says:

    This has happened to her before. I’m not buying that she is fine and this happened because she didn’t eat. There is something seriously wrong with her. What if this happens again when she’s driving?

  2. Claire Says:

    Think she might have a vested interest in defending Dan and QVC? Trust me, if she is out cold she is saying anything at that momment let alone “go on and keep selling”. Horrible but unfortunate typical behavior and values displayed by QVC.

  3. Patti Says:

    Its Live TV these things happen.
    I remember the Ladder Incident & Nick Chavez falling with Lisa Robertson.
    Nick seems to always be falling for Lisa. LOL

  4. Cat Says:

    I’m with you Claire. She was banging her chest, she wasn’t telling to Dan to keep selling the product. I think Q asked her to step up and defend this idiot. He never even bothered to put the item down……………………………….

  5. Peaches Says:


  6. Sunny Says:

    thought his reaction was deplorable…showed no interest or compassion, how can anyone defend that? get that article out no matter what because you will lose a dollar? is this QVC’s teaching?

  7. Sunny Says:

    lisa robertson was just on the other day….what do u mean where is she? and how can anyone compare someone falling off a ladder to someone passing out with no compassion obviously….it was his non-reaction that was deplorable

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