Hey QVC, Who Shut Off The ‘Comment’ Option On Our Dan-Hughes-Fainting-Fiasco Blog?

We don’t pretend to be any expert on the mechanics of blogging, or the platform we use, WordPress. But mysteriously somehow, some way, the “comment” option on our recent blog on QVC host Dan Hughes’ behavior when a guest fainted Sunday.

And it wasn’t us. Do you know who it was,QVC?

In that blog, we had asked for QVC watchers to comment on the incident that prompted the blog, which we learned about from the New York Post.

Well, we didn’t get any comments. Nobody could post any, because “comment” was off. One of our readers posted on another blog, asking why the “comment” option had been nixed on the Hughes blog.

Query us this, who put the kibosh on comments being posted on our Dan Hughes blog

Here’s the B-roll on this. Hughes was on the air with guest Cassie Shane, who was hawking the FubTab Pro kids tablet, when she suddenly grabbed her chest. She was stammering, and started leaning toward Hughes. The camera cut away and went to a close-up of Hughes, who kept on pitching the product, with no reference to Shane’s obvious illness.

The Post, and we, thought that Hughes should not have continued selling, and that QVC should have made comment on-air about what had happened to Shane. We wanted to see who agreed or not. Apparently the morning news shows, like “Good Morning America,” also did stories Tuesday on the QVC incident, as well.

Tuesday Hughes posted this panty-waist explanation on Facebook.

“I’m sure you are all aware of what happened over the weekend during ‘Sunday’s with Carolyn and Dan,'” he wrote. “I am very happy to report that Cassie Slane is feeling much better after her fainting spell that occurred while we were on air together. What you couldn’t see in your homes was the rapid response and immediate care that came to Cassie’s side. Thank you so much for your concern and support guys. I truly appreciate you all!”

Bite me Dan, and you too, QVC.

It doesn’t matter if Slane got immediate care. Why didn’t QVC cue viewers into what had happened? Didn’t want to stop the flow of sales for those FurTabs?

Many QVC customers came to Hughes’ defense on Facebook. They were worried about what happened to Shane. Too bad they never got an explanation from QVC.

Here are some of the Facebook postings:

“Dan, you would have made a great WWll Bomber Pilot. You would stay on target no matter what. Lol”

“They showed it this morning on GMA and when I saw you ,I thought oh boy, I bet he’s in a panic. Is she diabetic? I am and I never want to feel the low sugar feeling. I try to keep my a little higher so that doesn’t happen. On GMA they said a low sugar. Glad she is fine.”

“Dan, you are awesome. Anyone that says different is an idiot. I missed the real thing, but saw it on YouTube. All professionally done. QVC is real time all the time, you all have had to roll with whatever is given you. Those other network folks have no idea how challenging your job is. Glad to hear Cassie is ok. Poor thing, when she put her hand on her chest, I felt so bad for her. Take care, see you soon with Pat, you are the best!”

“It’s hard to believe you continued selling that child’s toy without showing any kind of stressful emotion when the lady is standing close to you and obviously needs YOUR help. I saw this on Good Morning America, Hoda and Kathy Lee, Anderson Cooper, and the internet, and I don’t watch the news that much.”

“Yes, the morning show hosts were very rude today. They even posted it on FB. Your loyal Sunday viewers know differently. Thank you for posting this and I’m very happy that she is doing fine.”

“I’m so glad she is ok, I thought about her all day!”

“You handled the situation like a true professional, Dan! I know that in a big organization like QVC you are trained to prepare for emergencies like this. I know Cassie received immediate attention, and you did a fantastic job. I’m sure it was a tough situation. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should have done otherwise! You must have nerves of steel Dan…wish I did! Great response on your part.”

Now here are some posters that we agree with:

“I am happy to hear the woman is okay but the whole scenario came off pretty bad on TV I hope you can learn from this in the future so that it never happens and you realize how you react impacts your audience”

“It’s not Dan’s decision to keep going. If anything, the producers should have cut away and went to a commercial. At any rate, I think the fact that this was the 2nd time this happened and that the Q knew about her condition meant that they knew she wasn’t having a seizure or stroke. So, it wasn’t a ‘surprise’ in the true sense of the word; they knew what they were dealing with. Although, It is a shame that the Q couldn’t say something as it upset many people to see.”

Hello, and thank you, folks.

Let’s see if the “comment” option is turned off on this blog.


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16 Responses to “Hey QVC, Who Shut Off The ‘Comment’ Option On Our Dan-Hughes-Fainting-Fiasco Blog?”

  1. John Says:

    Glad to see the Comment section is restored.

    I suppose Dan did all he could on the spur of the moment. The Q couldn’t very well go to a commercial, as that’s what the Q is anyway: A 24-hour commercial, itself. However, I do agree, emphatically, that the Q should have addressed the situation and explained to the viewers what had happened and the well-being of all involved.

    – John

  2. Helene Says:

    I’m certain that in host training, they cover pretty much any on-air emergency since they are live.

  3. alice Says:

    Dan should have shown a little humanity…if he has any!

    • Cat Says:

      Yes there is one clip I heard, might have been Youtube,, but you hear the director say it, now today TMZ has it on as well..

  4. John Says:

    Good point, Helene.

    Training and protacol must have instinctively taken over for Dan; he’s been there so long. It would be only natural that he continure on as he did.

    However, where was/is the Corporate Q’s explanation of what happened? Pretend it didn’t ,happen at all? Maybe if we burry our heads in the sand, it will go away.

    Those days are over.

  5. Helene Says:

    You can always count on You Tube!

  6. Clarie Says:

    Pathetic, but it does not surprise me considering that Q”V”C has pretty much dropped the V , values from its name. What they value is profits at the expense of their employees, vendors and customers while being a managed by a group of executives that have destroyed a once great company, as for Dan, doesn’t surprise me, I wouldn’t want him to be next to me in an emergency…

  7. Cat Says:

    LOL, Linda you are the best, Woner what “item number gadget” was used to hack into your blog? At any rate, Q showed that the almighty dollar is more important than going “dead air” until this poor woman was removed from the set, especially when you heard the director say “keep selling”, I don’t think we were suppose to hear that. The medias had a great time and a few laughs when airing it. I felt sorry for this poor woman. They had a field day with Dan.

  8. homeshoppingista Says:

    Wow, Cat, I didn’t hear the director say, “Keep selling.” Yikes

  9. M E @ Says:

    I am more horrified (kind of) by the shoddy reporting of this story across the internet. Firstly, they refer to Cassie Shane as a QVC host, which she is not. They also refer to the actual QVC host in question as, get ready for it, Dan WHELLER. @@ Seriously. Nice research there. Worst case scenario, it would be Dan WHEELER. They got the wrong Dan. @@ OY!

  10. Peaches Says:


  11. Jen Says:

    After watching the YouTube video, I think the voice saying “keep selling” is the voice of the guy recording the video from his TV – not a director/producer

  12. Cat Says:

    I’d say we deepsix this story. Dan isn’t worth it and the woman is okay……

  13. taytay Says:

    oh god. how it “imapcted the audience”?! the woman fainted, get over it! it was none of the audiences business and doesn’t impact them beyond their own morbid curiosity. who CARES? qvc didn’t owe an “update” on the woman just because the audience is NOSY.

  14. stacelaine Says:

    Here here taytay!! I know this is an OLD post but I agree with the direct above statement. Maybe Cassie doesn’t want everyone knowing her private health condition. I know I wouldn’t! And it’s NOT the director/ camera man/ producer or any one else at QVC that said “keep selling” in the YouTube video. It was the guy who recorded it from home and posted the video. Some people are very matter of fact when it comes to an emergency and then there are others who would have ran around screaming, panicking, and causing more drama.

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