Fainting Guest Doesn’t Stop QVC Host Dan Hughes From Making His Pitch

We don’t know whether to laud QVC host Dan Hughes for being calm and collected, or condemn him for being a cold-hearted jerk, after a bizarre scenario on the home shopping network Sunday.

The unstoppable Dan Hughes

We missed it, but the New York Post didn’t. Hughes was on the air with Cassie Slane, who was hawking the FubTab Pro kids tablet, when she suddenly grabbed her chest. She was stammering, and started leaning toward Hughes.


The Post had a clip of the incident, which we watched. When it appeared that Slane was going to faint and fall, QVC camera’s went to a closeup of Hughes, who continued to pitch the product, as if everything was okey-dokey.

Now that we think about it, Hughes acted like a horse’s ass.

What do you guys think?

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