It’s 1 A.M., And QVC Makeup Queen Mally Has Gas

Put this in the category of “TMI,” too much information.

It’s 1 a.m. Friday on QVC, and makeup queen Mally Roncal so far has said three times that she has gas.

We’re going to start doing shots every time she says it from now on.

We also believe we heard her say that she had “tooted.”

Love your mascara, by the way, Mally!

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4 Responses to “It’s 1 A.M., And QVC Makeup Queen Mally Has Gas”

  1. Joanie B. Says:

    This is hilarious beyond words. Perhaps previously-ingested alcohol gave her the gas ??

  2. Peaches Says:

    She drives me crazy….she always acts like a drug induced teenie bopper. And she is on waaay too much!! QVC went from too much jewelry to doing too many beauty shows with women who wear fake everything!!

  3. jo jo tanc Says:

    I love mally brow fix, from mally beauty collection, am shocked at the chptr.7 bankruptcy…but still want the product & can’t find it! Last time prsd 2 threw QVC, but can’t locate it now anywhere? Any ideas, advice?! I still believe in her dynamics, for all skin colors, i m not her typical I’m sure, Italian, but her products can reach beyond ethnicity!! I love it & her…& need my brow fix….in Taupe! Quantity is acceptable….less exp.dates of product….&what if refrigerated..will that prolong exp.dates? I love it that much!!

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