Is Ex-Host Pam McCoy, And Her Clothing Line, Gone From ShopNBC?

We saw a Facebook post that said that Pam McCoy, a one-time ShopNBC host who became one of its apparel vendors, was losing that gig.

There were also several posts on the home shopping network’s Facebook page asking whether McCoy was no longer going to be selling clothes on the channel.

We tried to do due diligence, and emailed ShopNBC’s PR person to ask what was up.

Here is the response we got: crickets chirping. Nada.

So maybe you guys can get an answer out of ShopNBC.

McCoy and her husband Wes were longtime fixtures on ShopNBC, as a husband-and-wife host team. A few years back, they exited (or were pushed). Then Pam returned with a clothing collection.

Let us know what you all hear, folks.

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8 Responses to “Is Ex-Host Pam McCoy, And Her Clothing Line, Gone From ShopNBC?”

  1. Peggy Says:

    She was just on ShopNBC on Tuesday and has one more appearance coming. She said this is her final season there, has a new outlet for her line, but isn’t allowed to announce it just yet.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Thanks Peggy

    • Gwen Says:

      Any further news on Pam McCoy? Have they announced where she will be selling her jackets yet?

      • homeshoppingista Says:

        No word yet. She got pretty snippy with me when I suggested she had some work done on her face. She denied it. I don’t believe her.

      • Peggy Says:

        She just posted new info on Facebook several days ago. She’s still unable to reveal her new network, but it seems likely to be HSN because she and Wes are in Florida now. The announcement will be made in the next couple of weeks. She has a jewelry line coming out, diamonds in sterling silver. Her jackets will be available via catalog and, if I recall correctly, online.

  2. Maria Says:

    They always had the clothing collection…..even when they were hosting on the network.

  3. Jane Says:

    She asked that people follow her on Twitter or Facebook and she’ll make an announcement when she’s able to (I figure for legal reasons). That day she was on (Tuesday), they were liquidating her merchandise and everyone who was fortunate enough to watch and could afford it bought up whatever they could. She hosted what I think is her last show with Kendy and it was very bittersweet. It seemed like the decision was made very quickly (and I don’t know if it was her decision, if you know what I mean). The thinking is if there is still more merchandise of hers to move, she may come back for another show but it doesn’t look like she would need to.

    She mentioned that she was going to spend winter at the beach with Wes. Didn’t say that they were relocating but I wonder??

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks for the info Jane.

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