ShopNBC’s Diamond Guy Elian Schlesinger Moves To Jewelry Television

It’s home shopping vendor switch-around again, with a ShopNBC jewelry supplier now on Jewelry Television.

Last night we were blogging with the TV, and JTV, on in the background, and we heard what we thought was a familiar voice: Elian Schlesinger, with his distinctive accent.

Elian Schlesinger

We turned around to look at the screen and the gentleman selling the Moda Al Massimo Collection looked older and a bit heavier than we remembered Schlesinger, who used to sell diamond jewelry on ShopNBC. But we checked JTV’s website today, and indeed, it was him.

Here is his boilerplate:

Elian Schlesinger has spent more than half his life involved in every aspect of the jewelry business. Born the second of two children in Tel Aviv, Israel. Elian Worked in South Africa along side a famous diamond mine and diamond cutting center.

He moved to the states to start his own jewelry business where he developed lightweight durable jewelry product. Elian currently resides in Westchester, NY. The appeal of timeless, high quality Italian jewelry at affordable prices is what separates Moda al Massimo Collection from other offerings on competing channels.


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2 Responses to “ShopNBC’s Diamond Guy Elian Schlesinger Moves To Jewelry Television”

  1. Gail Says:

    I would love to know what happened to the Trader Jack people. Wasn’t that their name? The son was Ben. I have a few pieces that were very nice of theirs.

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