Will HSN Newcomer Lifesize Help Us Lose Weight?

We need to drop some blubber, and we’re waiting for Steven Kates and Myles Berkowitz to come back to HSN and help us.

There was a story in the business section of The New York Times Sunday on these unlikely business partners, who came up with what seems like a simple way to keep your weight in check. It’s called Lifesize, and it’s a set of measuring cups to use so you can control your portion size.

We wonder if Lifesize will help us fit in our Diane Gilman jeans again


It all came about when Kates, a tattoo-clad fitness trainer, and Berkowitz, and indie movie maker, were introduced by friends in 2006. Berkowitz asked for advice on losing weight. Kates told him to eat whatever he wanted — pizza, burgers, etc. — but to eat less of them, according to The Times.

Berkowitz didn’t believe it, but decided to give it a test. He had bowls made in the portion sizes that Kates had showed him, marked “C” for carbs and “M” for meat and “D” for dairy, etc. Berkowitz followed the plan, and lost 46 pounds, The Times reported.

The two men paired up to take Lifesize to market, and they got to appear on the “Home Shopping Network,” as The Times called HSN, in 2011. But there was one little problem: They could not tell viewers that Lifesize made people lose weight because they didn’t have any research to prove that.

When they got on HSN, they stressed the words “portion control” and sold $55,000 worth of their merchandise, according to The Times.

They have a website now where they have been selling Lifesize, but they are also slated to return to HSN.

“Mr. Berkowitz paid to have a study done at Colorado State University proving that the program helps people lose weight,” The Times wrote.

In the mean time, we’re going to check out their website. We may not wait for them to return to HSN.



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