HSN Jewelry Queen Carol Brodie Underwent Surgery For Skin Cancer

God bless HSN vendor and upscale jewelry expert Carol Brodie.

We just learned that Brodie, whose HSN Rarities line sold out of a white topaz necklace we loved yesterday, was diagnosed with skin cancer recently.

You would never had known that she recently under went surgery to have the cancerous tissue removed from her face. She
looked gorgeous, as usual, on-air.

Carol Brodie still lovely post surgery

Here is a link to Carol’s Blog on HSN.com about her cancer scare, and an excerpt from it.


My summer was not about fun in the sun – actually most of the trips that I have taken since June have been to Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan. I found out on June 13th that I had a malignant melanoma on my right cheek. It was a tiny freckle that had been biopsied a week before. Well, that freckle turned out to be CANCER.

Many scans and tests later, it was determined that a one-inch area would need to be removed from the right side of my face. The tests ultimately proved that the cancer had not spread – that was great news.

Carol then described that when she woke up from surgery, her face was badly bruised and cut up. She has been wearing silicon strips to protect that area of her face.

“I will preach all day long to wear sunscreen and a hat and that everyone reading this needs to get a melanoma checkup if you have not had one in the past 12 months,” Carol blogged.

In her moving missive, Carol said that she had worried about how her surgery and cancer would affect her looks, and that this horrible experience made her realize that beauty comes from within.

All the best to you, Carol. You are beautiful inside and out.

And your rocks rock, too, girlfriend.

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3 Responses to “HSN Jewelry Queen Carol Brodie Underwent Surgery For Skin Cancer”

  1. cassandra cauls Says:

    Will keep you in my prayers love your jewelry. Thanks for sharing your story

  2. Bianca Smith Gilbard Says:

    Carol you are still beautiful inside and out.Thank you for going public and raising awareness.In the 80’s I lost two very dear friends to melanoma because we were not aware of it as we are today.It was too late for them.My husband is a Pediatrician and has caught already several early cases in children.When the boys get their summer short haircuts he was able to see the lesions on their scalp.He saved their lives.Who looks at our kids scalp?Its very scary and education is key.Take care and God bless you.

  3. caroline taylor Says:

    do you have an email contact for carol brodie as I cannot seem to find one.

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