Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Has Egg On Face After Temper Tantrum On HSN

We missed it, but apparently celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck had a hissy fit on HSN Saturday, and wound up with egg on his face — and an omelet on the home shopping channel’s floor.

Our Facebook friend Kathy tipped us off to this tamper tantrum on the part of “Wolf,” as his best friends call him. Apparently, ol’ Puck didn’t think that the HSN cameraman was moving fast enough to get a closeup of the egg dish he was whipping up on air-air to hawk one of his kitchen products. So here is what went down.

Kathy posted this to HSN about Puck:

“Okay, did anyone else see Wolf just throw a tantrum? what a jerk! imagine what he’s like in the kitchen. if i had just ordered this today, i would have cancelled the order. what a big baby!

“I agree and rude to the cameraman!” another HSN viewer posted.

“OMG! I can’t watch him anymore, he’s is Sooooo rude pitching eggs across the room because the camera wouldn’t zoom in fast,” wrote a third viewer. “I feel so sorry for the host. Wolfgang won’t shut up and she seems to be freaking out a little.

Wolfgang Puck egged on an HSN cameraman

“What exactly happened?” someone asked.”I missed it.”

“He kept telling the camera man to zoom in on his eggs and he didn’t do it fast enough so he just pitched the eggs on the floor,” someone else posted. “He’s a real nut case. You’ll notice how fast the camera zooms in now on his cooker.”

“Yikes… I have seen him bang on the back of the pan to get the camera man to zoom in on something but never throw the food.. class. I do hear him keep cutting Marlo off though,” another person posted.

HSN saw these posts and tried to make light of the situation, saying that Puck was just being playful. Our reporter’s bullshit detector, as the late John Higgins would say, went off.

“Hi fans! Don’t worry,” HSN posted. “Wolfgang Puck and our cameraman were joking back and forth; it was all in good fun. Thanks for joining us!”

Our tipster Kathy, who has a reporter’s instincts, wasn’t buying it, either.

“Yeah, I’m sure the cameraman was joking,” she posted.”Sorry hsn, don’t buy it. Wolf had a little meltdown and he should apologize. i’ll bet that little clip will be on E channel’s ‘The Soup’ this weekend.”

And she wasn’t the only HSN watcher who was skeptical.

“Ah uh okay, right 😉 Don’t believe it for a minute!” she posted. “Did you see how fast the camera has been zooming in since. I’ve watched him before and know he wasn’t kidding, but thanks for trying.”

Here some of the other posts about Puck’s antics from HSN’s Facebook page.

“Question? Was Wolfgang playing when he just threw the omelet on the floor at the camera man? I sincerely hope so cuz I really like watching him and that was a little odd?”

Again, HSN denied the tantrum.

“Oh, yes, Wolfgang was just joking around with our camera man. It was all in good fun. Have fun with those recipe ideas!”

“Wolfgang was NOT KIDDING when the threw the eggs on the floor!!!!!!” someone posted. “Customer service received MANY complaints…So disrespectful & disgusting!!”

Added another viewer, “I was also turned off by the egg-throwing stunt this afternoon. Love WP’s cookware but he was acting like a spoiled celebrity. An apology would have helped his image.”

Temper, temper, Wolf.

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19 Responses to “Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Has Egg On Face After Temper Tantrum On HSN”

  1. carol hugli Says:

    Hsn needs to say good-by to wolfgang puck, and he needs to say i am sorry to all the viewers, the host, cameraman,

    • Micky Rajter Says:

      You must be out of your mind.
      He’s NOT a showman, buy a business man.There is no one presenting and selling like he’s doing.

  2. Jax Says:

    I SAW THIS!!! Then tried to google all night long for a you tube video. I couldn’t beleive my eyes when I was watching HSN….Wolfgang was tooootally pissed when he threw his eggs on the floor. Nope, no joking around there. Dude was a d!ck!!

  3. Thomasina Turk Says:

    Hello! I am a Sales Rep for HSN who takes orders via phone. You would not BELIEVE the number of calls we got about Wolfgang Puck after he threw his fit. I only wish I had gotten to see it for myself! I had customers calling up after his tantrum saying they would no longer shop with HSN anymore! We also get a lot of calls about Wolfgang constantly wiping his nose on air. I’ve actually seen this multiple times! He will wipe his nose on the towel he is using and then use that SAME towel to handle the food. I will say his products DO sell well, however his actions definitely do not instill confidence. By the way, the name I am using is not my real name, however the email address is real, I don’t want HSN to read this and fire me for saying anything negative about HSN. I really do like working for HSN, and stand behind most of the products we sell. And where else can I work from home in my pajamas?!?! LOL!

    • Al Says:

      Most of the products you sell on HSN are crap, with a few exceptions… one of those being Puck’s products. Yes, he should apologize. But as another poster said, it happens.
      Maybe you should worry less about Puck and get out of your pajamas and get a real job. It’s fine to be a slacker as long as you don’t complain. So stop slacking or stop complaining.

      • Jennifer Says:

        How is he or she slacking? How is it not a real job? This person works from home. So you can take time to post here and not be a slacker but no one else can? You are seriously an idiot troll.

  4. Shirley Yates Says:

    I saw Wolfgang Puck throw the egg at the camera man Saturday and it affected me enough to go on this site today to see if anyone else felt as disgusted as I did.. I almost ordered his pie maker but didn’t want it after witnessing his latest tantrum. I thought he might walk off the set if the camera man didn’t speed it up. Many times I have seen him be rude to the camera men and he cuts off the host so much it makes me nervous for them. He used to have a helper (Denise? who has a cook book) that he was so outright mean to it made me cringe. I don’t know how she stood it. I hope the hosts will see they need to quit kissing up to him which just feeds his already inflated ego.

    • Shari Says:

      Can anyone tell me what time Sat Aug 18, 2012 this temper tantrum happened I DVR’d most of his appearance for his TSV. I have wittnessed his past hissy fits towards the camera persons and hosts. We have seen more closeups than neccessary. He has millions and made millionsduring his many visits on HSN, life is too short take a deep breath Wolfgang teach your beautiful children how to behave in public they are watching you Wolf. Your product and your name are well defined. Thanks for the info

  5. Len Smith Says:

    I saw the incident and was amazed. This guy is egocentric and is should not be on HSN. I have purchased Wolfgan Puck’s products in the past. I will never spend a cent on another one of his products….ever! Pull his contract HSN before he pulls you down. And don’t cover for him. He was NOT joking. I saw the look on his face. He is a nut case.

  6. Peaches Says:

    Out here in So-Cal the word is he likes a nip now and then! Not sure why these folks want to sell his stuff as you can buy cooking supplies everywhere now. The other famous guy they have on cooking acts like he is bored to death all the time. Todd English

  7. Jessica Lynndon Says:

    I was very upset at his actions. I will never buy another one of his products. There are too many others just like his even better than to buy from such a rude, spoiled man. He has no idea how blessed he is to have such a job as his and all his $$$$. Guess it is true, that money doesn’t buy happiness. It is quite obvious this man has a problem.

  8. Kathleen Chute Says:

    Coming from a battered woman’s prospective, I felt bad for the girls’. My husband and I couldn’t believe what we saw. I’m still in shock. What a little Hitler. In support of the millions of woman being abused by men with explosive personalities every day, Don’t support him. No one should ever buy his product ever again; teach him the public is his oyster. He disgusts me after seeing this. How come the news never picked up on it? This should have been on fox or cnn. It was so uncalled for. This gives us all a small gimps of who he truly is. Just think what we don’t see. If he is willing to do that on TV OMG. I hope no one has been beaten by him, but more than likely he has many victims. This shows everyone he treats people like slaves. He doesn’t deserve any fame after that. I pray that millions of people see this post and everyone boycotts the SOB.

  9. Sarsh L. Redd Says:

    I am very unpleased at this i have been his fan for years but this is rediculous

  10. sharon Says:

    Well, it is a good thing no one on these replays has ever had a melt down at home. Mad at hubbie or kids for not doing something. It would be something if it got aired on tv.
    Wow Wolfgang is not perfect as everyone else, wow he is human.

    • rob Says:

      He just passed 10000 sales of his pressure cooker on hsn right now….so eat that self righteous losers.

    • Denise Says:

      I agree Sharon. I do think he should control his temper a little better on camera….but….a friend used to work at HSN on cameras and has told me these vendors are under extreme pressure. It’s bound to happen occasionally. He should apologize but he is human.
      And to Mary Campbell…I know this is late in comparison to your post, but I agree with you, too. I like Marlo as a person but she has become annoying as a host. Pressure there, too, I’m sure.
      And yes we ALL have meltdowns occasionally. But we aren’t in studios with cameras on us. And, his products all stand up to wear and work well….from his cookware to his kitchen appliances.

      • Arlene Says:

        Denise, Sharon and Mary

        You all have very valid posts. Especially Denise.
        Sharon, point well taken. Wolf has always showed his human side, on and off TV. And wouldn’t we all be in trouble if we were on camera!
        Mary, whether it be Marlo or Callie, both need to butt out a bit when hosting Wolf. Shannon works well with him, as do some others, but Marlo and especially Callie are like chatterbox puppies underfoot when he’s cooking.
        And Denise, thanks for posting an actual camera operator’s point of view. I’m sure all the vendors, like you said, are under extreme pressure. Add to that, having to time cooking dishes as well as having them turn out appetizing. And his products are definitely one of hsn’s better offerings.
        For the most part, Wolf has a good sense of humor and is fun to watch. He’s been a little stressed on a few occasions, but normally works through it well. I agree he should have apologized…and if it was in fun, acknowledged that…..but, I don’t think it was any reason to boycott him or complain.
        Last winter, I think in January of this year, Colleen Lopez made some very hurtful and embarrassing comments about Andrew Lessman’s age while hosting a show with him. She kept at it to a point that Lessman looked very uncomfortable and embarrassed. Say “kidding” all you want, but it came across as bitchy jabs, at someone whom she makes a lot of money off. That, to me, was worse than anything Wolf has done. And to this day, when she hosts his shows, he seems a bit chilly with her. I wouldn’t even work with her if I were him. Bobbi and Shannon do a great job with his shows. Lopez has become a pushy egomaniac. I never cared for her; now I can’t stand her. Lessman isn’t the only vendor she’s been a bitch to, either.
        And, BTW, Andrew Lessman is a wonderful human being, and his vitamins are the BEST. And I stand by Wolf’s products, too.

  11. Mary campbell Says:

    Get Marlo off the show ,aND let wolfgang do his job

    • Micky Rajter Says:

      I’m completely agree with you. I complained already eith customer service about Marlo.
      She’s drilling a hole in my head
      She can’t stop talking and cuts off Wolfgang’s presentation. HSN should remove Marlo from Wolfgang Puck Presentation.

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