Bare Minerals Creator/QVC Vendor Leslie Blodgett Uses The F-Word

Imagine our surprise when we saw Leslie Blodgett, creator of Bare Escentuals mineral makeup and a QVC vendor, staring up at us from a full page ad in The New York Times Thursday.

“I’ve never liked using the F-word,” the provocative headline said. Do tell, Leslie.

But it wasn’t what we thought. The F-word she was talking about was “foundation,” which the doe-eyed Blodgett described as “cakey” and “pore-clogging.”

Leslie Blodgett New York Times ad

“Now, do you want to know why I’ve always been obsessed with natural-looking skin?” she asked in the ad. “Back in the 80’s when I was living in Manhattan, I was on a first date and the guy tells me he can see my ‘face makeup.’ Seriously, he said that. I was humiliated. And I would never want anyone to hear those words.”

Sounds like some of the cornholes we’ve dated, Leslie.

This was all a lead-in for her to announce that her Bare Minerals line was introducing Ready SPF20 Foundation. It is in a compact, looking like powder.

“It’s creamy, it’s hydrating … You’ll be getting compliments on your skin (not your makeup),” she said.

It launches Sept. 1, and but we think QVC has already had it.

In the ad, Blodgett also said that the first 100 people to email her Thursday would receive her new retractable precision face brush. But we think we’re a little late on that one, girls.


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