Suzanne Somers’ FaceMaster Reminds Us of QVC’s NuFace Toning Device

So Suzanne Somers wasn’t so crazy after all.

Years ago, and for years, Somers was hawking a FaceMaster, a device that she said she swore by. She sold it on HSN and on her new home-shopping home, ShopNBC. The platinum version is about $168 right now on

You would put some gel on your face, and then use this little electronic device that had two prongs. You would put those prongs on different parts of your face, and the electric current was supposed to tone your facial muscles, firming your face.

Suzanne Somers

We’re sure some scoffed at this device, and we actually ordered it once. Then we never even opened the box.

Flash forward to August 2012, QVC. The No. 1 home shopping network’s Today’s Special Value Monday was the NuFace At-Home Microcurrent Facial Toning Device and Gel, for 200-plus greenbacks. It has two prongs that you hold on your face.

The item sold out, but here is what said about it:

What is it: Five minutes to a new face! The FDA-cleared NuFACE Trinity is a non-invasive facial toning device that uses microcurrent technology to deliver both immediately visible and long-term results. It has an ergonomic design with easy-to-use push buttons and a charging cradle, making it easy to achieve beautiful results in just minutes a day. Use it to treat the forehead, eyebrow, under-eye area, cheeks, jaw line, and jowls.

Included with the device are two units of NuFACE Gel Primer, which is non-staining, non-allergenic, odorless, water-soluble, and safe for ultra-sensitive skin. The gel is formulated to deliver optimal results during microcurrent treatment.

Who is it for: Anyone looking for a cutting-edge solution to improve facial tone while maintaining an overall more vibrant appearance.

Why is it different: Battery-operated NuFACE Trinity uses microcurrent technology, the same technology aesthetic professionals use. This gentle, low-level electrotherapy effectively stimulates skin to promote a more toned appearance. It will not contract muscles and when used correctly feels soothing and mild. The device automatically measures your skin’s conductivity and regulates microcurrent impulse for optimal performance. Continual use is encouraged for long-term results.

In a clinical study, within 60 days 85% of users experienced improvements in facial contour and 73% of users experienced improvements in facial tone.

How do I use it: Cleanse the face and apply NuFACE Gel Primer to areas being treated. Glide the device over the natural contours of your face for an instantly visible lift. Treatment takes five minutes a day when doing basic treatment, however you may use the device every day for up to 20 minutes.

Here is what says about the FaceMaster:

“This is like taking your face to the gym. The results are absolutely amazing. You get the instructional DVD. It’s like taking me in your bathroom.” — Suzanne Somers

With the desire to look their very best, women from every corner of the world have made it a personal mission to find the most effective solutions to the challenge of looking younger.

The medical and technical team behind the revolutionary creation of FaceMaster have compiled years of research on how FaceMaster, with Advanced “Wave” Technology, can deliver affordable and beautiful results without invasive procedures.


New sleek, efficient design allows for ease of use, portable, easy storage and stability
Contains a proprietary, specialized bi-phase symmetric square wave waveform specifically designed for optimal face muscle toning

LCD display makes the FaceMaster easy to use intensity selector, program selector, feathering program and optional beeper

Two Hand Wands enhances effectiveness and customization for all procedures

Does anyone see any similarities? We’re not saying that Nu-Face did anything wrong, but its device seems to operating very much on the same science as Somers’ FaceMaster does.


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20 Responses to “Suzanne Somers’ FaceMaster Reminds Us of QVC’s NuFace Toning Device”

  1. carolyn simpson Says:

    before facemaster and nuface, there was connie stevens device,also on hsn. her line is/was called forever spring. it still can be ordered through her website. really good stuff.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks for the info, Carolyn

  3. Sistagirl Says:

    What is more similiar is the device sold on HSN by Jennifer Stallone that was a TS a few months ago (they sold thousands) and Suzanne Somers FaceMaster.

  4. Helene Says:

    I wonder what Suzanne Somers face woukd look like without all the fillers. Her cheeks could store nuts for the winter.

    • Peaches Says:

      OMG yes I agree!! One would think QVC would be embarassed at having all these old gals who have had multiple face procedures hawking this “get young” stuff…almost as bad as Lisa hawking hair products when we all know she wears fake hair and way too much of it!!

  5. Kamila Says:

    I own both devices, the Facemaster and the NuFace and have to say that while both work, I like the NuFace better. On the other hand, the Facemaster is good to use around yes, which you cannot do as well with the NuFace. I’ve also tried Jennifer Stallone’s device but while I believe that that device works as well, it is not very sturdy and probably won’t last. I also do not like using both hands at the same time. Not only I’ve notice results with the NuFace device but also friends I haven’t seen in some time did without knowing what I was doing. So Suzanne Somers is right not only about this one but also about bioidentical hormones. It is pretty funny how some women are so envious and make nasty comments. By the way, Lisa openly states that she uses extensions and botox, so what is your problem jealous girls?

    • daisymae Says:

      I agree these r jelious girls making all those nasty comments about Lisa and Suzanne! Look at them…..they r both beautiful! I believe we all need botox r some kind of surgery for maintenance……that’s if we want to look our best! I love Suzanne’s facemaster and have been using it for years! ILOOK 15 to 20 years younger at least. I have also had hair extensions and botox! So what girls! Some of u need to chill out. We all want to look good weather it is a fake tan fake eyelashes or whatever! I love u Lisa and Suzanne! Q

      • carolyn simpson Says:

        back off daisey. its lisas my shit is not brown attitude that is such a turn off. i wii fight tooth and nail to look good but im equally confident sans makeup etc. etc.

  6. daisymae Says:

    Well I think Suzannes facemaster is the greatest and I have been using it for years. It seems to keep everything where it should b. I only use it 2 or 3 times a week. I use to use it daily to get my face where I wanted it. U need to work on your troublespots. Everyone’s face is different. Consistancy is the key. I look much younger and people do not believez mrey age. I think facemaster and good skincare is my secret. I. Aso use redlight and beleive in taking care of yourself. Getting enough sleep and eating right is very important to keep your youth. Do what makes you feel good! If u wanmt botox or hairextensuons go for it! Feeling good about yourself makes u beautiful!!! Lisa looks great with hair extensions and she is beautiful! Suzanne looks beautiful with her fillers! That’s the key….do what makes u feel good! I love the facenaster and the lightstim and my occasionally botox and fake tan and sometimes fake hair for me! I am always being told how beautiful I am.

    • carolyn simpson Says:

      yeegads!!sounds like a lot of work to forgot to mention good genes happy to hear that you are always being told how lovely you are, i bet you are not conceited either. hope you have a decent job to take care of yourself when the looks fade. i hope you dont turn into one of those desperate chicks. sorry for being so blatant with you. im a shoot first jersey girl

      • daisymae Says:

        No I am not conceited and I just do a maintaince routine for my skin. It works for me and it makes me happy to take care of myself. I’m just saying do what makes u feel good. When u feel good about yourself doesn’t that make you feel better about yourself? I don’t care if your hair is purple or your nails r 2 inches long. If that’s what u like go for it. I

      • carolyn simpson Says:

        yee gads, how did you know about my two inch nails and purple hair?omg what will i do now!

      • daisymae Says:

        Nothing wrong with being honest Jersey girl. I like that! I started using the facemaster when my looks started fading and it has really helped me keep a youthful appearance. I love it! FYI: I am financialy secure. Thank u.

  7. daisymae Says:

    FYI: I have 2 facemasters and keep one for a back up. Have never needed to use the backup and I have had my facemasters for 8 years. Definately a well made product that delivers results!

    • daisymae Says:

      If that’s what u like……go for it! As for what you will do next…….that’s up to you!

      • daisymae Says:

        PS: you might consider a vacation to show off that pretty purple hair of yours……u seem a little stressed.

      • daisymae Says:

        If u do go on that vacation Carolyn don’t forget to take your facemaster! I take it with me on trips and wouldn’t leave home without it! U might consider some Debra Lippmann nail Polish for those 2 inch nails of yours. She has some very yummy colors and I hear that it is very wearable and long lasting. Have u tried her Polish Carolyn?

      • carolyn simpson Says:

        new use for facemaster. put one lead in your mouth and the other one up your ass. go away

  8. carolyn simpson Says:

    im going to respond to you one more time even though i think you are an idiot. i have this visual of you sitting in a dimly lit room clutching your facemaster and staring in the mirror. bad, and sad.. by the way, if you want to be taken seriously ,use a real name.but if thats your real name, its proof your mother didnt want you. now, will you just go away?

    • daisymae Says:

      Your the one with the attitude. This is a facemaster blog and you can’t seem to handle what I am saying so who’s the idiot? Why don’t u go away? I love Suzanne Sommers and everything she stands for. I also do not c a your shit is not brown attitude in showhost Lisa Roberson. I c a very beautiful and
      Zwconvident women that can also b who she is and not b afraid of what others seems to me if she had that kind of attitude that qvc would of fired her a long timeago. That being said u seem to b a very insecure person
      And I do wish u well

      anyway and no hard feeling on my behalf. I know u don’t feel that way about me but that’s ok not everyone is going to like u!

      Ms. It seems to me

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