HSN’s Honking Larimar Ring Is A Temptation We Can’t Refuse

We should have, but we couldn’t, resist ordering HSN’s TS, a huge larimar ring, and the matching pendant, Saturday.

It came from the husband-wife team of Sajen Silver, Marianna and Richard Jacobs, who defected from ShopNBC to HSN several years ago.

HSN’s larimar pieces, photo from Colleen’s blog

As host-with-the-most Colleen Lopez explained, along with the Jabobs, creamy blue and white larimar (it reminds of us a cloud-ribboned sky) is a one-source stone, coming from the Dominican Republic.

In fact, here is the dope on larimar from HSN.com:

Can’t make it to the Islands? Then bring a piece of paradise home with this serene larimar ring. This rare stone, reminiscent of the Caribbean’s sun-dappled waters, comes from only one place on earth — the southwest mountains of the Dominican Republic.

Ancient volcanic eruptions there infused this stone with the beautiful blue-green color patterns that make it so unique. Swathed in a curving, contemporary, sterling silver setting, it exudes a graceful charm that’s the perfect complement to your casual yet elegant style.

Colleen actually did a great blog on “the dolphin stone” (hey, Colleen blogging is our turf!)


By the way, we got THE warning from QVC about returning too many items. We’ll be blogging on that little gem in the next couple of days,


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4 Responses to “HSN’s Honking Larimar Ring Is A Temptation We Can’t Refuse”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I saw that ring, simply gorgeous! Wish I had bought it 😦 Let us know what you think of it when you get it!

  2. Kristine Says:

    What did QVC say about returning too many items? You never blogged about that, did you? Isn’t it great that QVC, HSN, & probably ShopNBC all say “You can return anything within 30 days & get a full refund” but they NEVER say, “Just don’t return too much or you’ll be black listed!” Ridiculous!!

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