HSN, Also Known As The Human Shopping Network, Hosts ‘True Blood’ Party

We guess this is another invitation that got lost in the mail.

Last Thursday HSN held a party at Aire in TriBeCa, with the swank shindig celebrating the “True Blood” collection that the home shopping network launches next month. The Wall Street Journal wrote about the event this weekend.


We’ve written about this new line already. It is vampire-inspired, and includes the perfume Forsaken, nail polish, candles and reed diffusers.

At the feedbag, you could not only swill free alcohol but also get a manicure and rub shoulders with models wearing vampire makeup.

To top it off, The Journal ran a photo of HSN marketing honcho Bill Brand, who we thought was our buddy.

By the way, Brand was asked whether HSN would be doing a “Fifty Shades of Grey” collection.

“Mr. Brand laughed nervously,” The Journal wrote. “‘At some point, but not directly,'” the company might consider it, he said.”

Please don’t. That book is the most boring, poorly written piece of crap we’ve ever attempted to read.

Racy? Really? Tying your partner up is so 1990s.

HSN has juat posted a video promoting Forsaken, which parodies itself. The network is HSN, but in the video it stands for the Human Shopping Network.

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One Response to “HSN, Also Known As The Human Shopping Network, Hosts ‘True Blood’ Party”

  1. evan Says:

    They’re doing a pre-order of the perfume on HSN’s Facebook page on 8/8, plus there’s some steamy videos on there now: http://on.fb.me/N60sD3 Looks like he’s hungry!

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